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October 16, 2011


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Sandi Olson

I'm new to crocheting. I have done 2 projects now and I do love it. So thought I would try your ripple stitch and make a blanket with it. But I am atrying to learn the stitch. THanks for the tutorial. Is it the same as chevron stitch. I have been watching a tutorial for that stitch but i think it is a little different then ripple. So when I do your stitch the waves are very gentle. Also I think that Im expecting more of a valley and mountain look. In you pattern a tr is a double stitch in us talk right, and tr2 tog is like 2 decreases??? Sorry im confused maybe I hsould reread your tutorial again. Thanks again for your help. Sandi

Sue H.

Your pictures reminded me to check on the dahlias I have planted in the garden. They are peeking out of the earth here in Australia where we are saying goodbye to the frosts and enjoying glorious spring days! Thanks so much for sharing . . . your photos make me smile.

Regards, Sue.


Lovely fall pictures! Makes me thinking to be much more thankful for all pretty little things we have
(I hope this sounds not so much german-english :-))
Kindest regards


Beautiful dahlias! And such nice ripple pattern!

Pink Yeti

I love the multi-color ripple! Now I'm feeling inspired to use up my leftover yarn (without making granny squares!)


I adore dahlias too - they are just so perfect and I find myself staring at them in amazement sometimes. We are lucky enough to be in Spring over in my neck of the woods so all these lovely flowers are out in bloom. Your blanket is looking incredible hon! I love it.


Completely off topic but where did you get your cute little polka dotted hook?? Can I get one in Canada??


I love the row of bud vases in the bathroom window. I am going to do the same - what a great idea. Don't they die quickly in such a steamy environment though?

angela-southern USA

Hi Lucy, LOve the dahlias.Just picked some hot pink roses from my yard and thinking the same:(
WOW! the blanket is really coming along fast! One word come to mind...GORGEOUS!
I've finished my ripply hand warmers and started the cowl to go with them.Will post pics soon on flickr.Have a great day!
Really love seeing everyones pics over there.


Hi Lucy, your ripple is turning out lovely!

Caroline Wilbor

Lovely loveliness!
Always so bright & colourful and fills me with cheer
Thank you for the inspiration x


You should try growing Dahlias yourself next year, we have some growing in a large pot this year and they seem happy as can be in there :-) I didn't used to like them but fell in love with them last year for the lovely structure and colours.


Your ripple blanket it BEAUTIFUL!! So is your flowers and I love your bathroom, but your blanket it just something extra special!!


Love the bathroom colours and the flowers and the ripple blanket, it is just so neat it's gorgeous.


I want in on all the ripply action! I love your pattern. Got the first three skeins for my ripple stash this weekend...but goodness...you are going to be done with yours before I hardly get started!! :)


My grandmother used to put flowers next to my bed when I visited, often fragrant roses. What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning!


Oh lovely Lucy - you have brightened what has been a mOst trying day! Your Dahlias are beauty personified. I love your little jar/vases in the little room and your ripply goodness is definitely fab fab fab! Thank you for sharing :0))
Mo xx

Archie the wonder dog

Love the dahlias and the ripple - really, really want to make one but the cost of the yarn puts me off (funny, the same principle doesn't put me off making a quilt, wonder why?)...will keep an eye out for a sale or two!!

Steph @woolythyme

So wishing I had a plant man, too!!! Grocery flowers just aren't the same, but for me, will have to do!!! And yes, we're already to the rather boring mums (with a happy sunflower thrown in every now and then!!!!!)
Blanket is looking beautiful! My granny is growing, but S-L-O-W-L-Y!!!


I think this blanket is your Best Work Yet. Just gorgeous!!




love that mustard yellow and polka dot crochet hook :D ripples looking great as well


i don't know if it's old age creeping up, but i have begun to quite like fuddy-duddy chrysanths in their autumn clothes. whereas five years ago i thought them awfully dull and old ladyish (even funeralish - although when i was a florist we used the brighter coloured or white chrysanths for them). i think though that the garden ones are nicer than the supermarket ones and the pot ones sometimes come in brilliant magenta or bright sunny yellow shades (that last a long, long time! and can go in your outdoor pots in the spring) - worth looking out for those.
my supplier has started to do anemones. most varieties flower in january but some varieties begin flowering mid-late autumn. i haven't had success with them myself but jennie (my supplier/ grower) lives in cornwall where it is a little warmer. anyway,'tis possible your flower man will have some nice purply michealmas daisies and the winter pansies are becoming available now too. don't despair, natural provides dashing colour all through the year if we know where to look for it. if you plant some indoor bulbs now, you can have lovely scented paperwhites, pretty hyacinths and baby tulips and daffodils in time for christmas. also children just loooove watching flowers grow.
we are expecting another little one!:) just found out today!!


What a gorgeous post.

Have you seen the homemade dahlias crafted from felt? They don't catch the sunlight in quite the same way, but they do always make me smile.

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