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October 10, 2011


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Hazel Raison

What a lovely, interesting post about choosing your colours. Really inspiring. I'm planning on starting a ripple after finishing the (double bed sized) granny stripe I'm doing at the moment.


your post inspired me to start crocheting. ;) I started my own rippled blanket yesterday!! Thank you for your wonderful tutorial on the neat rippled pattern. It was so helpful!!


esos colores sí que vibran!, creo que tus hijos se van a pelear por tener esta nueva manta jaja
va a quedar muy, muy hermosa
no veo la hora de verla terminada, gracias por compartir tus secretos :)
Saludos Alita

Nicky A

I started a ripple blanket after discovering your blog and reading all the back posts - thank you for the tutorial. I love it. I'm allergic to wool so usually knit with acrylic or cotton but this blanket means I can use beautiful real wool in gorgious colours! It is taking me a while - children, job etc...and I'm OK with that but it has caused one problem.

The blanket has around 8 colours in Rowan DK. I decided I couldn't run to buying all the wool in one go so bought a couple of balls of each colour. After about 6 months (may be a little more!)went back for more only to find that Rowan had changed many of their colours and some of the ones I am using are no longer available. Searching on the internet found me a couple of balls of two colours but I am having to substitute for at least two. So a warning to other slow ripplers out there that you need to secure your colours!


What a lovely post. All of the insight is fabulous, thank you. I made a ripple blanket before the summer that my husband thinks is the best thing I have ever made (!) and I am currently part way through a granny stripe (thanks for your tutorials). Good luck with your hook along :-)


Your new ripple reminds me of reflections of bright little boats in the sea. It is ace!


Hi Lucy,

Baby blanket tossed aside until Saturday, I am rippling too. Using up scraps and just experimenting. So rather than commit and join you all 100%, I will be there in the periphery, on my own ripply odyssey...much longer than a journey. Will post a pic soon.



Lucy....you are so Mary Poppins....you add zest to whatever you do. Love experiencing your blog. You add joy to my day!

Kashi Griffith

Happy Birthday Lucy!


Lucy you have inspired me to get my mum to teach me how to crochet. I'm only a beginner but have been attempting the ripple blanket. I wasn't happy with my first attempt - the colours were far too dark and it looked like a 1970's tank top! So I'm now on attempt no 2 and it is starting to look OK.


As a lover of Baby Cashmerino and a yarn I almost use exclusively in most of my knitting....it covers all bases, bright, soft, muted, happy etc etc....There is a colour for all occasions...the colours suit, bub, kids and adults. I have the biggest leftover stash of Baby Cash...I keep all my bits left over from all knitting project....This blanket apart from the turquoise blue was a leftover make.


It was so much fun to make...I sort of used it as a square a day project.

I can't wait to see your cash ripple.

vicki x

Jennifer McLachlan

ahhhhhhhh ripples!!!!.....LOVE IT!!!!

love the green and deep red, go really well together, cant wait to see it when its finished!!



I am embarking on a rippley journey through a purple and pink wavey blanket...was meant to be finished for our caravan trip to Scotland at half term, alas it only covers my lap so far!

Saskia @craftyvalley

I've been Rippling too! I'm at one third of the blanket now and I still love it! Heather is right, every new colour makes me so happy to see! I use the Stylecraft now but I already have another Ripple in mind! SO yes, I would like to join the Riplle along! This is my Ripple-blog-post:


Dear Lucy, I too am rippling my blanket.This is exciting!. Greetings from the summer still in the south of Spain.


I`m rippling a baby blanket for a friend in cream and white and plan to edge it in blue or pink when I find out the sex of the baby.
After finding your blog I have made the oaty biscuits loads of times and put on 3lbs at Weight Watchers ooops. They are soooo delicious tho!


Hi, Lucy. Been a while since I've commented here, but I've been busy like you tryint to stick to my 'routine'! I am so excited you are doing a crochet a long! I just ordered some yarn to hook along with you and friends! Yay! I'll put pics of my yarn on my blog as soon as I have it in hand!


I meant, I love the way 'you' talk about yarn, not 'to'!!!


I love, adore and worship your blog :D I'm a recently self taught (I was going to say Hooker, haha) ummm, crocheter (is that right?). Crochet is my escape and new passion. I love the way to talk about yarn, it's how I feel too, and I love to lose myself in your patterns and scrumptious blankies :D

Thank you for the inspiration you share.x


Loving your ripple blanket Lucy, never done a ripple, I have done your granny stripe and it turned out fab, thank you x


Oooo...I love your stashes. Gorgeous!


Ohhhhhhhhhhh it's just utterly amazing! Love the colours and your pattern is great too - it's going to look wonderful, and nice too that you have a crochet companion on which to share your ripply journey!

Much love
Julia x x x


Serious wool envy here! ;) Love the idea of sketching the design to work out colour placement. Such a simple and very clever idea. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished article. Best wishes, Pj x


Major Yarn lust right now! :-)I have some cashmirino coming in the post for winter gloves and headband/warmers, Cant wait!!! Allie from Cornwall xxx


I recently finished my first ripple blanket, not much in the way of colour choice as it was for my son, the ardent wales supporter so just red, white and green, although reading one of the other comments i maybe should have expanded on shades but as this was my first attempt and quite a big project (i am a confirmed project hopper) i didn't want to spend too much on the yarn so the choice was a little limited. I'm now probably at the same stage as you and heather into my second ripple blanket this has 7 colours as it is to match my daughters cath kidston bedding, i will be posting about my WIP sometime this week and will mention your ripple along!!!

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