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October 17, 2011


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just to tell you that I do not crochet, and my English is so bad. Spanish is my language.
I was, a few months ago, trying to find new pattens of knitted pulls or something, only to keep my hands working while my mind can't stop, just for relax. At least it worked long time ago.
I dropped at the Attic. Sometimes I read your posts, watch the pictures, and I tell myself that it's not for me (knitting was mine!). Just to look for a while, I think. But I can't stand to see all the colorfull and marvelous things you make, or you do, without trying.

I have to buy some yarn (not so easy here) and the punch. I hope someday, not tto far, I can tell you all that my first "thing" is real.
Thank you, and Hope you feel better.
Carla, from Spain


Lovely things! They would make me very happy to look at each day too. I have a similar blanket on my bed and I love to snuggle underneath it when I'm not feeling great, it cheers me up no end!
Jess xx


love that clock!!!!!! I love the art work to, but alas being on budget as xmas is comming and all!!! I bought a card. I am going to Ikea at Gateshead on Saturday so I think I will get a nice white frame for it!!!! Love the house by the way, looks like a house from the middle of the North Yorks Moors which I am not far away from!!!! Loving the Blog

angela-southern USA

Lucy! that clock,WOW so cheery.Adding the magnolia blooms and birds to my "gotta have" list:)Wishing you well.


Bellas inspiraciones, que tengas linda semana!!
Saludos Alita

Bernadette Edens

Hope you feel 100% again very soon, Lucy. Your new ripple blanket is just gorgeous! Thank you so much for letting us watch it grow along with you! :) All the best to you and your family! Bernadette in Alabama, USA.


When you mentioned you were wanting a clock in your bathroom, I thought "why on earth?" but WOW! now having seen the clock, I should not have had doubts, that is just fabulous!

How many hooky blankets do you have!

Bed is cosy isn't it?


Haha I love how the clock forms a corck when it's 12 o'clock :) I thought you would end up with one of those 'foam' clocks for the bathroom, you know, it looks like felt but is like a soft plastic foamie sort of thing. But this one totally rocks, and completely suits you! :)


What a perfect clock for your bathroom and sounds like it was a bargain too. Isn't it wonderful when things come together like that. x


Yayyyy for the picture arriving :D


What a smashing clock!! Love it - and oh my does your bed look inviting!! I'm just about to plan a major decluttering of our bedroom (its full of baby and nursery type stuff our wee egg has outgrown) so Im hoping that my bedroom will soon resemble the haven that yours is!!

Much love
Julia x x x


That is what I love most about autum and winter, that you can go to bed earlier and as you said, snuggle down and do some crochet or read or just relax ...


Wonderful print, am in total envy...and also craving my own bed now.


What a happy clock, it looks like it's made just for you! Oooh I gave in, I've joined the ripple-fun as well :-) I'm very excited since this will be my very first Ripple. I'm 7 colours far, loving the pattern, now I'm impatiently awaiting my yarn order to be able to continue! Have a beautiful day and take good care of yourself! xxxx


That clock is excellent!
I hope you wake tomorrow morning feeling much better :-)

Lorena Sonido Retro!

Lovely things..... I saw Caroline pages, Lovely stuff. Very Bright, very much needed in this country.
I do not know, with so many comments you get, if you have the time to visit a link I will leave you. She is a Professional painter and designer from Chile, and she lives in the UK. She is a good friend of mine and she does lovely stuff in canvas with acrylic and oil. You must have a look or some of your friends, for that matter... She also does art in the Kitchen, basically everything she touches is a little piece of art. Funny enough, she is settled in the North of England.
Kind regards, Saludos, Lorena.
Ps: Karin has her originals on Sale NOW!
AND, she has a furniture business as well.... :O


Hi Lucy, I always love visiting you and seeing all your lovely colourful photos. Love, love, love your new clock - it's fabulous! I'm totally inspired to have a go at a ripple blanket now too. My nana had one that I used to love but it always looked so difficult to make. Have a lovely week hon!


Your clock is fab-U-lous! I have a tiny travel alarm clock in my bathroom... but yours looks SO much nicer! :)
Cute art work... and snuggling in bed with a good piece of hookey to work on - bliss! :)
Hope you are feeling on top of the world tomorrow.
Sheree xox


oh, lucy! please do get well soon. maybe just a good nights sleep will get you back on track some...
i LOVE the clock... fits perfectly in the bath with your pompom shade... you were so lucky to find that!
caroline's artwork is just an eyefull... yes i do have to agree, it is your style! i love the owl and the pussycat most... how SWEET it is, well ALL of it actually.
there's alot of bugs going around this time of year. sometimes it's just unavoidable to catch some. i am sniffling and coughing at the moment. the temps are no help! what do you wear when its ice cold in the morns and warm during the day? layering helps of course but hard to keep up with. you get caught quickly not wearing the appropriate things, no matter how you plan.
that bed does look quite inviting! cuddly blanket you have there... please take good care! xoxox


Lovely clock. And the print shop is lovely - so many nice collages :-) Hope you're feeling better soon!

Gloria J W

Love the clock...would have to tell the time by "green o'clock"!!! That would be fun!! Hope you're feeling better today

Jeanne Feijó Machado

Lindos. O tempo passa muito depressa mesmo. O que parece que aconteceu ontem, na verdade já faz um bom tempo atrás. O importante é continuarmos com disposição para fazer as coisas sem dar muita importância ao que passa, mas ao que fica. Nós e nossa arte. Bjs.

penelope dubois

Love it all!!!! So cheery and cozy!

Theresa in KY

Love your blog! Your work is inspiring. Sleep tight and hope you feel better in the morning. :)

Steph @woolythyme

Feel better--mamas make the world go round.

Yep--love all three things! Good choices!! Makes me smile!

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