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November 04, 2011


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Lucy you are such a good mother. Some days it will balance out but you are so right to make Little B your first priority. I love seeing that. :o)


Your home is beautiful! I love the way you use colour everywhere, a skill that I'm very envious of as someone who has to have everything matching!! Your blog is the first thing I check when I jump online! xx


Hi Lucy: I love your honest words and I feel them like my own. Housekeeping is a big job, but above all it is a way of life for me. Our house is our castle and an extension of us, I think, because it is deeply conected with us and our family, because we make it, we transform it everyday.

Hope you undestand my english!


Kay G.

My one and only child will be 22 this month. I don't regret ONE MOMENT of not doing housework when he was a little guy, we survived our house not being perfect. Love your idea of timing yourself to do household chores and involving your little one to help. You have such positive energy, it's a pleasure to read your blog!


enjoy this special tome with Little B
It passes way too fast....

Jan Morrison

I like this! I was a flybaby for awhile. I still like sparkling up my sink. Today I'm going to whoosh through the house when I get home from the market. What I do to motivate myself is invite people for dinner. Really, sometimes it is the only way I will get at stuff. My back is not good right now though, so I think the man will vacuum and sweep (dog hair proliferates) I don't have toddlers - I have one teen-age step-daughter who's room resembles a rubble heap. I remember my own bio kids years of toddling through my projects though. My sister-in-law is coming for a visit in a couple of weeks - then the dust will really fly.
I think the main thing is to use whatever sticks and carrots are available -whether it is sparkling up your house or getting a project done - all good.


My house is desperately in need of blessing time, this morning it was the Chicken Coop that got blessed :) x


Well done- it isn't easy managing a home and staying sane and creative. I have recently aquired a kitten and it has taken me right back to pre-school toddler time, having to be very disciplined to keep up with everything and remain calm when I can't or a furry someone tries to 'help' out!

greedy nan

Feel more hopeless than ever now although I'm certainly with you on the Procrastination Team.


Love the sound of your little ritual, especially the candle and flowers when you have finished. I actually really love house work but find it really difficult getting much done at the moment as little F follows me round all the time and likes to climb my legs if I stop still! I really look forward to the time when he is happy to potter on his own a bit more. For now, the only time when I can get my housework done is while he has his nap. I'm going to try to limit myself to an hour of cleaning like you and do the candle lighting at the end. Have a lovely weekend. Fiona x

Andrea at Apples and Pears

I also used to have negative thoughts about housework but since I started making my own cleaning products and ditched the chemicals I love it! It has turned from chore into a sort of vintage, homespun, creative experience that leaves me feeling calm and cleansed...in every sense. Lovely post xxx

The Barefoot Crofter

I do like the flylady's concepts. Trying to get back to a rhythm after back to back guests, but still in holiday mode. xx


As long as there are craft materials in my home, they will always take precedence over housework! However, using your method, and the craft group meeting at my house on Thursday, I am sitting here admiring the lovely clean house and deciding which crafty task I will enjoy today. Spend all the time with your little ones, Lucy, for as long as the bathroom and kitchen are clean they will remember all the wonderful activities they have enjoyed with you-time for family always supercedes time with household appliances. Have a super family weekend.


Hi there!
I love reading your posts. I even managed to understand your crochet tutos better than those in the French books I'd borrowed from the library! Thanks a lot!!! My first (ambitious) project is the japonese flower scarf...

Sarah west mids uk

I have nominated you for a award from Inside Crochet. As for housework
it never goes away!x Have a good weekend.


Don't forget the old adage 'Dull women have immaculate homes'!
Everyone loves yours.


Good for you Lucy. When I finally came around to the idea of a routine (years ago, I'm older than you), it took me a while to learn to stick to it. Eventually all those little stabs became a habit and now it's much easier. Of course I don't have three littlies but I promise you it will get easier.

Lovely to be here, i just discovered your blog on Thursday.

Rose from Oz


The odd thong about balance is that it shifts, especially with little people in the house. Cherish everyday, one day you will walk down the stairs and realize they are off to university. It happens so fast.


Oh, Lucy... in not enough years away you will miss Little B under your feet. I know you probably already know that but don't wish the time away. You have forever to crochet and clean... but your little ones will be grown up all too soon and you'll be missing their interruptions whilst crocheting. I find myself tearing up when I see little ones going for a morning stroll in their prams while I'm on my way to work. I wish for that time again. On the flip side though- it is amazing how much a fourteen year old and an eleven year old can help out. I hardly ever have to do the washing these days. My goooorgeous helpers do it for me and I feel like such a good mum knowing how well trained they'll be for their own domestic bliss in the future:) AND it is amazing how much extra hooky time I have!

Sandi Lee

I did lol at Little B cleaning the floor inch by inch, bless him. I know what you mean tho when you have other things you would rather be doing. Now I would love my children to help....ha!!!! My cleaning day is Friday, my day off work, it is broken up some what with coffee breaks, a bit of computer, a little ripple here and there, am so glad when it is all done, but so nice to sit and appreciate the freshness of it all, for a couple of hours at least.
I love your heart mat, it is gorgeous.
xx Sandi

Ashleigh B.

I'm so glad to know I'm not alone! I'm trying to follow Fly Lady as well. Haven't gotten to the weekly blessing hour. So far, I'm just trying to shine the sink before bed. I'm working on building up the night routine and then I'll work on others. Oh, and the laundry. That monster creates a huge mess in our house so I've been doing a load a day from washing to drying to folding to putting away. I like the thought of thinking loving thoughts about the house while cleaning. I kinda missed that although I'm sure flylady has said it plenty of times!


I think you deserve a huge pat on the back and congratulations. I love your attitude and how you incorporate the little man into the routine.

Well done.

Lisa G.

This is an awfully cute post - you're doing good!!


Hi Lucy,

I have been doing fly lady too. But I've been doing 15 minutes a day, plus Kelly's challenge whenever I can. I don't like the housework thing anymore either but it's because we're cluttered and we're moving. I know this house is mine for a short term. I hope I can get it looking good for Thanksgiving...we're having it here and it's only three weeks away!
Cindy Bee


Can I have your shoes? They are adorable!

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