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September 11, 2011


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Nanette Davis

I love all your fun ideas and creative projects.


Lucy Love, I laughed when I read this post because I have just come to the exactly opposite mindset. I journeyed the other direction! Really, I've spent the last three years reading those same wonderful homemaking blogs and obsessing over having a clean, organized "peaceful" home. You know what I see when I look back on the last three years? STRESS!! A stressed-out mama feverishly cleaning and re-evaluating schedules and tweaking routines and cleaning some more...and getting horribly crabby and snappy at her poor babies who just want to be able to make their lovely little messes in peace for goodness sakes!

A few months ago I vowed to toss it all out and stop reading those blogs. Now the house is a bit more sloppy and unorganized, but so much more joyful. I am snuggling with my kids and reading them stories and playing with them instead of obsessing over the cleanliness of the house. And you know what? My memories of the last few months are so much more full and vibrant than the last three years combined. So...Don't Knock Yourself Out!

I love your blog and your wonderful, chaotic, messy, colorful, vibrant, beautiful, place. Your children are very blessed to call it home.


Just back from holiday and decided upon my return that I need to tackle the way outstanding jobs in my home....but sat with a cuppa to catch up on my favourite blogs first and found myself smiling when I read this post...I have linked to it in the below post, hope you don't mind


I totally know where you're coming from and you have spurred me on to get on with things thanks x

angela-southern USA

Thanks Lucy,its nice to hear the truth and not "everything is perfect" we hear so much.I'm with you and everyone else here:)My house is cluttered and messy at the moment.Too much hook time,not enough broom time;)One thing for sure,it'll be there when i get to it!With teenage Girls in the house its DRAMA,DRAMA,DRAMA all the time.Wouldn't change it if i could though.They'll be grown too soon.I try to keep this in mind:I'll have plenty of time to clean when they're gone.(if i want to;)Thanks for reminding us,no one is perfect.Happy cleaning!


finally someone honest. i feel the same! only knowing that there's nothing wrong with me and that it's ok feeling this way makes me feel better. thank you from italy!


just came across this link in an old blog of mine about what i call "ritual labor".


The top of our fridge is the depository for all homeless objects in our house.

I live by "Dull women have immaculate houses" Life is too short to want to clean your house :)


In our house, it is the top of the fridge, rather than the microwave that becomes the place where all items can be shoved if they appear to need a home.

I live by "Dull women have immaculate houses" Life is too short to want to clean your house all the time :)


catching up back to work this week.

I do like yor kitchen clock. In fact I love your colourful house


Thank you for sharing your inspirations with us. You are an inspiration for me! I have a crayon-coloured granny square blanket and a natural brown and beige ripple blanket on the hook. It's my first crochet this century.


Hi Lucy. Like you I'm no lover of all things houseworkey. Adding working full time to the mix only compounds the problem around here. You should check out Flylady.net. There are some great tools on there get started with basic routines doing little things that really make a big difference. It helps me keep my head above the proverbial (messy!) water.

On the other hand.... I'm pretty certain that children remember much more the special time spent with them than whether the kitchen floor was alway clean! At least, I hope so ;)


Anne Marie

So, I'm not the only untidy one and person who hates housework. I have nice old, the carved Ercol stuff so like it to look nice butsomehow the things seem to get back again as my house is rather small with nowhere to store stuff.

Your house looks lovely and cosy and the crochet additions add to it so well. I must look out your instructions for wavy blanket. I have made your stripey bag in different colours, not so nice as yours but ....


Lucy this post made me laugh out loud in a very good way. I think it was the itemised list of things on top of the microwave which were just so random AND so reassuring! Where does it all come from? I'm glad you've discovered Flylady as I was going to suggest her; she works for me:-D You can do anything for 15 minutes, baby steps and even housework imperfectly does blesses our homes are my mantras. xxx


Thank you for your very honest post. You have a proper home, full of cosiness and warmth, not some bland, empty palace where you can't put a cuppa down. You 'show and tell' your life and home as it is..... which is very like most of us. I'd much rather read about real life than pretty pretty perfection...it doesn't exist.This post made me feel normal!


Seaweed & Raine

Lucy, I that gorgeous picture of your desk just makes me want to sit down there and do something desk related - anything! It's beautiful, and inspiring.
I suspect Tina's kind of peace doesn't only come from domestic duties. There's the God stuff to it too I suspect. :) (Reading what you wrote I had a feeling that she was a Christian - so I checked her blog out). Mind you, being a Christian won't necessarily make your house tidy... mine's not! lol :)


I feel the same about tidying and cleaning - but I also know my head feels so much clearer when everything is tidy and clean, so I have an ongoing battle with myself!

If I say to the children we're going to have a tidy up, they ask 'Why? Is someone coming?'. Oh dear. :-D


I'm with you on the house cleaning - it seems it's just cleaned, you turn around, and it needs doing again. Much more satisfying working with needle or hook in hand....as you get something lovely for your efforts! PS How did 66 things FIT on top of the microwave??!! Had a good giggle. Thanks!

Jane J.

Thank you ... your blog always makes me smile! We've been having a little grey weather here, as well, so I came to visit for a little color!


as they say here... to begin to recognize the things that could really change for the better is a first, even if small step in the right direction, the baby steps! all the same: having three children keeps you on your toes to say the least and a quiet moment is cherished for special things and catching your wind... it is quite a challenge to balance the chores and daily routine and i admire anyone that can keep their three-ring-circus (job-family-housework) running smoothly and is never frustrated! (is there ANYBODY out there that can claim THIS? then feel BLESSED!) i have one of those 66 item collections in at least one drawer in EVERY ROOM. tsktsk *blush* i MUST agree with melissa... you reflect so much harmony and happiness, comfort and love... just the way it should be and thats the reason i always look in on you! love the attic pic of the moon above the smoke stacks! xoxoxo heidi


I love love love your kitchen , I feel its not the size that makes a kitchen its the character, the warmth, I can feel that in the small things that you have kept on the counters the spotty jugs with spoons,spoonulas and other colourful stuff that connect with our day to day routine...
I would love to see the other side of the kitchen too so I could bring it in front of me where are the spoons kept on the left or the right? and the microwave?
I feel being there for your kids is good enough... can you show us some pictures of your daily dinner or food that you cook , I love your spice rack too its so so cute..


Hey ! It's funny, because reading your post I was thinking "Routines are the key word, routines is what she needs" And Bam ! There comes the reference to Flylady. Excellent ! I also jumped in this morning and my kitchen looks better now.
With autumn coming up, I also want to take up my hooks again and make something... by the way, crocheting is what helped me quit smoking. It kept my hands busy and helped overcome the urge of a cigarette, stitch after stitch. I was so glad my sister had taught me a couple of years earlier !

tracey dawkins

you have inspired me - i have baked biscuits and whilst they were cooking i have cleared the top of my microwave too, only 23 items but an extraordinary amount of dirt! thank you for yet another inspirational post!


Dear Lucy
Thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel in September. I too this year have decided to start in a small way, and in the bathroom this time! Here's hoping we can keep up the good work xx


Stuff the cleaning snd tidying Lucy it just gets all messed up again:). Lovely post thanks for sharing


Lucy, I just love your blog. I always come here and get inspired. Thanks for sharing.

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