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October 13, 2011


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Trish Francisco

This blanket is so gorgeous I went out and purchased the 18 colours you have selected. Lucy, could you possibly name the colour as you are progressing. I have tried to match your colours but they look different from the printed photoes. You are an inspiration, keep up the good work.


LOVE this ripples! So beautiful!


Dear Lucy, I would love to learn to crochet. Any tips on how to get started?


You have inspired me again. I made the bag and its awesome. I started the ripple. I ordered a bunch of stylecraft and will have 22 colours in my blanket. Once the blanket is finished I plan to make the blooming cushion. Thank you again!


It looks beautiful. I came across your blog about a year ago and adored the first ripple blanket you created - I'm inspired to join the ripple-a-long!

Dianne May

Thank you so much for such an inspiring blog! I just recently found you and have gone on a creative crocheting rampage. It has been a long time since I "hooked", but I can't help myself after seeing your work. I didn't start a ripple, but I did start a granny stripe for my little 5 year old man. He wanted "super hero" colors and he is picking them out as we go. He's super excited. He "tries it on" after every color stripe to see if it's done yet! Your blog and your creativity are simply awesome : )


Hi! I'm new to your blog. Found it a couple weeks ago and just fell in love with all you do. I bookmarked the link going back to your great tutorial for the ripple pattern you came up with. It's fantastic and perfect for this afternoon. I'm going to stop my current (almost done) project and give this a go. Just using scrap yarns though I think. If I can… Delighted to meet you and your wonderful blog. So inspiring!!!

Fröken Prickig

Hello from Sweden! I like your crochet projects, since I'm a crochet nerd too:)


The color sequence idea for this ripple is just genious - I wonder if it will work with 'regular' stripes, granny stripes? :)


I want to play too! I've never made a ripple before and I've wanted to for a while. It will be for my youngest son. I have a rectangle granny in the works for another son, it's in blues (I'm on row 30). I will have 1 quilting project, 2 crocheting projects and I'm teaching myself to knit socks. I need more hours in my day!


the colours are looking gorgeous Lucy. When I have finished my other blanket (from one of your patterns) I may just have to start a ripply one.


Lovely colour combination, Lucy. I've started my own ripple recently and have joined your Flickr group. It's lovely to know there's a lot of rippling going on all over the world :)


Absolutely gorgeous combination of colours! Would love to make one of these one day :)


Have started a ripple blanket for my grandson,after seeing how lovely yours was.Many thanks for sharing the pattern.


It's going to be beautiful Lucy! As is every thing else you have made! Guess I am going to have to finally break down and order some of the Debbie Bliss yarn online. There is only one craft store where I live that has yarn and there isn't much to choice from. I have been wanting to make your ripple blanket and your yarn bag! Hugs!!


I love your blog, and have been reading it for years. I am always inspired by color, and have even begun dying my own cotton yarn, and designing my own blankets. You are an inspiration. I have tried to make a ripple blanket a few times, but always have trouble keeping the sides straight. Do you have any advice to help me keep it from just getting bigger and bigger?
Thank you so much!
An avid Fan, Anne


That is coming out beautifully!!!


well JOAN... that's GOT to be the best tip i have seen in ages! everyone should take a L@@K at her stripe-maker link there on 'biscuits and jam' it's FAB... no question about that! i am bookmarking it!
here again (with my brew of course at 8:00 middle european time) checking in on the lastest ratings of the very important question 'what's next'... more important being how is LUCY going on with this stunning, most hot-debated blankie project... lot's of folks would take the middle combo which is as scrumptious as can be but wouldn't we have a lightish blotch in the middle there with the 3 back to back? hmmmm... this daffling question is keeping me stumped even during the night - well the full moon as well, i admit. thursday i did sleep thru, i was so happy to see '5:45' on my clock thinking i had finally had a good-nights-sleep until i discoved the pair of jeans in my hand under the covers... OMG.
back to the blankie! maybe we should ask the generator for help? i will be over there some time this weekend for a closer look and a lil play time...
i am off to work again. BOOOOOO on that one. after that its catch up on chores before the fly lady catches on to my neglect. she does have a hold of my conscience, yes she does. folks the bomb has hit whilst i am running in 5th gear. i know... you can only play in ONE ballgame at a time. yesterday when i got home, egads... the second shock! i asked myself where did that STAMPEAD get in - it was a hit-and-run folks. another scene of crime occured sometime thursday night because friday morn the first shock: my swollen, get-up eyes saw it and all i could say was a weak "..oh no" sending a wave of chills up and down my spine leading to a ripping case of triple goosebumps, even on my teeth. (hmmmm... i obviously was up and around thursday night...)
life goes on as i am on the run once more... have a great one all! xoxox

Diana Troldahl

I keep coming back and looking at your newest cuddly ripple afghan, and it reminds me of a waltz rhythm. (2 rows dc, 1 row tr, 2 rows dc etc)
I can easily see myself humming '1..2..3. 1..2...' as I stitch.
Yes, I need just one more color of yarn and I can start my own :-}



Are you aware of this site which will help you determine the look of your stripey blanket etc. before it is knit/crocheted? Just thought I'd ask... Just looking at your blog for months now has inspired me to learn how to crochet! The cat has a blanket to sit on in the bay window now. Perhaps now is the time for a rippley blanket for me. (Yours looks absolutely scrumptious!!)


REALLY love your color scheme LUCY! xoRobin❤


It is just *so* gorgeous!! I'm in love! Can't wait to see the ta-dah!


Your blanket is simply gorgeous!!! Love it!!!


It's looking so beautiful. I know how hard your working on it. I am using your granny stripe blanket pattern in fall colors for my mum for christmas present. So far it's looking great. I love how quick it goes. Thank you for the pattern and the inspiration to make it. Best of luck with your blankie.
Have a great weekend.

Misty and Pets.

Emma (silverpebble)

Oof , it looks even more like a vibrant seascape with bright reflections. It could even be West Bay with its little yachts and boats! It's wonderful.

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