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September 11, 2011


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Oh what a cosy, homely, loving post Lucy. I loved it. My domestic chaos sounds so very similar, we've got a wooden tray on top of our microwave that contains exactly the same amount and type of detritus as yours! Plus 2 dresser drawers and countless boxes of the boys things all jumbled up despite my best efforts. Some days it drives me to distraction, some days I just don't notice!

The joy of home I think.

Have smashing week, glad the early Autumn isn't brigning you down too much. Candles are a fab idea, must go and light mine.


Ha - I snorted with recognition when reading the description of what was on the top of your microwave! Luckily mine is up high on the wall so I can't see the top of it ;-)

I work full time so housework comes fairly down the list for me, although if I can afford the leave I like to take a couple of days off work in term time and have a good clean and sort when the little ones are out of the way!


oh just don't worry about the cleaning, it'll still be there when you are nearly 60 like me and with no children at home. It's still a chore, unless I am in the mood and then on occasion about 9pm or so I seem to have a brain storm when I gather up a cloth and a bucket to start cleaning something.... and getting strange looks from my husband.

Not often though!

Maria Teresa

O seu blog é uma inspiração obrigada por tantas coisas lindas, obrigada por partilhar um pouco da sua rotina e da sua vida, sempre trabalhei e agora estou em casa, estou tentando amar o trabalho doméstico e você com certeza tem sido uma grande ajuda.Continue assim.


Glad to hear life is back to school! Visited your side of the world for three weeks in August. My husband and I rented a car and drove to Scotland from London, Wales, Bath, Birmingham Quilt festival (loved it) and back to London. I agree the days are very long in summer we got up at 6:30am and went to bed at 12pm if not later. Love your blog can’t wait to see you next creation. Thanks for share with us all your lovely photographs, stories and wonderful creations. Love Nikki


It seems untidiness is quite the common theme; and I've got plenty of "theme" going on at my house too. Thanks for the reminder. Guess I'd better get to work on our kitchen. (Sigh)

Thanks for sharing the beautiful images. Bright and sunny. Great way to start the day.


Shoes are so expensive aren't they! I had to buy 6 pairs for the start of school - 3 for the eldest (trainers, footy boots and shoes), 2 for the middle one and 1 pair for the little one - over £140 worth in total eeeek! I love your cleaning chat, I am always trying to de-clutter but with 3 kiddies i think I may be on mission impossible and I want my home to be somewhere they love to live rather than me going crazy if it is messy (I do go crazy a bit but have learned to live with it 99% of the time :-)). x


Love this post...so full of all things 'Lucy'.
There is not a day that passes here at my house that I don't think of you and smile.


Can I recommend Housework Blues by Danielle Raine- she writes about how she got to grips with her chores and changed the way she felt about housework as a whole. It is possible...I now look forward to ironing rather than dreading it and putting it off as long as possible..a true domestic miracle...


I have a junk drawer...one SWOOP into the drawer and TADA! All clean! ;-)


Well Lucy I was supposed to be cleaning and tidying away mountains of laundry today, my precious Monday off work, but naturally I got sidetracked in blogland and made up a batch of your homemade cookies instead, oh and added a few rows to my granny stripe blanket...hmmm

Edith van der Bol

I love this!! So familiar!


What a fantastic post - I, too, am gripped by back to school efforts of organisation but, after a week, I find myself defeated! I tried once, to convince myself that housework was actually calming - a little gentle exercise, some gentle dusting, a pleasing and clutter-free result enabling me to sit with a cup of my favourite tea and meditate. Unfortunately, I've been at this married/living together game for about 20 years and I'm still fairly useless at it, forever huffing about the house with a hoover wishing someone else will do it. I'm off now to look at that lady's blog about homemaking being a vocation.


There's only one period in my life where I was any good at 'keeping house' and that was when I was on pregnancy leave. It all went to pot when the baby came of course and now she's a bit older, I've rediscovered knitting, crochet and quilting so the poor house doesn't stand a chance! Glad to know I'm not alone, although I'd love to have a beautiful, stylish and clean house like some bloggers do. How do they do it I wonder?


Lucy, your blog changed my life and I can highly recommend it. Thank you. :o))))


I am so glad it's not only *my* microwave which is covered in random bits of once-useful junk... I hope your window sill is not adorned with paintbrushes, drying vegetable seeds and 'things that need gluing'. Why are there always so many things that need gluing?!? My favourite messy quote: A creative mind is rarely a tidy one...


