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October 01, 2011


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THE easiest yeast bread in the world, IMO, in the No Knead Bread! Truly amazing. Please, please considering going here:
and check out their No Knead Bread videos. If you want to jump in with the bread kneading, there are videos there too. No Knead bread is incredibly simple and tasty.

Jillian in North Dakota, USA

Eileen (USA)

King Arthur flour has an amazing cookbook. Cannot fail with it. I am sure you can find it on Amazon. We are bread makers and we don't use a bread machine. Kneeding the dough can be very therapeutic as is "punching" the dough down!

Eileen (USA)

Hi Lucy! I came across this website and thought I'd pass it onto you. Love the colors and style.



If you want to bake bread try looking for Dan Lepard or Richard Bertinet. Some of their recipes are basic and very well explained. Hope it helps.


Be aware, that once you and your family taste your own jam, there's going no going back to buying the one in the super. Both jam and jelly looks delicious. Beautiful pictures too.


Well done Lucy, you've inspired me to tackle small areas of my house to 'autumn clean' each day. Today was 'just' the kitchen window sill - 6 bottles of bubbles of varying sizes, 3 pots/tubes of hand creams, 2 bottles of burning oils, 2 boxes of matches, a milk bottle with some faded dry roses (why?) to name but a few surpluses that were removed ... as for the grime! I'm not disciplined enough to list which area gets hit next, just as it takes me to declutter, but am at least seeing a difference. Thankyou x


I love the hour a day in a room tidyung a good idea. i coud actually manage that. I love the new book that you have featured. I wish I could just pick up a crochet book and go for it. The Russian dolls are great!


Greetings from the States!
I love your wonderful blog, beautiful photos, stunning crochet and lovely, lovely "corner of the world."
Best regards!
And thank you for sharing!


Lovely post, Lucy!
I think I need to try the one-hour cleaning a day routine. I have the opposite problem and could easily spend all day cleaning here and there.
We've been easing into fall ourselves, but now that it is October I'm feeling ready for full blown Autumn.


If you are interested in trying the dough project, check out artisan bread in five minutes a day from the library or amazon. It makes the best bread and is so incredibly easy you kick yourself for not trying sooner! Also if you have an iPad the zinio app for magazines is fabulous and you don't have the stack to taunt you.


I love the pictures of where you live, including your home, but I feel compelled to encourage you to rehang that wonderful painting behind your couch. Eye-level, Lucy! It's pet peeve of mine (I'm so sorry to direct it at you!) but I want you and yours to enjoy your painting even more!

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

Congratulations on the jam!! My husband made crabapple jelly for the first time last week as well (I'm usually the jam maker). He mixed it up with some jalapenos for pepper jelly and it's so tasty. If you want to tackle yeast this month, then consider a no-knead bread dough recipe. Do you have a dutch oven? It's so easy to make! I will try to post my recipe on my blog and let you know if you are interested in trying it out. Your little ones will love coming home to the smell and taste of fresh baked bread!


What gorgeous pictures as always and your living room looks lovely. Congratulations on all your inspiring domestic accomplishments.


I love your jam and jelly experiences. I have a very large and heavy pottery basket at my backdoor full of apples... when I have time this week perhaps I can make some jelly or even chutney (my OH favourite), you reminded me that I should be making something with them. I was afraid for years of making bread and the last 2 weeks have dived in and had a go.. its gradually getting better so its worth persevering. Isnt Flylady Great? Nothing has to be perfect does it!


great blog as usual. love the pictures too. your home looks so colourful and fresh.... I think I need to bring more colour into my life. well done with the crab apple jelly...isn't it wonderful when you make something delicious to eat :-) I look forward to reading your blogs... keep them coming x


Hasn't this weekend been just so hot and summery. I had a little smile to myself reading your post and looking at your photos to notice the same red polkadot bowl I have which I love and use it whenever baking something naughty.


Hi Lucy, in my country (Sardinia) today there has been 29°! A wonderful sunny and hot sunday. We went to sea, in swimsuit, until sunset...the last possible day, maybe. I also like the blackberry jam,and I prepare it every summer.Thank you for sharing with us.I love your simple and colorful life. xxx


i hope to get around to making some jelly and apple butter. in case you have never heard of apple butter, it is a pennsylvanian specialty made by the amish folks back home and so yummy! our indian summer is a blessing since our summer wasnt anything to write home about.

Ellen Snoek

Hi Lucy,

I'm from the Netherlands, but reading your blog is like I am reading my own dairy! Here in Holland it is also rather warm and very sunny weather. We are having the summer days we missed this summer! And I have also a big bucket filled with apples. I think I am going to make Appelmoes (don't know the English word) and my favourite Dutch apple pie.
Love you blog , am reading it almost every day!
Enjoy Octobre!
Greetings from Ellen.


Congratulations on your preserves! My sweetie and I have been canning, for the first time this year, too! Well, mostly my sweetie. I'm just his assistant through the whole thing... It's quite magical, isn't it..?

Personally, I am an autumn person. I don't like the heat of summer nor the freeze of winter. I like the inbetween times when it's cool, but not cold. And I love to watch the leaves change colors. It's definitely hooky weather!

Angy Braine

Oh my oh my. I sighed ever so loudly look at the photos from your attic window. What a divine view you have. I have also been inspired to try your one hour a day of "loving ones home into order" ... I'll keep you posted! :-)


What lovly pictures...every one of them(even your cozy living room)! Your jam looked also very delicious, congrats on the accomplishment! I especially love to see your attic pictures. Beautiful. Thanks for the cheerful post!


Lucy, your children are blessed to have you for a mother! Enjoy your late summer and autumn and keep the posts coming. Thank you for brightening my day


Loved your post. Wish you much success with your yeast projects. I know you can do it.

Great idea on spending an hour a day tidying up.

Lorena Sonido Retro!

Nice post!
Lovely living room, I like those house slightly above the ground level. Very tidy. Good.
Loving the piccies of your calendar... I do the same, I contemplates the picture every time I turn over the page in the beginning of a new month. My theme is Cupcake, though.
Hope you had a nice weekend. We have had a wonderful one so far. 29 degrees in Cambridge. Regards! Chao!
@ Happy Little Cottage: I make bread all the time, in fact I am waiting for the yeast to make its magic right now. I do normal bread, olive bread, pan amadaso – a Chilean bread. Brioches, bollos, Chelsea buns, cinnamon roll etc... I love it! x

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