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October 01, 2011


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You make me want to move somewhere with four "proper" seasons! Here we have summer...a very hot and very long one...and "winter" which rarely involves snow. I'll just live vicariously through you for now :-) Lovely pictures!!


Hi Lucy,
just found a link that clames to make a easy loaf/s of bread.http://www.farmgirlfare.com/2011/01/farmhouse-white-easy-basic-white.html
You could start your bread making experiance by making pizza bases. I have a good recipe if you are intrested.
My spring cleaning in the garden/ house /painting has taken a halt. Managed to get the Flu that everyone here has had for the last few months. Do not wish this flu on anyone,talk about sick, even found crocheting tooo hard.
Hugs Audra


Oh, broken autumns obviously makes me spell very bad and change out words so my comments doesn't really make any sense too. Sorry, you'll just have to use your imagination when you read that previous comment of mine.


I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and learning to enjoy autumn, I an hte other hand is very disappointed. I am an autumn girl, always have been and I don't think that will ever change. I love everything about it and I so love that my time of the year is finally year. Although this year I am a bit crossed, october in northern Sweden isn't supposed to be 20 degrees celsius and have a blazing sun with no variation! I want wind and rain and chillyness and thunder and storms and "bad" weather! Then some mild autumn sun for nice autumn walks. But noooo, here comes summer all over again and it's hot and sweaty and so doens't go with all the lovely colours. Yes, for me is is a partly cranky autumn and I'm just hoping this madness will be gone in a couple of days because I just can't accept it, summer's had it's time!

Ann Kelsey

Just Love your blog Lucy xxx


Fab pics as always and Snakey looks very comfy too! I've recently made chutneys with the abundant harvest and there's nothing like a chunk of homemade bread to go with your own preserves. You could try soda bread for a start (without yeast) or use a packet of bread mix to which you just add water & a knob of butter. There are some very good ones in supermarkets these days and this might ease you gently into breadmaking which you & your children will enjoy.
I used to make little hedgehog rolls when mine were Littlies by snipping with scissors to make spines and adding a cherry for the nose. Ahhh, happy days!

Dana L

Dear Lucy
your blog makes me happy. it's so joyful.....
and the pictures are so beautiful that when i open your blog i have a big smile just from seeing them.
thank you :)


Hi Lucy

So much love the Attic views and the autumn colour. We're just heading into spring down here in Australia, and everything seems lighter, brighter and fresher (although I do shamefacedly admit that I love my brown and creamy shades) - daylight savings just kicked in this morning!!! The banksia rose is a golden froth on the fence, and the lilac has buds. Yes, I'm excited.

Don't worry about yeast products...while I haven't tried it myself, I know my uncle has tried a variety - of beer bread! There is a recipe in the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbook', and it sounds too easy to mess up. No other yeast involved - nice.

Thank you for sharing with us, and I also love your hour of potter-tidying, and the jewel-like jams and jellies you've created. Gorgeous as always!



Your jam looks good, we made strawberry jam this summer it was delicious, amazingly I think we still have a jar left! I have not tried apple yet. Nice pictures, I love autumn and am ready for the crisp cool days, Ilkley was hot yesterday.


here i am again (with a morning cuppa of course) had to take another peek and admired your beautiful rose. i had a similar one that i received from a very dear person years ago, moved and couldnt take it with me. i drove by there just a week or so ago and saw it is still standing in my old garden and blooming with all it's might and glory which gave me such a wonderful feeling that it all can and will go on... you DO sweeten my life, lucy! thank you so very very much...
ps. 'if at once you fail, try, try again' yeast dough was my enemy as well until i defeated the foe and found my very own way to master it in all variations - it did take years ;0) trick is don't use too much flour. folks tend to think its too gooey and flour it to death and the result is that it wont rise and bakes as hard as a board! another thing to watch is that you have good yeast. fresh is best. some dried yeast packets work very well also, nice to have at home if you get a whim to bake (like me) so you can always have it at home... only thing is watch the expiration date! if you grab one that isn't 'new' you can CAN it. you may want to try a simple thing like a veggie pizza first or a cake (i make one with streusels on top and creamy pudding on the bottom under the fruit that'll knock ya off your seat) on a baking sheet (i will email you both super recipes that are very simple) xoxoxo


I made a strawberry jelly that just oozed. The good news? It's still quite wonderful over ice cream. Thanks, as always, for sharing interesting and decious tidbits of your life.


I'm loving the thought of that one hour a day cleaning thing....now just to find that hour in the day, it's amazing how I can find so many other things to distract myself.

Mom Wald's Place

Autumn has come early here, and still October is a surprise. Thank you for sharing your warm comfy photos.


Jam making is a blast! You must try yeast--and don't worry--it doesn't work out every time! I have a baking business and make 40-80 loaves a week, and there is no way to determine how they will turn out!


What lovely pictures!! Yay for preserving success!! My Mom and I did some preserving this year as well, and I found it to be so much fun :) It's definately feeling like Autumn here in my neck of the woods - chilly temps and that Fall smell are in the air. After going for a walk this afternoon, I came home and decided I needed to knit a pair of fingerless gloves to help keep my hands warm for next time! lol


Amazing photography! The colors are SO vivid.

Enjoy autumn!



Very impressed by your jam as I have always been afraid of making it too - but wanted to tell you that yeast can be approached gradually - you could start with pizza bases (so much fun to watch it bubbling and frothing as the yeast 'wakes up'), work your way up to brioche, and then ease your way into proper bread...
Thanks for your lovely and uplifting post!

Lily Scott

Here in Australia we are having Spring but the weather is most un-spring-like with thunder and lightning storms galore - so much rain - good time to be inside playing with wool! My mama used to make blackberry & apple jam, which I imagine is the same as bramble & apple - yum! Nothing like home-made.
I am about to start a new ripple blankie, greens & blues - should finish a couple of others first? Maybe later . . .


Beautiful pictures! I love the view from your window! Your jam looks delicious!


I've had miserable success myself when I try to make jam or things with yeast! My jam either ends up so hard you have to cut it with a knife or it doesn't set AT ALL. Seeing your recent success I might have to have another go, but as summer isn't quite here yet I have a few months to fortify myself before the next attempt!
xXx Helen


Love your Autumny pictures Lucy!
Crab apple jelly is the most delicious jam you can ever make. No really! I have a old Good Housekeeping book with a recipe in and I make it without fail EVERY year and every year we say "should've made more" It's particularly gorgeous in bakewell tarts.
Happy weekend ♥

Lynne Kovan

Lovely post. If you're not careful, you'll be making marmalade in January. To be recommended if you've got time for all that chopping of peel.

Kay Guest

Hey Lucy,
You can also freeze fruit with just lemon juice & sugar. I wrote about it on my blog under Papa's Pears". I am at www.georgiagirlwithanenglishheart.blogspot.com
Love your photos here and your views out your window!

Edith van der Bol

Thank you for making me find the FLY-lady again.
My room is so much nicer after one week of decluttering. I'm so busy I even lost some weight! (Which is a good thing :-))
Love your post and pictures.

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy.. checking in from Oregon, USA! The money tree is neat.. it's surprising that someone hasn't pried it all out and taken it! :-) Bravo on the jelly/jam making. We made raspberry freezer jam this summer. Your livingroom looks so tidy, I think I'll go do some straightening up as our 2 little grandsons are visiting this afternoon. We plan to make them homemade blueberry pancakes for lunch! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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