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September 04, 2011


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How beautiful, what a blessing to have this only a 10 minute drive away - stunning.


Ahhh. Heather. I don't believe that I have ever seem it in person - but the colours are certainly striking. Love your bag!!! :) (and aren't sippy cups great?) Yep, you've inspired me a bit, think I'll go head out into the back yard and do some digging in the garden. :)
Ciao Bella!

Reality Jayne

Hey A24...I love it when summer ends....Cozy season begins. BTW..Where did you get that Oreo???


Hi Lovely Lucy! I been reeding you for a while and I think your blog and your life is so colorfull and so sweet. Since I found you in blogland I started to travel across your beautiful country. I have to confess I 'm in love with the english landscape, all the differents greens, the sea, the cottages... everything.

Love from Argentina



Lucy, thank you for sharing these vast and beautiful views with us. The heather is so, so lovely, and with your hint, I did a backtrack and indeed spotted the grouse. Was this by chance one of the Famous Grouse pictured on the labels of certain bottled liquids?

Just asking.

Best wishes for you as the new week and new month begin.


Elizabeth Wright

so beautiful and gorgeous! uplifting and natural!


Gorgeous! And what a cute little grouse, too!

Allison from 2momstobe.blogspot.com

Gorgeous! How good of you to just get up and go when the fancy strikes you! I think all too often we get tied up with other things rather than enjoying the moment.

P.S. I did see the grouse!


Gorgeous! I did not spot the grouse until you said something, I had to go back and look again!

what are chocolate buttons?


Yeah!! So glad you had a good time with your family!!


Colores preciosos¡¡¡¡¡

Kali @ Poppy Lane

hehe, i completely missed the grouse initially, but spotted him on second glance :)
great way to spend some time out - you are blessed to be surrounded by such beauty my dear xoxoxoxoxo

Teresa Kasner

When I saw that purple field I loved it and thought of heather! Makes this American think of the great English movies with the moors. Nice! I didn't see the grouse until you told me to look.. I wondered what the red thing in the far distance was! LOL! We're off to the beach for 5 days in our caravan/trailer tomorrow.. hope you check my photos when I get back!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)




What a fantastic landscape!And the colors! It will
suit my knitting.


Oreos,views,grouse and SUNSHINE.Cor! V.envious.

22 Threads

Beautiful landscape, and I'm getting excited for bird season over here. Yummy, yummy grouse.


Beautiful photos! And I have to be honest, I didn't spot the grouse on first look!


Wow - had it not been tipping down with rain where we are I would have been in the country also! Looks like a lovely hour. An hour well spent.


Lol. I completely missed the Grouse. I'm obviously not very observant today! Wonderful photo's Lucy. You make me want to visit Yorkshire! :)

Mevr. Snoeshaan

Beautiful! I did see the grouse, but I had to look again, so thank you for the tip! :)


What beautiful photos! You should frame them to view when you need a country "fix" and can't get out!

Yes, I spotted the grouse!

Thanks for sharing these pictures!



It's beautiful. I have to go up there. And yes I did spot the grouse!

Fruitful Fusion

So beautiful! I love the landscape! Thanks for sharing!


What a lovely way to start your day. Beautiful pictures.

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