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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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September 11, 2011


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I have just recently discovered your blog and I adore it, all the gorgeous fabrics, colours and ideas blow me away. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful ideas.

Angela Wilson

About 20 years into my marriage, I had a little epiphany. From my background, what I think women do is make things (quilts, clothes, whatever) and cook. Cleaning is only a necessary evil. From my husband's growing up years, he thought that the highest priority for women was to clean. These were not conscious thoughts on either of our part's, just how we thought things were. It explains a lot of our miscommunications through the years :)

Annamarie Retief

Here’s a little inspiration for keeping the new domestic goddess on time. “Crochetime”


Thank you so much for such a darling sweet post! It was a pleasure to read and look at your lovely, homey pictures!


Lovely post I love having a nosy at peoples homes and I so understand your desire to like housework. I have a friend whose house is like a show home all. the. time!! Why cant mine be like that instead of 'crap' everywhere I can have a spotless, tidy room for ooh all of about 5 mins - how does this happen???


Ah Lucy how your cleaning issues resonate with me.
My little gang are all grown up now but when they were little we had a strict rule. Tidying took place until the hour of 9.30am in the morning(during the holidays)then off for the real business of the day FUN. When they got older and having four of them to look after by myself we would give ourselves 30 minutes each day to tidy, them their toys away and me franticly cleaning one room each day! It worked for us and even now I still set myself a time deadline to housework and it's very short. There is one proviso to that, when I'm stressed I clean, can't help it just cleany, clean all the time it's not good. I avoid stress LOL! Enjoy your baking and blanket making so important, your children will remember those warm feelings and cosy smells their whole lives, mine do. ♥


Lovely post. September always makes me want to hunker down as well. My three "little" ones are 14, 16 and 19 now, but I do remember the days of no-peace-during-waking-hours. A little tip my sister shared with me for making the dreaded household chores not so bad: as you fold and launder, be glad that you have a house full of healthy little people to mess up their clothes. As you clean the endless dishes, be grateful that you have plenty of food to prepare. As you wipe down the toilet, be happy for indoor plumbing. You see how it goes; this attitude actually helped me quite a bit. :)


My kids are teenagers and it's still cluttered here. I love your list of stuff on the microwave, my kitchen worktop has the same junk on! As long as they are clean and fed it's all that matters although it's nice to Spring clean a little.

greedy nan

Went to see the Quiet One/Homemaker blog and can the attraction. I am following you both.


i just dont know how you find the time to do so much, you are super mum!

can i ask you a question about the ripple blanket. on one of the ripples you have made you had 219 stitches and then in your pattern you say 14x2 and add 3. 219 doesnt divide into 14? 15 lots of 14 make 210 and plus 3 makes 213, or was this made using a different pattern? My ripple seems to be extending along the edges and it seems to not lie flat like yours does - i am not sure what i am doing wrong - any tips you can give me? i would be really grateful, i used 219 stitches as per you ta dah rippleblanketand followed your ripple pattern. i know i alsways get my patterns wrong and sorry for always asking.

Dee :)


I hate cleaning as well, urgh. I want a beautiful house but resent the housework involved! Also if your kitchen is small I dread to think what mine is...I can almost touch the two longer walls if I stand in the middle and stretch my arms out, my 6'3" husband CAN touch both walls this way...TINY.


Ahhh Lucy, it makes me feel so much better to know you are a bit disorganised and messy like me. And there was I thinking you were practically perfect in every way!!

Mia Gutierrez

There were once two women - one spent all her time cleaning her house. It was beautiful, it shone, it was neat and tidy. The other spent her time making things for her family to use and playing with her children. When at last these women died, one family inherited a very clean house, the other a lifetime of happy memories and many useful things that their mother had made over the years. I know which I would rather be. By the way I have to say I find your blankets, cushions etc way way way waaay prettier than those that inspired you and by the way - they have also inspired me - so thank you very much! I love your blog. Mia


I can tell you that you are definitely not alone. I'm a stay at home mum too and I love it. I'm not really loving the cleaning and tidying. I do however love baking and cooking and spending time with my children. I try to do a bit of housework every day, washing clothes being a priority (can't go outside without any clean clothes), but I'm not bothered if our house is not spick and span, in fact I think the best houses are those that look like people actually live in them.

And as usual, I love love love the colours you use. Just looking at the blankets you crochet makes me happy. :-)


I look forward to every post and today's was great! Plus I'm very impressed with your ability to pack so much onto the top of your microwave. I have a junk drawer that hides my clutter. Thanks for wonderful, homey, feel good post.


Sixty-six items on top of a microwave?!
Now that is real talent!! ;)
Loved hearing about your domestic rounds! Happy sleepy time.


Flylady is my version of AA, but I keep falling off that wagon! You are certainly not alone there in not loving to clean.

The crochet blankets around your house are absolutely lovely!


Hi Lucy - different subject altogether, but I didn't know if you had seen this or not. I immediately thought of you when I saw this posting on "House of Turquoise": http://www.houseofturquoise.com/
It is so fun and so cool!! The possibilities are endless!


For cleaning - never really fun, but I find putting good happy music on makes it loads better! We had a big main-floor clean on the weekend past and the music made vacuuming/washing floors and cleaning the bathroom not so terrible!

As for clutter.. considering i'm a youngin and still living at home, my bedroom is muchos cluttered and the top of my desk is piled under clothing, school books and pillows. goodness. I'm sure it will get tidied at some point!


This post made me feel really happy for some reason;) I think I now feel better about deciding to spend most of my day off (while Miss 5 is at school) crocheting a blanket for a friend's baby than doing boring housework. Had to laugh at your breakdown of what was on top of the microwave, the top of my fridge is too scary to even investigate! And what's with the tiny Sylvanian items? I find them in the most obscure places!

Jeanet Jaffari

You are wonderful! I recognized every single word. Just be yourself, your are great!
Greetings from rainy Holland.


You have such a way with words :o)

Yes, tidying is my problem too...

have a great week in your newly decluttered cottage Lucy :o)


Oh darling...you MUST befriend the Fly Lady. She has changed my views and attitudes about running my home, which I used to find a bane obligation. www.flylady.net

Crafty Blueberry

I also learnt to crochet so I could make blankets - granny squares fascinated me and I have an old granny square blanket made by my nana that inspired me to learn. There really is something wonderful about making blankets, I love seeing friends and family snuggle up under them and seeing them sitting colourfully around the house. I keep coming back here to ogle all the wonderful blankets and all the colours are very happy making.

greedy nan

Your home looks like a home and not a showhouse. It's obvious from your blog post that this is what you have made it and you should be proud of this.

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