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October 16, 2011


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Hello Lucy! I've visited your blog quite a few times but this is the first time I leave a comment. I haven't been a frequent visitor lately as I had my first baby in the summer and he's keeping me busy, but this time I feel that I just have to thank you for all the happiness you sprinkle around! I really enjoy your writing and the wonderfully colourful pics you take (and share!). Thank you!


your colour combo's are as lovely as dahlias :)

a joy you can have all the year round!


claudia w

I love the latest combo on the ripple afghan. It's gorgeously colored! Such happy little flowers, your dahlias, although they aren't that little.
Thanks for sharing your beauty with us today!


Lovely Lucy: I want to thank you, because of you I rediscovered the the beauty in simple things, in nature and in my own home. I can say with proud and at loud: I love my home!

Love from Argentina



Dear Lucy, I'm not so fond of Dahlias but under your camera they look fantastic! Could not stop looking at your blanket. How I love the selection of your colours!!! Thinking of starting one of my own but have around 8 projects on needles/hooks!! Or maybe I should start? Anyway yours looks great. Keep on the good work.
Ivana from Croatia


Hi Lucy,
I love the dahlias, and seeing them with the light behind them is gorgeous. Your ripple blanket is fab.
We were in your little town on saturday evening having fish & chips by the canal basin. Have you seen the family of swans? The signets are as big as mum & dad swan. Their feathers are just begining change to white. If you go past them with your camera could you take a photo & post it? I took one on my phone but it`s not that good.
Love Carole from Rossendale xx


Beautiful flowers, I love dahlias too. And the ripply blanket is looking great.

BTW, I made your oaty cookies a few weeks ago and they are sooooo yummy. I think I've baked them several times since, they never last more than a day. I don't like raisins in cookies, so I used dates and dried apricots instead. I made them when I had some friends over and they all loved them and wanted the recipe. :-)


I love dahlias, too. Down Under, our dahlias plants are just coming through the ground. Today I picked lavender, dianthus, daisies and diosma.

Lorena Sonido Retro!

Isn’t that gorgeous! The flowers and the blanket... all the colours well tied up.


A fab post Lucy! Your first picture is STUNNING! The red dotty jug filled with the most G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S dahlias. They have to be one of my most favourite flowers. They are all proud and 'look at me'! Beautiful...really beautiful. Thank you for giving me a lovely morning colour burst!

Take care and much love

Vanessa xxxxxxx


Dahlias are so easy to grow! You should buy some bulbs and plant them in giant pots on the terrace in spring.

As for the blanket, I can't wrap my mind around that lovely color repeat. I see it involves threes, but one color is always tied into the next grouping somehow. I wish you'd explain it so even a blonde like me could understand. I know you've already done a nice color-combo posting, but it's the repeat that's got me boggled.


I love that stripey curtain in your bathroom :-) Beautiful pictures of the Dahlias, and yummie ripple, you've made so much progress already! xxxx


That's it. I'm so enamoured of your latest ripple I'm going to have to break my vow and go and buy some more yarn and start one! I adore your colour combinations - this might be my favourite blanket of yours yet!

Re: your last post. We call cold air breath - dragon's breath and we all check to see if we have it on our walk to school at the moment!


Colour fest :)


Hello! I love your flowers. I always liked how you arrange your flowers in the house. I bought flowers last week but I put them together in a vase. After I write you I will put them like you. They look so nice!
And your blanket is wonderful. You crochet so fast!
Thank you for inspiring me!
Have a nice day!

Rachel F

a lovely start to the day to look at the lovely colours on your blog. Makes Monday morning so much more bearable! Must go try and buy some pretty flowers later - love your idea of having some by the bed, have never done that. x


I love the way you stagger your colours Lucy - they look fantastic.


oooooohh yyyeaaahhhh *sigh* dahlias. i saw some in someones garden friday eve, they reminded me of peppermint sticks, all stripey red and white. those you have there are beautiful! i think they match just fine... looks like the combo i would take. (i think i am altogether 'quirky' like your yarn color combo, but thats fine for me!) we are having such cold nights, i doubt the ones outside will hold up much longer...
yep, your blanket is making headway and i see you chose the middle selection (i THOUGHT you would!) and its looking great! my scarf has all its loose ends tucked neatly in... couldnt sleep so i tackled the last bit starting at 3 this morning, at 4 i was finished and back under the covers... now for the embellishments! i am making lil leaves to hang on instead of boring tassles. if i may say so myself... its looking quite cute. i think i may enter my first photo in the flickr 'lucy 24' group... have a bit to do, though, bobble-shell edging around the wristwarmers as well but i am slowly reaching the finish line with it and am so excited!
the children here have their second week of fall break... lots of folks on holiday right now. we are having lots of sunshine but BOY!... has it gotten chilly. i am stuck with a nasty cold that i am fighting, last night it was chicken soup besides homeopathic stuff doing its thing... not to forget the big 'C'.
another manic monday folks, have a good one! xoxox


Do you think our children will remember these details when they are parents someday??? Mum put flowers in the bathroom and filled our house with color etc??? I hope so


That picture of your restroom - beautiful!!! Plus your blanket is already looking drool worthy :)


The blanket is looking gorgeous. I'm going to be lost without my dahlias. They are still flowering away, but we had a ground frost and I'm waiting for the morning they all keel over. So sad. xx


Wow, I think that photo made me actually gasp! Soooo pretty. I love love love your color combinations. :)

Angy Braine

Soooo pretty - and so worthy of a blog post because that's the kinda colour that jolts everybody's heart :-) We have a garden full of colour at the moment (Springtime here) and yet I can NEVER get enough of flowers! Thank you!!

Seaweed & Raine

It's rather inspiring to read about someone who loves Dahlias... I have them growing in my garden (although not that well in recent years - too much shade - so I just shifted them). Your ripple rug is coming along beautifully! Such gorgeous colours!!! :) Keep inspiring me Lucy. Reading your posts is like a breath of fresh air! :)


Your ripple blanket makes my hear skip a beat!! it is simply gorgeous!
Just finishing up the back of my blooming flower cushion. :o)
Maybe a ripple is in my future...???

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