Your kitchen reorganizing looks absolutely successful, but I have to tell you that your house always looks peaceful, beautiful, and super cozy.

I love goal setting, but please know that you have inspired me to set so many of my own personal goals, and also to start paying attention to the little things I love in my home. Thank you!!!

penelope dubois

Such a wonderful post! Autumn is truly here, however today will be 80degrees, yeh! Short lived I am sure.
Love the comforts at home, I feel like decluttering and nesting up for the new season!
Great motivator, your organizing! Looks, good!

Lorena yarn lover!

I was just feeling the same last night. I was so comfortable, the children were sleeping in their nice cosy clean beds and I had this feeling of contentment. My family; save and sound. I think is it’s a general mother thing.
Take care!

Donna Anderson

One way to bake cookies everyday is to measure out the dry ingredients for a few batches ahead of time. When my son was younger, I would do this once a week. Then when I wanted to bake cookies, I just need to pull out a package and the wet ingredients. Made it so much easier.

Sandi Lee

Such a blissful post Lucy, I have a couple of draws full of clutter, I have improved over the years tho, when I had to move out of my home and into a rental there just wasn't the room, so out it went. I can't function in too much mess, not that I like doing housework but I do like my house in some sort of order.
I am so glad crochet has crept into my life, I loved crocheting my granny stripe blankie and want to start a ripple, but have a few things to finish yet. I have made a few bits and bobs and it certainly makes this place look more homely and welcoming. Having fun with your children is much more important to me than a spotless house.
x Sandi


lol...66 things in such a small place. I can SOOOOOOOO relate! I think they breed. How else can we explain the random piles of things that pile up from who knows where and threaten to cover the house and all in it in their clutter?

I'm learning to PUT IT AWAY!!!! NOW!!! (and that's what I say to myself... whenever I find myself putting something down on top of soemthing else because I don't have time, or don't know where else to put it!)

I can't wait to see your new blanket :) I love blankets too. So much joy and pleasure


i enjoy cleaning and tidying as much as i enjoy baking and crafting. i see it as a creative project too :o) it is also an expression of the love i have for my dear little home, my precious family and myself - as much as is knitting a sweater, arranging flowers, producing a plate of delicious warm cookies or lounging with a pile of magazines. i do it with joy in my heart and even sing(like snow white,haha ;o) when i am doing it.
i think that a lot of people feel this zen way about it and therefore do not feel it is a chore at all.
but for others housework is looked upon with annoyance and resentment. i think that attitude is the key as well as a little time management and encouraging your family to return things to their little home after use and help with the hw as much as possible too (my brood love doing this and find it fun).
my home is clean and tidy (whilst still has a lovely cosy lived in look) and like you i have two young people and one very little person to care for during the day and i presently have severe physical dissabilities which limit (and slow me down)considerably.
i don't as some might imagine, slave over it for hours and hours. i find it only takes a small amount of time out of each day to make the home fresh and pretty. i have plenty of time left to do all the other things i enjoy (as i have said, cleaning is fun for me!). plenty of time to play with and cuddle the littlies, to read, to take long baths, to cook, knit/sew and work! - i must do that too, i'm a single parent (fortunatly i work from home).
i think that if you approach with a happy mindset and tune into(and work with)your family's own unique rhythm, that it is perfectly acheivable to have it all!
saying that, the only thing i don't have time for presently is writing my blog (it does steal a lot of time and is not a a top priority for me at this moment. actually i prefer to read other people's blogs than to write my own) but that may change as my physical challenges improve and as the seasons move.
i wish you luck Lucy with attaining a happy and livable balance with housework. you can do it!

lots of love xxx



All sounds very familiar Lucy. Except our clutter 'hotspot' is the hall table - not the best sight to great visitors as they walk in!

As much as i've enjoyed the summer holidays with my 3 I always look forward to getting back into a routine, i've got a shiny new diary and even wrote a plan for the chores and got back into meal plannning etc (everything seems to slide during the holidays!). I began a blog post about it late last week but it's still sitting in my drafts folder due a weekend spent nursing a very poorly baby E who had a double ear infection. Good luck with your decluttering! Take care, K xx

ps. L is very envious of Little Lady's boots, she isn't allowed boots at school so has to make do with the mary-jane style shoes, silly if you ask me with the weather as is it but hey-ho


Oh, how you cheer me up. I've never liked my kitchen, which is slightly smaller than yours appears. BUT,if you can do it so can I. I'm off do do a bit of decluttering.Thanks for being there to brighten and inspire.

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