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September 04, 2011


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Beautiful pictures, you are blessed to live in such a place, lesley x


Just lovely Lucy. Makes me want to rush out and buy a plane ticket ...... wish I had enough cash !!
Keep all the lovely photos coming.


You are saying late summer. I cannot believe it's already late summer. Where we not just talking about late spring?

Beautiful pictures BTW. I'll be taking some of our country side soon and sharing.

I'm starting to kick it up a notch on my crocheting. A friend and I starting a monthly fiber arts group this coming Saturday. You inspired us!



If I lived ten minutes away from such a beautiful place, I'd go there every day. Just wonderful.


Gorgeous spot, I did notice the grouse!! :-)

Some days you just have to get away from the four walls of home don't you. I love the way you just live in the moment, we all should be more like this!

Sarah west mids uk



How lucky were you to spot that Grouse? You lucky lady :o)

Looks fabulous!


thank you for showing us such beautiful pictures!
in holland we have purple heather too right now, but this is realy breathtakingly!
my sister made a small crosstitch pattern out of it, and ofcourse i made it,put it in a frame and knitted a cover of wol for it.
love your blog and your caravaning storys and pictures. we have a caravan ourselfs so its nice to read about yours.

The Barefoot Crofter

Lovely. So very like the landscape here on the Isles. I saw a grouse yesterday too, but I just wasn't quick enough. With the camera, I mean :)


i have always loved the color of heather. you are so blessed to have such beautiful countrysides nearby.... and what a great place for a spontaneous outing! i know the feeling of needing a "breather"... were you really THAT CLOSE to the grouse or did you zoom? i spotted him right away! oreos are one of my favorite bought-cookie brands! thanks for sharing your beautiful pics! hugs from here...


heathcliff! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeathcliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif!

Just Gai

You are so fortunate to live within minutes of such spectacularly beautiful countryside. It looks like your weather was finer than ours today.

Rachel Mackin

How beautiful!


So beautiful! I love heather!


Gorgeous views!
I am lucky and live in a similar area (Saddleworth)- I just love the colours on the hills and moors at this time of year. x


Scrolling down quickly I thought that Oreo was a huge button!
Looks very like Dartmoor,a place I go to,to charge my batteries.Not on my doorstep though,sadly. :0)


Scrap Dorset - I'm moving to Yorkshire. ;)

Devaney O'Brien

Absolutely beautiful landscape! I did spot the grouse! You certainly have a gift for photography!


I saw the grouse! That photo would make a lovely painting!! so peaceful! love that lilac heather!

Kathy Basson

Would love to know what type of camera you use? So enjoy your images!


I shared your photos with my husband who is an amateur photographer. He was very impressed with your photos and wondered if you might share with the type of camera and lens you use. Also he wondered if you had used a tripod to take the evening shot of the town.


Eliz. K

oh lovely! glad you were able to get out and enjoy it!

Carol McCraw Yarbro

I spotted the grouse, but I couldn't figure out what it was until I read your note!


I feel like I've been on holiday with you! Beautiful pictures!


Thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs! Here in Southern Finland we don't get as wide a view as you there, but I love to have a peak of the horizon once in a while.
Your blog gives me such a good feeling everytime I visit here that I want to thank you and invite you to my blog too! It's in finnish, but the pictures maybe tell their story about our little life in the castle of creativity. http://luovuudenlinna.blogspot.com/

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