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September 20, 2011


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After scrutinizing (love that word) these colors for two days I think, especially since you added the other photo, that all the colors look GREAT together. All this yarn will make a truly lovely blankie, at least in my humble opinion.


Hola Lucy!! adoro su blog y te visito cada vez que puedo, y me gusta todo lo que hacés, para mi es el primero a la izquierda de la fila de arriba, espero pronto ver cual es!!!


I think it's the bright red- bottom right. :) This is fun though, I can't wait to see which one it is! :)



I think it's the bright orange on the bottom right.


Considering that I struggle to pick out the next color in my granny stripe - I couldn't even begin to guess. And I really tried too. I love your color sense and if it feels wrong to you then it is. I am so glad that I found your blog. It makes me smile.


I think it's the orange one


All lovely colours, can't wait to see what you make. I would say one of the blue ones in the top left corner because they look quite similar. But then in the second picture they look more different. I'll stick with it: top left.

Bebe Rouge

I think it's the bright red colour (bottom right first photo), I think it's a bit bright to mix in with other colours. I can't wait to find out which one it is and your post on how you choose your colours. I choose mine quiet at random on what I feel looks good together at the time. xx


I'm usually all over lime green--but it just jumps out at me with the other colors. I've done a bit of hooky business with grannies, though, and sometimes colors I'm not wild about, just fit in beautifully! They tend to take on a personality of their very own!


the dark orange in the bottom right?


the colours look so different in the second pic. in this shot it's the pale green in the middle of the bottom row that doesn't do it for me. i think there may be a few mind changes now ;o)
but none of them are really bad. they are a nice selection.
anyhow, whatever you decide colourwise, it will be beautiful.


I'm thinking it's one of the blues in the upper left hand corner, because there isn't a lot of contrast between them.

Kay Guest

Is it the bright pink one? Wait, Lucy not use bright pink! What am I thinking?


Ooh! LOVE the colours in the second pic! I wouldn't change a single one!!!! Find it harder to see which you might change. The orange certainly stands out but I love orange so definitely wouldn't change that!!!! X


its got to be the B R I G H T orange surely ... it stands out a mile!
Heather x

Lika G.

Well Lucy I would have to say my guess is the Aqua for a darker green. Although I love the color and wouldn't want to change it, but if I'm wrong then it's gotta be the light green. Am I even close? Can't wait to see what you decide and your next beautiful project!!! :)


the light pink?
Love your blog!


The light pink?
Love your blog

jo p-s

the maroon reminds me of old mens socks and pjs!


Ok. So the second picture makes me think the orange on the top row beside the purple is out of synch with the others. But I still don't like the maroon!


It's the RED! The bright red, doesn't quite look right, especially in second pic.

Mo - North East Scotland

I still love them all Lucy. I love my yarn & I love book shops. I could lose whole days, nay wEEks in those two stores, but it's easier to ooh and ahh in a yarn store - or is that just me? Hmm ;-)
Love Mo xx


I knew it was the lime green and I rather love the maroon red but not the hot red underneath it in the first pic. :o)

Kathy from Michigan USA

Still don't like the dark neon pink in the center, but now I don't care for the darker orange in the top row. They're just too bright. Can't wait to hear if we've guessed right. Fun!

Videa Hubbard

Oh I would love to make something anything in this yarn lucky you My guess for a leave out would be the shocking pink!!

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