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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 04, 2011


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Just re-reading your old posts during a quiet moment and this one completely resonates with me. I'm on toddler no4, and the lack of hooky time is a kicker. I'm trying not to wish time away and enjoy the moments but I long to pick up a hook and finish my basket of WIPS! I don't long to go tidy the zones though! Needs must xx

Ruth Hughes

Home Blessing sounds so much nicer than cleaning and tidying

Paula J

My sister had been following Fly Lady for years ~ you've inspired me to revisit her site! Six weeks and you are doing great - keep it up. So, so very hard to be creative and tidy, I think ~ we are all so visual (love to see my stacks of inpsiring things ~ until they topple!)

rossella roselli

very nice your colors wool by rossella


everything is just wonderfull ! audyle


Great trees! Yes we have to go and see things while they are there.
I hope some of your good "house blessing" will rub off on me.


Ah yes... The pursuit of achieving balance! I'm constantly working at that while juggling my busy toddler. You're doing an awesome job. Lovely home and a happy family. Xoxo

Mindi Hansen

I'm going to start your Granny Stripe blanket, but I need to know what your original chain count is. I see where you mention the tester chain, but not the actual blanket. And how much yarn for each color is needed? If you could email me directly I'd appreciate it, I may not have access to your site when I get off work!! Thanks. [email protected]


What lovely photo's you take. Your colours are always amazing. Know what you mean about the housework - not my thing - but did take a look at the web your talked about. It seemed a bit over the top, but I have taken away the concept of giving my house a 'bit of love' and that seemed to help.

If you have a second please take a look at my blog - not up to your standards but I am trying!



its just a good blog to get your latest information in design/art world.
keep it up

Stitch this

My Little Stitch is almost at the 'helping' phase. He discovered the washing machine this weekend and tried to climb in!!



I'm french and I live in Belgium. I look at your blog every day because it is so nice. Thank you for your ideas and photos.


I LOVE your blog. Something about the coziness, colorful crochet projects, beautiful countrysides and the general simple laid back lifestyle totally pulled me in. It makes me want to pack my American bags with a few things and move my family to England. :) Happy Blogging!



I found your site through another blogger and I have been just scrolling through many many many posts of yours! Your blog is fantastic! You are so talented! I am quite artistic and do a lot of crafting, but I do not know how to crochet or knit :(... I should learn! You have certainly inspired me!

Thank you for sharing you wonderful talents with the blog world!

Take care!


Lucy, I've been reading your blog but have never commented. Just want to say that I love your posts & your beautiful crochet. I made your Crochet Bag and wrote a blog post about it today. Thank you!!!

Sarah Durham

You echo my sentiments exactly. Thank you for your great posts.They really brighten my day and my attitude towards cleaning the house.


I too put out fresh flowers and light a candle after cleaning up. I also save any new magazines or fun catalogs that come in the mail for a cleaning day treat and look at them while in my cozy green chair alongside a cup of tea. :)


There am I, wriggling out of my housework, by reading my favourite blog and you tell me to stop procrastinating.........argh!now I do have to go and vacuum!


i need to take a note from your book and learn to do my cleaning in an hour so i have more me time on a weekend.... to crochet! Little B sounds so cute


Oh, it is just not fun! But you know we are adults.We can swing with the punches. If you know about ANTS...yes those creepy things are called ANTS, Automatic Negative Thought Syndrome. We all have the power to over come them every day and not let them win. Expect them to arrive, rather wait for them and say, I see you. You can't get me, and then get on with the job. Keep on trying to work it out and they just might stop all together. Best of luck.

Donna R.

I love the FlyLady, too, though I was so much of a procrastinator about even HER gentle routines that my husband "maid" me get a weekly cleaning lady!

And that preschool time? I know that YOU know it goes away all by itself all too soon. One solution is to find an activity that you like, and your toddler just happens to like, too. My favs were shape-sorting, reading, painting/finger painting and block building.

As a mom of a 27- and 16-year old, I envy you the lap time!


ah to be tidy! Thanks for the nice post!

Charis G

I have the opposite problem-my kids are now adults(my son with a family of four),I am divorced and my house stays far too tidy-apart from my books and creative mess, of course!Enjoy the mess and noise and being busy because it changes all too soon-and although it is good to be able to do what I want when I want I miss the bustle of family life:(


You are not alone in your feelings. I 'd rather sit and do some quilting, BUT I have a very untidy house on a Mondaymorning and i need to pack as we are moving on 1 December. Come on over for a cuppa tea :) Love from South Africa


lucy... you get a standing ovation from me for your balance that i think is just FINE. with three children, you are doing what you can, when you can. it is important to go thru life with 'eyes-wide-open' and see the little things. the lil peeps do grow so fast, the time will fly and you need to be aware of every moment you can because i can tell you, reminiscing can be so sweet! meeting the fly lady has helped you find peace of mind in juggling the chore end of it and that is also good. it certainly has quite a bit to do with 'loving your house', special touches included. a good attitude makes it MUCH easier! lil B is such a sweetheart... letting him help you will, believe it or not SURELY give him something big for life. hugs to you, dear lucy!
xoxox heidi

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