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October 13, 2011


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Saskia @craftyvalley

Lovely Lucy! I just joined the Ripple group!


WOWSER!! My head says Mexican Wave...go for the first option but my heart says lighten it up...middle option. Whichever you choose it'll look just fab anyway!

How's the FLYing going inbetween the HOOKing?

How's Little Mans virus?

Much love to you all xxx

Laurel Sherry

Lovely! I have a question about the granny afghan, the one that is just done in rows. I would like to email you privately about it. Thanks!
Laurel in Wisconsin

Calli Fox

I just recently found your blog and am in love!! I am a beginner crocheter and you make me want to work fast so I can do these wonderful, beautiful projects! I was wondering if you could tell me how you made the bag that your yarn was in in these pictures? I absolutely adore it.


WOW!!! Love Love Love the color combo you have come up with. I am drawn to lots of color and this blanket sure has my attention. The colors just leap out at you. Lovely!


Green, magenta, maroon is my vote but whatever you do will be lovely.


I'm rippling along with you. Happy days x



I'm thinking about a Missoni sweater I tried on while pretending I could afford it and imagining I could figure out how to make it myself. It was extremely simple but at the same time magnificent. They simply did the same pattern but used three different weights of yarn. I'm wondering about doing something like this but using single (your double) crochet and triple (I'm not sure what you call it). Have you mixed like this ever? I guess I just have to stick to the same rules of increasing and decreasing. Let me know if you have any advice. Thanks!


What a beautiful blog! Your crochet and colour selection is magical. Finding your blog was such a lovely start to the day!
Claire x

Mitten and Makings

Loving the updates on these beautiful ripples. I like the aqua/celery/mustard combo best, but can't wait to see what you decided on. x


I'd love to ripple along with you, but you're too fast for me. You'll finish before I'm even halfway. Your blanket is gorgeous (I love love love your colours), and I really should work some more on mine, especially now that it's getting colder here and I'd love a colourful soft ripple blanket over my legs while I sit in my chair crocheting the many projects that await me.


Dear Lucy,
I live in the United States and I love your blog. I've always been into knitting and needlepoint but not crocheting until I found out about your blog recently through my local yarnshop (Pins and Needles) in Princeton, NJ. Thank you for inspiring me. Warmly, Kate

Jennifer McLachlan


those colors are gooooooooooooorgeous!!!!



Two days without checking your blogg and you've already done a lot in this time!! I love the way you combine colours, for me it is most difficult deciding which colour.


I would go with the magenta combo. But what ever you choose it will be fine because the colors are all so great.

kaja wilson

ooo its just too yummy!! I keep promising myself a ripple type throw.....someday I'll have the time!


Beautiful blanket!!
The combination of colors are very good. Congratulations.

Ellen Brugmans

Just love love LOVE your new ripple pattern. The alternating single and double rows are working out just great! I would love to join your ripple-along, but I've got so many projects going on already. Still, the idea is tempting...... ;-)

Lorena Sonido Retro!

wow, very Peruvian, or Mexican, or Guatemalan.... oh well South America! P
Charro mejicano!
Regards, Lorena
Ps: I must do a scarf with that patterrn :/


Its so beautiful. I'd go with one of the two lighter palettes, probably the magenta one

Jo @ indigo inspirations

your crochet piece is stunning...love the bright colours..you could go with any of your 3 options and it would look fantastic. Thanks for sharing xox Jo


Hello Lucy:) your blankie looks be-utifull the colors are wonderful<3 I wanted to ask you something...I'm opening an etsy shop and I made a scarf with squares with your join as you go tutorial and I saw your little 3 round squares and I fell in love and I made my scarf out of them..well to get to the gist is it alright if I sell my finished square scarf from your pattern? Of course I'll link your join as you go tutorial since I didn't see an actual tutorial on how to make the squares. I wanted to run it by you first:) thanks for your time.


Hi Lucy, I love your blog and I am teaching myself to crochet. Lately I've been working on a bunch of baby hats for my 10 week old son! And today I've started on a ripple blanket for him as well. I was just wondering if there's a way to put a border on the blanket???

debbie @ happy little cottage

Heart skippy colors!!! I NEED to learn how to crochet :)


Hi Lucy. loving your blanket so far. I really like the color play as well.
I just finished a huge ripple blanket myself inspired of course, by this great and colorful place called A24. :0)

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