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October 15, 2011


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Breathing Out Smoke? We call it Fire-Breathing Dragons! You're welcome.

Annie Bookser

Hello Lucy-
I so enjoy popping in to see what's up at Attic 24. It is great to see your photos and read about your spot of the world especially since I am in CA
and am curious about life abroad.
Loved your post on the finding of your yarn basket. I also have a special yarn basket that I got a few years back while traveling around the South with my folks. We just happened upon a fall Apple Festival in TN where people were selling their handmade items. I treated myself to a large egg basket made by a gal from AL. I love displaying yummy yarns and some of my special handmade hooks in it as well as working from it. I also want to comment on your candle border. Very clever twist to ordinary candle holder! You are right they would make lovely little presents and would be good to keep on hand just in case you need a little Thank you gift or Hostess gift to share on the spur of a moment. Hope you will treat us to the pattern. Thank you for all of your creativity and sharing your cozy Attic with all of us.
Annie in San Diego, CA


Love the ripple trend with the developing colours. Going to hook one with citrus colours for a friend who's expecting and calling her bump "Limey". Thanks for being so inspiring.


Our autumn seems to be a little slow in coming here in Northern California this year... but I can sense the changes in the light and such. Love this time of year. Planning to visit the redwoods next weekend.

And we just call it seeing our breath. Dragon smoke is much more fantastic sounding. :)


Aren't our seasons just wonderful

Archie the wonder dog

Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing!


Awesome photos!


what a wonderful walk you've had!!!!! thanks for sharing these beautiful pics!!!!

Maria João

What a wonderful landscapes!! I can even breathe the air!!! so lovely!!

 Joyce Stewart

Thank you for sharing such mindblowing photos of the woodland and the sunshine....it was like that all day with us too.


Sound like perfection.

My daughter used to call it fog breath lol


Love from Mum

Marilyn Warner

Hi Lucy....what a perfectly beautiful day, isn't it a wonderful unexpected gift....beautiful day here in Alabama as well. Love the post. Your Alabama friend.


I love pictures where you can actually see the sunrays! :)

ellen kelley

Cathedral windows of the forest..is there anything more beautiful?


We're loving the Autumn colors in Germany, too! My little one loves the crunch-crunch-crunch of dry leaves under his feet. Such simple pleasures, thanks for pointing them out.

Anne Marie

Beautiful shots of the light coming through the trees.

Donna Kuhn

Oh Lucy!
What beautiful places you have, right in your own backyard. Just had a lovely adventure viewing all your photos! Looking at them I thought for sure I spotted a Fairy dancing in the wood! Seemed the perfect atmosphere! Enjoy Life with your family. Thanks so much for always sharing. I look forward to your entries about life & all that you do. What an amazing person you are!

Sunny skies to you,


Beautiful photos:)

Isn't nature wonderful ? x

angela-southern USA

Thanks Lucy,for the Fall view(sothern slang).Love the light.Ours is further along(South USA).Every Fall we load up the car and take the Girls thru the mountains.Sometimes its the Great Smokey Mountains.We'll spend the whole weekend just driving taking in the Soul renewing views.Stopping along the way for picnics and exploring.Keeping a sharp eye out for the "locals"black bear,rattle snakes and the less threating ones:)like the white tail deer,chipmunks etc.This year we stayed closer to home and enjoyed our local mountains.All the beautiful colors,alot of red and yellow this year.The sky was cloudless and sooo blue!The day started out cool(40's and reached the 70's F).A nice change from our record breaking heat of the Summer.
The blanket looks wonderful,but I knew it would:)No time for a big project(Christmas presents).I'm rippling along with y'all on hand warmers and a scarf or cowl to match.In four shades of blue, a bright green and white.Keep rippling:)


Oh I miss Autumn - we don't get it or Spring in our part of the world - the trade-off for warm weather is just Summer and a mild Winter. Just proves you can't have everything, so I'll just enjoy your pictures!


There is something so very primeval about woods isn't there. My children used to play 'looking for bears' because they were convinced bears must still be living in an English wood somewhere!


So beautiful!!!!


Gorgeous light, gorgeous colours. Looks just like the New Forest where I have just walked Joe Cocker. Have a lovely Sunday and enjoy this wonderful weather. x


Beautiful photographs. And yet more evidence that you're a better mother than me... Similarly beautiful, but mild, day in London Town. Did I take my children to the local woods? No, we did an hours circular walk to our fabulous local wool shop. Bad, crochet obsessed, mother.

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