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September 17, 2011


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Nanette Davis

You are so talented... I love your crocheted projects and I love your pictures. thanks for sharing.


That Garden Gate picture was in a magazine here is the US earlier this year. I loved it so much that I made a version of it myself. I'm fairly new to crochet so it's just basic stitches.If I knew how to send a picture of mine I would! I SO wish I could find a pattern for that edging though-beautiful!

debra cooper

Ooohh the home magazines are sooo much prettier and more colorful in the UK! I hate the cold sparse stuffy ultra modern looks in most US home magazines--I stopped buying them because I can find so much more creativity and color online! Thanks for sharing with us! I pinned several to my pinterest for later inspiration! ;-)

Emma (silverpebble)

Fabulous - what an eye treat. I love looking back at my older copies too (although space is an issue in our teeny cottage). Rumour has it that next summer my little beach hut garden studio will be in one of our mutual favourite magazines next Spring/summer. When things are super hectic and stressful and the little ones are squawking I suddenly remember and it keeps me going.


I always keep stacks of magazines, especially ones like these, they always cheer you up to look back through them, and definitely incite the wanties!

I keep thinking I'll cut out just the best bits and put them in a folder but somehow there's always so much that I like in them!


I agree, want, want, want, want, want! Thanks for sharing.


Yep, lovely pictures!! got a lot of them too and find them absolutely inspiring!!! they just pile up all over the place :))


Lovely, happy pics, but I have to admit - I am an Autumn girl. I know there is a lot of brown, but mixed with all of the reds, oranges and golds... can't resist that coziness! :)


Lovely blog post and scrummy pictures! I love your blog and seeing the world through your eyes, it definitely helps me to look at my world differently! x

Elaine  Brown

I love magazines too but I have to be careful with them because I have hoarders tendencies (LOL). I have always loved the seasons of spring & fall the best just because the summers here are just too too hot! Since I found your blog, I am starting to appreciate the mood elevating properties of your color scheme! Please look up babukatorium on Flickr. I think you will be like what you see.


Thank you...that was fun! I love seeing all those pretty pictures. Makes me want overhaul my whole house in a new scheme. From Victorian to color fun. I wonder if I could do a Victorian color fun look...?


What a great idea to take photos of the magazine pics; I'm gonna have to do this (if you don't mind me 'borrowing' this idea). I have such alot of magazines (craft and home ones) and I am running out of space for I cannot bear to part with them . . . they go back years! This will be a partial solution to the problem. Gr8 - I'm of to get my camera now!


Ooh thank you so much for the lovely snippets out of the UK magazines. I miss it so much and it is so colourful.

Enjoy your week, hope the domestic tidying goes well.

Carina x


Hermosa inspiración!! gracias por compartir ojalá hubiera esa calidad de revistas en mi país, osea las hay pero no con ese estilo tan romantico. mil mil gracias :) Alita

Tita Carré

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Pom Pom

Oh, yes! Very much! I love magazines, too. Here in America, the mags are not as lovely as yours. I buy UK magazines as a sweet treat for my creative heart. I'm loving Mollie Makes. I had to wait forever for it to hit the USA. I pay way too much for it, but it is a huge treat. I save all my Country Living magazines. Come to think of it, I'm going to go downstairs to my office and look through some oldies but goodies.


It really has begun to be Autumn with a vengeance very suddenly this year- not just in magazines.Driving to and from Bridport this weekend it was really more like October.Beautiful, fabulous sunset sky, but too much BROWN already!


Your house could definitely be in any of those magazines!!!!

Gerry McMaster

Thanks for sharing this, over here spring has sprung and your post has got me very excited! Love your blog btw...Gerry from Australia


Hello Lucy,

I just tagged you!

Bye & Dutch greetings, Carolien


I also re read my mags again and again. I have to, I love in the Czech Republic, so my British mags are precious. DSome of the pics you showed have been my faves this summer too. I loved the splashes of red. I painted my chimney breast a pinky red recently. It is on my blog if you fancy a peek.
Tracy x


wwwhaaaaw!! All those colours, whish summer would last and last... It made my day...thanks for that..i also whish my hubby could have the same taste as me.I'm showing him your blog!!


I love those first two homes - very inspiring! Thanks for sharing. I saw a few articles that I'd read and enjoyed. x


Oh so much to be swooney over. And yes, the blanket in the Greengate owners' home is one of the swooniest. Maybe a new pattern coming from Miss Lucy soon on how to make one like it ;)?


thanks for adding the link to little woolies yummy blanky! it was my first thought when i saw the pic but didnt know if i could just pop it on to another blog without asking first!

any help is appreciated to figure out THOSE BOBBLES!

YIKES folks, seriously - the wanties have hit home after all of your postings! high time for changes...

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