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October 20, 2011


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LUCY, cuando descubrí tu blog pensé que era especial para levantar el ánimo en días grises. No sólo por lo colorido sino también por lo que cuentas.
(Disculpa, no sé expresarme en inglés)


Today I am grateful for your beautiful, calming post.

Archie the wonder dog

Sounds like a lovely day! Have a great weekend!


Wonderful - thank you!


A beautiful post that really makes you smile. How lovely to share this, thank you.


Thanks for sharing your happy day. Happiness for me today was an hour or two spent with my 5 month old granddaughter, sheer heavenly pleasure x


beautiful pics!!!!
thanks for sharing!!!


What a lovely day- thanks for sharing! Would you mind posting about your coffee drink sometime? I've seen it in so many of your pics, and it always looks so delicious!! It couldn't be plain coffee from the looks of it- maybe a homemade latte with cinnamon sprinkled on top? Just curious! Have a great day!


such a lovely post x its good to see the simple beauty and happiness around us every day x

Sandra J.

I would love to live in a place such as where you are. It is flat and sandy here. Hills, mountains, and water have always drawn me, but alas that is not where God has placed us.

Your pictures always cheer and warm the soul. You should consider a career or part time job in photography. You have a great eye for color and just how to focus the items in the camera lense.

Thanks for taking the time to allow us a glimpse into your world. BTW-love B's chubby little hands and fingers.


say... if you have 4 stacks on your chimney, does that mean you have 4 fireplaces? ...cool :D


I love the sweet little baby hands. I enjoyed reading about your moments. I just finished The Help ,put a coffee cake in the oven,now I need to love on my house some. ;)

krista - Poppyprint

what a day!!! I love posts like this, with beautiful photos that take me on a little vacation to someone else's life far away. I adore the fact that you get to walk along that canal every day to school and always love your canal photos. Little B's still-little hand in yours = so sweet.


Dear Amiga Lucy,
I love your pics with your little sonB. The kids grow so fast. My boys are so tall now with bigger hands than mine. They are growing overnight and I'm shrinking at the same time, you know what I mean? I'm making my own version of your ripple blanket. I do like the smooth colour changing in yours. In my case I wanted more drama, just perfect for my youngest sonA.
Cuidate mucho! Hasta mañana.
Gloria x

miss julep

What a beautiful post!


Such a lovely colourful and joyful post, and a real 'Lucy' post too! It's so good that you are enjoying the precious moments with Little B, as they slide by so fast. Your blanket is looking gorgeous, I love the colours.
Helen x


Que lindos momentos y cuanta felicidad y paz se siente !!!


yummy array of debbie bliss yarns.

Kelly B

Lovely! Thank you, I needed that reminder to be thankful for the everyday moments! Have a blessed day!

angela-southern USA

Thanks Lucy,for the trip down memory lane.My Girls are teenagers now and dont need Mommy as much now. Busy,busy with friends.(The Oldest having Boyfriend over today and the Youngest spending the night with Girlfriends).Seeing Little B's hand in yours brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face:)Cherish those moments. Before you know it they'll be grown.
Your ripple makes my day. Oh! your colors,your colors!!Sooooo pretty! You have a talent with color combos.Such a blessing.Thanks for sharing it with all of us:)


So much more than just a page of colourful inspiration. Your words of wisdom feed the soul. Thank you for sharing your life. God Bless you!


I swear to all that's Yarny - that ripple blanket will be the new crochet 'it'-thing when it's finished!
Especially when you're considered to be THE crochet 'it'-lady ;)


Lovely photos Lucy & your ripple blanket is coming along a treat. Did those Swans do a disappearing act when you were down by the canal! They say never work with animals & children lol.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


What a happy, beautiful post. It lifted me up right in the morning when I can start looking for any special moment myself. Goody!!!


A beautiful day. It sounds like you made some special "memory moments" with little B. Love the chickens. You inspire me to spend more time with my little ones. Thanks Lucy. :)

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