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September 07, 2011


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What a wonderful job! Her stitches look so perfect! Maybe she could teach me how to knit. An little lady teaching an old(er) lady how to knit. I think it's supposed to go the other way, isn't it?


Ooo, love love the owl!! I will have to bookmark this post for when my little owl obsessed girl learns to knit (which will be a while as she is just two and a half). Tell your little lady that I am very impressed and I am sure I am not the only one here who is!!


Hi Lucy I have been visiting your blog for a few yrs now and always liked it . I hope you will visit mine now that I have one LOL !!! please visit my website for 911http://sunflowercottage21.blogspot.com/


Hehe! I never thought of it that way, but if I ever have kids, I had better have a daughter. I need someone to have little, excited ta-dah moments with!

Congratulate the Little Lady for me.

Meg McG

That cool flower from your posts on ravelry would be really neat done up in all different sizes and pinned to a wall in a row. Or sewn onto a fleece blanket. Or a pillow. Or made small and a piece of magnet hot glued to the back. There's lots of places that need wooly flower!




What a wonderful exhibition, absolutely amazing. Little Lady has done really well with her knitting. Bernie the Owl is gorgeous and the new yarn is scrummy yummy - good choice! Joanna xxx


Love that snuggly smiley stuff. How did you manage to make it stripe so beautifully? are the sections of colour all the same length?

Love your blog. Keep it up. xx


Little Ladie certainly takes after her mother!
The knitting, the bright colors, the creativity and the exuberant excitement! She has done an amazing job on her projects.Looking forward to seeing her bag completed.
I have no daughters of my own, but my best friend's daughter recently learned to knit and as her birthday is this month, I had the fun of picking out some yarn for her. I found some yarn that is actually scented, and can be smelled as you go! Knowing nothing about knitting myself, I so hope it will be good to work with- at least it will smell good if nothing else!


Clever girl!

I love the strippy yarn - beautiful!


Bernie is the bees knees!

Archie the wonder dog

Love Bernie and your daughter is such a neat knitter - I'm looking forward to seeing the bag (and I really like her taste in yarn)!


Oh what wonderfull things, i love them allllll.
Greate, Ok we have a wonderfull hobby...!!!!!!!!!

Love sabine from germany

 Joyce Stewart

Oh Little Lady, I love your little owl...so well knit and sewed up and those big eyes are perfect. Well done you!!
I tried to get my grandchildren interested in knitting but no....my efforts were totally in vain so the little needles and their accompanying wool in a lovely gift pack went to the charity shop for some other children to enjoy.

elaine rickett

I think that you have given your daughter something very precious, the ability to be creative, lets hope she carries it through to adult life, where it will be a bond between you.


Well done Little Lady!! She does indeed have very good taste in yarn, Smiley Stripes is simply DELISH!!! Congrats on starting your very own stash!!

Joke W.

Want to tell you that I am a "silent" reader of your blog. Just want to let you know there many more out there who read your wonderful, happy, colourful blog.I am a quilter, but one day I 'll definitely going to crochet again.(you made me crochet a blanket for my grandchild already)
Thank you.
Joke W.


Bernie is adorable and how I wish I had a modicum of knitting talent. I've tried in vain to master it but it's no use!
I'm not a huge blog reader but I check yours out every day, I love your pictures and I'm greatly inspired by your projects.


I have been crocheting with the smiley strupes, I've made 2 gorgeous "Padmas" for my soon-to-be-due twins, with the one little lady is currently using and another in the blue/green stripes - it's lovely to use, what good taste she has!! I can't wait till my little lady is big enough to start doing crocheting and knitting xx


Bernie and Little Lady are such sweeties!
Well done LL for keeping up with the knitting, and OF COURSE she has excellent yarn taste!

I went to see the traveling knitted garden yesterday, and it was lovely. Nowhere near as big as when you saw it :o(, but a treat for the eyes and soul no less :o)

Many thanks for sharing it with us all. xx


No logro suscribirme a su blog, maravilloso, felicitaciones, lo miro hace años


I love the flower exhibit pictures. And the rainbow yarn! Bernie is so cute---how nice that LL is crafty and talented. (Obviously takes after you.) She is so lucky to have you for a mom!

Susanne Tyree

Her little owl is perfect! Her knitting stitches are just right. She has learned well from a good teacher.


please tell little lady that her knitting is very lovely. her rows are nice and neat! she should be very proud of her work (and of her mum for teaching her).


Congrats to your doughter, dear! :-) Fantastic pics as always. Kisses!

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