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November 04, 2011


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Amanda R.

I, too, have been using the Flylady system. It works wonderfully and helps with my anxiety. I need to get started on the holiday program. I love your blog, by the way. My little boy, Atticus, is a year old and cleaning with him has been a challenge. Although he helps by taking a wash cloth and "cleaning" his toys. LOL. I love your crocheting too. I crochet in the early morning (he wakes up at 5am) before time to prep for work. You have a lovely home, a happy family, and a good soul. I like you!


We had a rule in our house when my children were small. Tidy up time, half an hour of manic cleaning and tidying, everyone helped, then fun fun fun for the rest of the day! Now I try to keep things spick and span, easier with fewer people in the house and to be honest I can't relax and enjoy 'my things' if the washing up is sitting waiting! but I do subscribe to the'shove it in a drawer and deal with it later school of housekeeping!'
I guess we all have our own sort of balance don't we!

Mrs Pirate

Friday is my favourite day because it holds all the expectation of what might happen over the next two days, love the shoes ;-) I also do my housework little and often much less of a drag!


Lucy - I want you to know how much you inspire me and I am sure going to try your one hour cleaning ritual - only will need to be daily to catch up! I have been very ill for the past year and am now back in blogland and ready for action again. First task is to do more colourful crochet. (http://annabelleserendipity.blogspot.com)

Laura Miller

How we love Flylady!!! Once a week I whizz around the house lightly dusting (only where it really shows), polishing the odd thingy here and there followed by a general flicking of a damp cloth around the bathroom. I'm fanatical about my kitchen as we tend to get ants and other creepies if there are crumbs etc lying about but the rest of the house is usually in varying states of untidiness. I have to go with a great quote from Erma Bombeck "My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance!"..... lol x

Steph @woolythyme

We have "garbage eve" in our house (taking the trash to the street to be picked up early the next morning), which is not nearly as much fun to look forward to as "weekend eve"!! We must add another holiday to our week!

For me, who has great difficulty balancing on one leg for any length of time--I've always found "balance" to be a very very hard concept! As in yoga--balance must be practiced-- physically, thoughtfully, spiritually, and.....domestically!!! (never thought about that before!!!) :) ♥♥♥

angela-southern USA

Know just what you mean!Housework is not my cup of tea either.The Flylady has some good ideas.Which I have adopted some, with a twist to work better for me.Years ago a Friend and I decided to clean house at the same time.Then when we were through we'd chat for a while on the phone.That was our reward.I like yours too,hook time is always a great reward.I still struggle with "the hidden rooms" you know the ones nobody will see when company comes;)Have a great one!

Lynne Kovan

I hate housework, but I enjoy those feelings at the end that you describe. The clear and polished table. It's so worth it!

Andrea at Apples and Pears

Thanks for the encouraging post Lucy!!! Let's rock that green queen housekeeper thing!!! xxxxxxxxxx


so charming, and just so absolutly true. i'm delighted to have found you and your blog. and yes, that time does come, before you know it.


One of my mottos is: It's hard to have a bad day when you're wearing red shoes. So every time there's a glimpse of your lovely red shoes in your photos it makes me smile. I love those shoes. :D

Lisa Pratt

Thanks to you we've been doing Fly Lady as well. That is the whole family! Our house isn't perfect but my family can visit and I don't cringe. My 15 year old son says she is his arch enemy but admits that life is much better for all of us and the 11 year old daughter can actually find what she wants. Thanks for inspiring me.

Mrs Larsen

Oh, I simply love the colours you use, trying to learn :)

Stitch this

Thankyou. I'm having a cow of a day but this has cheered.


I like to read these posts, so honest. Sometimes I find blogland a little too sweet and harmonious, I love when I feel a connection like this. I am so like the you in this entry at the moment :)

Vera Lucia

I love your blog, there are things beautiful ... and has inspired me in many trablhos her!
I just created my blog, and his was one of the first on my list then ... well, still in the beginning, but slowly I learn to deal with it ... And I'll post my work slowly ... I will name you as a source of Inspiration ... kisses and keep you always so creative and enlightened ...


Wow,l must look up flylady - would love to clean my house in an hour :) but yes, I agree, it is often easier if we work solidly at something for an hour and am then often surprised at what we can achieve instead of slinking off to do someething such as check my google reader which I've just done!


I love fridays:) It stems back to when I worked before having the children. Working Mon-Friday and the weekend off.


Great post, it's amazing what can be achieved in an hour.


I also HATE the grind of housework and try not to hoover unless people are coming for dinner. I'm naturally tidy though so pick up and clear all the time, it's orderly though dusty and bitty most of the time.
I have a maid's service leaflet on my fridge just to remind me that I could have a stranger looking at all my stuff....that spurs me on to get on with it!


Cleaning has never been a huge priority for me. I tried the Fly Lady program, but it was still too much at once. I tend to binge clean... I wait until I can't take it anymore and then I spend a whole day cleaning everything. Though, I do know that smaller increments spread out over time are actually easier... I'm just such a procrastinator!


Hi there, Lucy,
I've just managed to get some more home-time with my Little One, and I have such good intentions of getting the jobs done that I have been putting off for too long. So far I have tidied out the very disorganised medicine collections (some VERY out of date stuff!), the airing cupboard (returned to lovely and tidy piles) and also the shoes, scarves and hats. However, there are still some jobs I am avoiding, but I can't put off for ever!
Thank you for your blog, I love reading it and so much enjoy the window into your life :)



Just wanted to tell you that your blog is great. This is the first time i`ve been here and all your colors make me happy.
Have a great weekend


Katrina U

Thanks for that inspiration on a wet rain day here in the states. I like the idea
Of house blessing. I dedicated today to clean from top to bottom but with
The 7 min rule I know I will have time to knit/ hook today as well.
Wool and two sticks

Lin Smith

Hi Lucy
Soooo enjoy your blog...I can relate in so many ways even though my 5 children are all grown and I have 3 gorgeous grandchildren:)
I live in South Africa and thrive on knitting , crochet, sewing, embroidery, painting scrapbooking etc....what is a day if I haven't spent at least a short while indulging in something creative? And even the better when this activity involves a friend:) Yay...keep at it girl... I'll pop in from time to time... Lin

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