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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 03, 2011


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Marie Salamanca

Dear Lucy, finally ive managed to make these russian dolls!! i have miss big made and ready to embroider. Please can i ask if you can do a explanation how how to embroider once the toy is stuffed? Im struggling a bit with that....and cant find anything on google. i can embroider on flat crochet, but this is hard as i keep "loosing" my needle and then cant make tiny fine stitches....can you help at all with some easy explanations??? hugs and hugs from nz

Maria Flores

Hello Lucy, it would be so nice if you can share the patern to do the babushkas. I live in Venezuela and we cant buy things from abroad, as we have control exchange. I have read here that some of the girls can get the book from the librery? My God we can never get a book like this from a local librery...well any away, thanks for sharing I do like your blog...thanks

Keen Handmade Creations

Is the book in US or UK terms? I'd love to have the pattern for the Russian dolls.


I love your blog sooooo much and I believe I told you this ages ago. I said I was going to begin reading it all from the beginning and catch up. It has been hard not to comment along the way but I knew I would never get caught up if I did! I had to comment here though! Your words here "I love the whole look and feel of this book, and just flicking through the pages is enough to make one sigh with pleasure." Well change the word book to blog and that says exactly how I feel about your blog. :) It is taking me quite awhile to get caught up to the present, but I don't mind, I just can't miss a single word or picture, they make my heart sing! Thank you for sharing your days Lucy..HUGS HUGS HUGS..I'll be back. :) ~Lori

P.S. I do peek in at the present too. :) I ordered your Yarndale tote a few days ago as I wanted to be a part of it somehow! Wishing you all the very best Lucy, I know it is going to be FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love your work!!!!
I purchased the book purely after seeing your blog about the Russian Dolls. Can't wait to start.
I have been following your blog since I started crochet again, lots of babies being born in the family = lots of blankets. Really got back into when I broke my leg and have been truly inspired by your work!


They are fantastic! If only I could crochet! X

Lynda M O

Lucy, these are the most precious renditions of nesting dolls I have seen. My late sister raised her family in Moscow and brought us little dolls when they came back. So evocative for me on a deep abiding level. Thank you.

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Found it - thank you! (And ordered the book from Amazon, very naughty)



Oh I love the things you make - the colours are great and I think you have a really cosy, love and peaceful home. I enjoyed every minute I read your blog.

ninifee from bavaria


Hi Lucy , I'm from Argentina. Can you please share instructions about russian dolls ? I cant get the book here.....:(.
I really love your blog... I'm a big follower !!!!! Congrats !!!
Thanks and regards, Marcela

Audra Curtis

I bought this book for the baby booties - but theres a typo! I'm not very experienced at crocheting, but I KNOW something's wrong! Can you make a pair and see if you have a problem with them?


In Russian this doll calls matryoshka, this knitted edition looks really cute :) If you allow me I'll make the translation of your post into Russian (sure with link to you)

Cindy Smith

I am thrilled to find your blog and crochet patterns! I love them. Your use of color is fantastic. I get inspired by looking at what you have done. I am also a stay-at-home Mom of two girls. Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us! Blessings!


hi lucy i really love your crochet work and i love the colors or what yarn you are using..i saw crochet book pattern in some of your photo do you share pattern.i really like your blog i like your ideas and all stuff i saw in your blog...


Maybe Naughty Little Miss and her two big sisters need weightier bottoms! :) A few special stones found on the beach, washed and hidden in the fluffy cottom might help her from falling into the fire!

I just found your blog...well...three hours ago, and have been emmersed in it ever since. What an amazing person you are...your designs are the shining of your spirit. I love to crochet, and your blog is going to make it even more enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your happy yarn moments with the rest of the world.


Oh! The dolls are absolutely gorgeous. Look at those beautiful flowers on their dresses. Just lovely.I got the same book on 31st Dec. Made Beanie Hat today from it.


Charming, charming, and your hand stitched embellishments are to be jealous of. Really, your work is lovely - and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


After seeing your sweet crocheted Russian dolls I now HAVE to buy this book! My grand daughters will absolutely love them :)

Allison Baker

So cute!


voilà ma première babushkas terminée...
elle n'est pas parfaite mais j'y travail!!


So pretty Babushka, lovely!!I was in Russia and bought those dolls
Hugs Crissi

Nicki Trench

Lucy, have tried to find your email and can't! Just wanted to say thanks so much for the lovely review - and thanks to all the lovely comments too - Kind regards, Nicki Trench.

Jocelyn Nelson

This book has been on my amazon wishlist for ages but I saw it this morning for £3.99 from thebookpeople.co.uk! I can't wait to receive it after seeing your post and the beautiful projects.

Gena Resende

Hello Lucy,

So you have done your own Matrioskas/Babuskas...they are lovely.
In what concerns the shelves, books and so on, have you considered the idea of plastic boxes, in a transparent colour, therefore whenever you want something, you know where it is, by just opening the door of the drawersor looking to the shelves. And on the shelves, baskets, like those IKEA ones, to put maganizes, catalogues and so on...I am a mother of five, and all my life have used this kind of help. Firstly in paper boxes, but they are no good, two months later they are trash, so I have adopted the plastic boxes, piled, and so everythns is arranged. You know, the ones where a magazine enters perfectly, that size and even a bit bigger. There are also with roulettes, under, for the kids rooms. And they can be pilled.
I know what is a life like yours, unhappily I could never be at home with them, always worked outside, but my salary was never enought to pay scholls...!!!

Kiss you.

Gena Resende

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