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November 04, 2011


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I wonder if putting on the apron helps get into the right mindset? I'll have to try that. I'm excellent at finding reasons to wiggle out of it.

I know exactly what you mean about wishing the pre-school toddler window were smaller and the crochet window bigger!! I have three pre-schoolers right now and sometimes it seems like my yarn window is eeny-teeny-weeny-tiny...as well as the showering window, thinking window, sleeping window...the diaper-changing window is pretty large, though. :) Thanks for the reminder that it will all balance out one day. You're absolutely right.

Teresa Kasner

What a great idea to have a certain day and time to do your tidying! You have given me some inspiration.. and I'm going to do some tidying now.. and light a candle too.

I'm glad that you're appreciating your little guy while he's young, as soon enough he'll be in school.. then the older ones will head off to college.. and you'll realize these days are your best in your life.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


oh good for you!! I can not bring myself to clean until its jus horrible. I feel theres so so much other stuff i'd like to be doing than cleaning a the moment...


Thanks to your suggestion, I'm also doing "swish and swipe", "shine your sink" and the weekly blessing (which takes two hours, but it gets the house nice and tidy for the weekend).

I have a playlist entitled "Cleaning" on my iPod. It's mostly fast, upbeat '80s rock EXCEPT for the first song, which is the William Tell Overture (it really gets the duster moving!)

I'm even a geek when I clean!


I'm afraid I have much the same attitude to housework as you! My children are all at school though- how I miss having little people toddling around and interrupting the chores! Managed to avoid the housework for an hour this morning by attempting to dye some sock yarn in some wonderfully bright colours with Kool Aid- then spent the rest of the day admiring my handiwork so much that nothing really got done afterwards either!!!! Xx


BALANCE, such a great word yet so hard to do. I just keep on trying. Lovely post Lucy. xoRobin❤

Kashi Griffith

Well, your home looks lovely, so it must be working. I was just making my to do list for the morning. I am only giving myself an hour to an hour and a half to get this place spiffy for the weekend.

My Rosevalley

Oh dear. How I do recognize myself in your wonderfully written post today. I might pick up on your tips on putting the apron on and just do it. Take an hour and just do it. With some loving thoughts about my home added to it as well. And wow I would feel so great after wards when done. It always feels like climbing Mount Everest to do the cleaning. Maybe not really the cleaning cleaning bit put the tidying... I think my big problem is that the tidy bit is doing my head in. Tidy tidy tidy. It sometimes feels like someone tip toes behind me to make a mess of what I just tidied up... A family of 5 is always a challenge. A challenge I would never ever wanna live without. Bless us for being so lucky. With the big mess, fights, squabbles, tantrums, l♥ve and all. Tahnsk for sharing.

Country Rose

I'm the same and roughly once a week I have to have a real burst of cleaning, it's hard when you have a little person un-doing all of your hard work though. I cleaned the bathroom today, to leave the room for two minutes and I returned to find my 9 month old had completely unravelled the Whole toilet roll... It's very difficult to wind it back up and make it look presentable again! My once lovely nice clean bathroom now has a massive bundle of scrunched up toilet roll on the cistern.. not so tidy-looking!!

Ashley xxx


You inspire me!! Thank you so much for sharing yourself so unselfishly. Blessings to you and your family.. Sue


I love the post about tidying, a necessary evil. but more importantly I LOVE the jam jar with the ribbon tied around it! Inspired again thank you xx


I love Friday evenings. The whole weekend laid out ahead. I also understand the wish to WANT to do housework. The only way I get through it is some music and caffine! x

Linda Gilbert

I actually pretend I am cleaning someone else's house which really gives me the push to do it really carefully!! Crazy I know -- but it works, especially if I put the timer on too!


Wow - that's an awful lot in one hour. It's been years since I tried the home-blessing hour - may have to give it another whirl!
What do you do with Little B in this time? Does he follow you around?


The biggest thing I have learnt so far about myself is that I CAN change my thought processes and I CAN change the way I act and feel about things. It's sort of validating to see other people realise this too (like you're changing how you feel about housework), it makes me feel less bonkers.




Good going Lucy, sounds like a whirlwind of work, thank God its not everyday eh!!!!!!
Have a sweet weekend Karen x


Amazing what you can achieve in an hour, little and often so as not to get bored by it. ((says me who hasn't done a thing all day!)

I always love Fridays, even though we don't work now, it still has that "feeling".

Enjoy the weekend.


That sounds great! I'm totally opposite and spend hours and hours cleaning as i am obsessive and dont relax until everywhere is perfectly clean and tidy!! I would love to be more laid back and able to ignore mess but i dont think i ever will...i love the idea of a little hoke blessing ritual when your work is done.

Archie the wonder dog

Wow, you get a lot done in an hour!! Gorgeous photos and I love the concept of 'weekend eve!'.


I'm thinking that I might have to wait until mine are in school too to be able to do that successfully! I try and I try but with the exception of the absolute necessities pretty much everything gets ignored until it is just too direful to ignore any longer!
xXx Helen


oh, how I know what you mean about your hour of tidying...I'd much rather be hooking than really doing anything else... thank you for the lovely lift. XO Ursula

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