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September 19, 2011


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Hazel Raison

I hope you're right about September being good for starting a blanket. Have started making your Granny Stripe one this week!

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I just wondering to using your blog, its awesome. those photos are very cool. wonderful job.


nothing better than a drive into the blue, as they say here in deutschland. sometimes i get the itch and stop somewhere, shoppy intents are great - dont need to buy but do tend to eat up impressions with my eyes, one by one like SOULfood. good to come down to a good level after a day full of excitements at work (for example) you are lucky to have found a GOOD yarn store, i mean one where you can walk in and find what your heart craves. i do need to get into the city... JAUNT does seem a good name for it! must be a girlie thing :0) *eye-twinkle* beaUtiful pics again, lucy... love the crabapples, well at least thats what we called them at home. i remember grandma would make jelly but dont hear much about THAT these days... i am a bit late catching up with your postings! cant wait to read what has happened with the colors and new yarn collection! you Do have us all sitting on the edge of our seats again, i admit!


There are some beautiful photos here Lucy. I too adore Create but it is sadly over 35 miles away from me so I don't get to visit as often as I like. Emma and Miranda are wonderful aren't they and how many places can you buy yarn, latte and cake at!

Jill Saunders

I was driving home from work yesterday after reading your post on the great yarn store you visited the other day....and it dawns on me; YOU LIVE WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF A YARN STORE?!! I grabbed my husband when I got home & said "LUCY WALKS TO A YARN STORE! Can you believe it?!" (He thinks I've lost my mind)


l admit l have become ever so slightly addicted to reading your blogs, they are so full of fun, wonder and warmth for home and family, thank you so much for allowing us a peek into a small part your world.


Oh Lucy what a gorgeous yarn shop, you could never come out of there without a back of goodies, can't wait to see your blanket and glad you had a lovely jaunt!


I wish I could find a shop like that near where I live. Unfortunately the only shop you can find here is the type you have to ask the lady to show you every single item.


Methinks that burgundy maroonish color at the top right is the "missing link"??!! :)

Love your Autumn in England photos!


I really need to find a yarn shop that has big buckets instead of little baskets.... good good sign :)

Saskia @ craftyvalley

Yay! Another blanket! Can't wait to see what you come up with! I just ordered 34 skeins of lovely Stylecraft special DK yarn to make some new projects including a blanket! Thanks for your inspiration yet again Lucy!


Can't wait to see what colours you have chosen for your next blanket adventure. I always like making blankets in the cold weather coz you can snuggle up under them whilst you are crocheting them together.

i wish i was a giant anteater

What a lovely post :) All those lovely autumnal pictures have made me smile! I love your enthusiasm and excitement for your new project and I can't wait to see what you're hooking up!x


great Autumn pictures.

I visited the Ilkley yarn shop last year sadly not enough funds to buy anything. I must go back.

There is a new yarn shop in Saltaire should you find yourself that way.

Maria Teresa

Obrigada Lucy mais uma vez devo dizer que você é uma inspiração, lindos post's nos últimos dias, é maravilhosa a forma como você valoriza todos os momentos da sua vida, estou a tentar fazer o mesmo,porque estar em casa a tem+po inteiro é uma novidade para mim.Muitos beijinhos aguardo ansiosa novidades.


Hi Lucy,
when my daughter was a baby I use to walk around the shops in Subiaco (where we lived) every Friday, there was a few people that looked forward to our weekly visits. Not posible these days as it is too far to walk, we might do some bush walks soon though.
Can't wait to see what you make with your Debbie Bliss. I bought some with my Bithday money(and extra) last year. Have made 2 tea pot cosie with it and started a hexagon blanket. My daughter loves the blanket (cushion sized at moment) but it is not quite right, the colours look wrong at night time and I felt it needed more colours, witch I have now bought, but don't know now if it will be a hexagon blanketnow as I will proberly want to do something different as I have just finished one and am making another for daughters partner.
Can't wait to see what colours you have chosen, wonder how simular to what I got they are ???
Hugs Audra


Oohhhhhh. Such a lovely jaunt! I could walk right into those images and see and smell the lovely autumness of it all! :)
Looking forward to seeing your yarn - good on little B for picking up the colour discrepancy. :)


One colour not right?
Oh dear, you will need to go back to the yarn shop.
Always good when one goes somewhere lovely and-intentionally or unintentionally-comes across a yarn/fabric emporium.

Angy Braine

I have me an "Intentional Jaunt" planned for next week - now I have a much better descriptive term for it too - sounds so much better than just saying...I have "plans" ..... :-) PS - can't wait to see the Blanket!!!


I am the same, no car and jaunts with a 20 mnth boy can be tricky.

I enjoy the time he falls asleep in his pushchair (as much as I love him)and I get an hours mummy time looking around with no tantrums. :)

Sandi Lee

Luceeeeeeee, what are you doing to us, I was reading with anticipation of seeing some smoochy colorful yarn at the end! However I loved the beautiful Autumn flora that you have captured, I do love the sunny days of Autumn, the colors of the leaves and berries, the smell of woodsmoke (but not the cold)
I get all excited when I go on jaunts too, especially to yarn shops. Little B walking along with you, I bet he had fun and a good friend to look after his little hands in the yarn shop whilst you made a very important purchase.
x Sandi


lovely!! love those pretty trees and the prospect of seeing your yarn stash and the up-coming blanket!


I wonder how many of us scrolled speedily down to view your purchases - only to discover we have to wait a bit longer!!
Lovely pics of a lovely jaunt - leaving us in anticipation......!


Ohlala, Quel suspense! Looking forward to see your new project.


How exciting!! I love the feeling when you're about to start a new, fresh blankie and you just want to plunge your nose into the yummy yarn, stroke it and look at it endlessly! :D I am sooo curious about what you have in mind, Lucy! Your post has made me happy ánd it has taught me a new English word (jaunt. It sounds funny :-)) and all of this before 8 am! xxxx

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