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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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September 22, 2011


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Hi Lucy - the picture on the wall behind Kirsty's piece of awesomeness...who is the artist???? Cheers, heather x


Hi miss Lucy my name is Luli. I am 9 years old and I can crochet. when did you start to crochet? anyway your makings are very very beautiful!


Wow. I am a new person to blogs (yes, Me: Resistor-of-Social-Technology) and your place has sent me over the moon. I KNEW there had to be other people who worship color!!!!! Here in Amish farmland, I search for color and creativity everywhere, especially in people. Coming up short. Sigh. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do to brighten my world!

Mo - North East Scotland

Hoping all is well with you and your lovely family Lucy. Haven't heard from you all week, and as you did hint that 'things' would be moving along, I have become a trifle concerned at no words having appeared.
Wishing you all love and wellness
Mo xhugx


I'm coming back to say my husband saw me swooning over the lanterns and he's going to plant some for me! I sure hope they take. Until then I will salivate over yours.


Lovely post, I am especially taken with that little driftwood house and laundry line; thank you for posting the link. Definitely swoon-worthy!


Hi Lucy, I just found your blog & bookmarked it already! I crochet and like your pieces. The color combinations are lovely. Also, I've worked so many hrs this yr my apt is a wreck and I feel inspired by your posts I can do something besides feel overwhelmed. Thank you for that! :) Leah


Hi, I love your blog! I've been reading it for almost 2 years now after a friend suggested I might like it and I did. It's the touch of real life that i love. And the natural cheerfulness you seem to possess! It's a gift. I wish you all the best!


Do you know, Lucy, that over here, in France, the Chinese lanterns are called "L'Amour en cage"...basically, lLove in little cages...Isn't it nice to know that you've got little pods of love on your mantlepiece? XXX

Claire B Stevo

Awesome driftwood sculpture - very enviable! x

Leslie Denvir

Hi Lucy. Leslie here in Chicago. I love your Japanese Flower scarf and am having a hard time finding the pattern. If I buy the Motif 4 book in Japenese will I be able to understand the directions? I have knitted for years but I am teaching myself crochet with the help of tutorials like yours. Thanks for your help. Leslie


Hi! I just LOOOOOVE your blog. You have inspired me to make my own blanket and maybe also start my own blog! I can see that you really love colours. A visit to your page is a real pick me up when I'm feeling dull. Yours photos are just too good.
Regards from India.


Hello Lucy,
I really love your blog.
I never post a comment because my english is not very good. I love to hook, and I just started a blanket (I did smal projects only). But i have got a problem. It's a granny stripe. and it's growing. not only in length but he is getting wider. I started with a greater hook in the first row, because I know that I hook very tight. What can I do....

Greetings Bianca (from the Netherlands)

angela-southern USA

SOOO very pretty!I'll have to look for some lanterns now.Made me laugh when i saw your russian dolls.I'd seen some wood ones on-line and thought,wouldn't that be great crocheted.I've also been gearing up for fall,crocheted a bowl full of candy corn:)So bright and cheery.Have a good weekend!


I am a Japanese. I have a look at your blog using translation software. It is very wonderful blog.

Angy Braine

Wowsers! That little driftwood piece is soooo cute! Thank you for sharing your colourful mantel with us. Most inspiring! We (her in Oz) arewlcoming in Spring and Summer - the air is a buzz with heady scents and stunning colour! Your home certainly inspires... Thanks for sharing! xx


I love the colours in your home. I also love Kirsty's work. I bought some printed note cards of her collages, they are just superb and I am always loathe to write on them to send away. I

Donna Kuhn

LOVE THE LANTERN FLOWERS!!!! Tried to grow them once from seed and had no luck her in FL. Maybe I should give it another go??? Seeing them in the green & orange stages is quite inspiring! Speaking of inspiring, I like the rest of us cannot WAIT!!!! To see the new yarn colors. Not to mention what your new project might be??? Lucy you bring out the creative side of all of us. Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!
Sending you warm FL sunshine. :o)


love the chinese lanterns, gorgeous colours, must hunt these down as I've never seen them before x


Thank you everytime for letting me having a peak in your colourfull little world. I would not call it little myself .... you are a big inspiration to a lot of us. For me personally you help me to never forget there is a world beside to all the things I HAVE and MUST do. A world to enjoy and appreciate with lots of colours! From Amsterdam thank you for that!!!!

PS: I can understand why you are proud of your driftwood house. It is gorgeous!!!!


Aaarrgggh - I still don't know which colour is going! Well no good - I will just have to go off and do some crafting to distract myself. xx

Heather Thorp

So exciting!!! Can't wait for more x


hermosa tu repisa pero lo que más me gustó es la banderita de Argentina en la soga (celeste-blanca-celeste) :)
saludos Alita


your post is an eyefull! would love to see the 3 lil ladies a bit closer... they do look quite content up there on your mantle. how on earth did you keep this secret so long?
i did take a peek over at kirsty´s blog ... ALL her things are just lovely, arent they? the cottages reminded me of the row of townhouses i made way back from old leftover wood pieces... i LOVE the clotheslines! so sweet.
i would dry the lanterns on their branches and leave them all winter long. havent gotten a hold of any as yet this year, though. i am amazed at your camera and that you have the ability to take such wonderfully clear, intense color photos!
am SO CURIOUS and can hardly wait for the hooky-fest and revealing of lil Bs color choice! xoxo


Can't wait for more hooky projects!

Love love love <3

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