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October 03, 2011


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Thanks for sharing the book, I love your blog and have just learnt to crochet. I've been looking for some good patterns to try out :)


I'm not really a cutesy-inspired person.


this project likely changed things a bit.


thank you for clearing up the misunderstanding Lucy *blush*blush* i am glad that you were infact not saying anything bad about Nicki and that i had misinterpreted your words. phew, i'm relieved about that as i enjoy both her books and your blog so very much :o)

much love xxxxxxxxx


LOOOOOOVE the dolls! Fabulous job!


criatividade 10, lucy. adorei...


dear Lucy i love your blog, it has so often cheered me. your photography and craftmanship are lovely and your writing is generally charming, but suggesting (however prettily said/disguised) that Nicki Trench has copied your designs has left a bad taste. i'm sorry but it made me feel quite queesy reading that and has spoiled my enjoyment of this post. such remarks are very damaging. i hope you will think about this.
i thought long and hard about saying this to you as i have never in all the time i have been reading your blog (pretty much from the beginning) left a less than happy comment and ordinarily i don't think it right to leaveless than happy words on someone's blog. but i feel your comment was very wrong and it does not seem right to be a 'yes' person and collude with you in this. i think that having too much yesness(as is normally right and proper in blog comments) around is not always appropriate and can wobble our senses. i hope you don't mind my frankness - i don't wish to hurt or offend, i hope you will understand that. with friends we can more easily tell them when we feel something they have said or done is not right. blogging friendships are a little different and trickier and i want you to know that of course i will still be bobbing along here regularly to catch up on your news.
btw Nicki herself might be a reader of your blog and possibly even be fine with what you have said. but i still felt the natural instinct to defend her. particularly as those designs are not unique to you and her styling is obviously different.


Those little Grandmas are just lovely. I am going to push past my fear zone and try them. I have sometimes placed a flat stone in the bottom or put some sand or rice in a small string tied piece of fabric for the bottom weight. I love your blog. It is always so beautiful, colorful and inspiring.

Kristine Arey

Lucy! I love your style - such beautiful crocheted items :) I have just finished making the yarnbag - - just so cute with the little flowers with buttons attached. I would love to make an afghan with a lot of different colors but I have a question...HOW DO YOU DECIDED which colors to work with together? I could select 16 yummy colors but to make a granny with 3, how will I know what looks best together? Do you have a pattern of somekind? if so,I haven't found it on your website. Help - what advise do you give for someone new to using many different colors together??


love love love ♥ !!!

Thank you for brightening my day Lucy.



Oooohhhh, this book is very inspiring.
Love your little Babushka family!
Have a great weekend!
~X~ Karin


Just wondering if you always use wool for your crochet or is it ok to use acrylic?


Ha! I picked up that very book from the library on Tuesday. It has some lovely patterns to try.

Molly B

LOVE!!!!!!!!!! you did a marvelous job. can't wait to make some of my own!

The House of Jones

Oooh goodness, they are adorable! You did such a great job, these look very tricky for a first foray into amigurumi! Love the embellishments :)
A book to pop onto the Christmas list me thinks!
Jones x


Serendipity is a weird thing. I was looking at this book on Amazon yesterday but wasn't sure about ordering it, and then I found your blog today and here you've written a fantastic post about it. your babushka dolls are beautiful and I am sold on the book. Thank you for a great review. Em xx


Very cute! Thanks for the review--that looks like a book I would enjoy.
I am hoping you haven't forgotten about your Color Theory post that you were going to post? I've been looking forward to it. :-)


Very beautiful!!! Griessli Cornelia

Check Insurance

It is a lovely book and i hope that these little ladies soon are standing on my mantel. I love them and your colours are divine! I'm addicted to pinterest so I am off to pin them immediately!!!

Mrs C

Super cute! Yet another book added to my Amazon wish list!

Ali Campbell

I have this book and it's great isn't it? I have made the bears (pg. 120) so far - the pictures of my bears are on www.macscrochet.blogspot.com if you want to take a look. I will be making the Babushka dolls for a Christmas present - I just hope that I can give them away!!!!


Super cute, I've got this book on my amazon wish list or hint list as I like to call it! I know what you mean about when to stop…!

Doreen Ganley

Ooooh wonderful. The book is a MUST HAVE. Yes I might try the library first. I do that with crochet/knitting books and have them out for about 3 months. dojo xx


Absolute nonsense from debra. Why should Lucy get a mention in this book? She had nothing to do with the patterns in it. One of the things that I didn't like about this book was that most things in it are common place and available everywhere. Please note the ripple in its many forms is a recognised stich pattern as is the 'granny stripe' it does not belong to any one person. A circular cushion is easily made when you know how to make a circle - part of most intructional crochet books. It is ridiculous to acuse a well known and respected writer of copying someone who has no published designs.


How good is this book? I made the curtain tie backs. Love them they look great too. Well done with the dolls on my list too. Must admit I thought of you when I saw the cushion. I used Debbie Bliss wool not so easy to get hold of in Australia but oh what luxury to use.

Kay Guest

Lucy, That book looks a treat. You make it look so easy! Love your dolls.

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