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September 20, 2011


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Kristin A.

Wonderful colours you've chosen! Guess it'll turn out to be a beautiful blanket. :)

We're to guess which colour that will be replaced... My first thought was the pinkish in the middle. Don't know why, but that's what came to mind.
It is a lovely colour too, though... :)


I'm going for the lilac, 2nd row :))


I love love love wool shops with the grids of textured colours all waiting to be melted together into something to wear or decorate your home with mmm.
Im glad to see your enjoying your daily hourly clean up I must try it (hate mess hate tidying ) I think the colour that doesn't really go is the dark puple colour it hasn't got the sizzle in it !
Hugs Liz

Debbi Crane

the maize-y yellow jumped right out at me - too near the acid-y green above it. It seems gray compared to the other light values.


I want to know which one...the suspense is killing me. Please tell us!!!

Linda Solaiman

I love all the colours and would choose the same shades with the exclusion of the bright orange, I suppose it depends on the type of pattern you have chosen, it's possible to put colours that blend well together keeping the ones that clash apart and the overall effect can be stunning. Anything goes.:)


the pink, middle of first left row (vertically) - looking at all the shades, to me it doesn't seem to fit in.


Sheesh! How do you keep up with it? My guess would be the blue yarn second from left in top row. Please don't keep us in suspense.
I'd love to read a blog on how you choose your colours as you have such a knack with colour - you really brighten up my day, anyway!


I think that the pink doesn't seem to sit right with the others. The pink to the left of the maroon in the top picture


orangey-red, 2nd photo, top row 2nd in from the left? OR 1st photo bottom right.


Bottom right! I`m not shore what to call the colour, maybe orange-red?

Jane Monk

Okay I still think the bright pink, but also now that I see the Orange ball in a different position and different light - the orange top row second from left. And you know ... you could spin your own and colour it yourself - I think you would be good at that!


It's the goldy yellow for me too. But then I am never drawn to yellow things so perhaps it's just my prejudice...


Lovely colours, but I think the pale straw coloured one is the odd one out, I'd go for a more buttery yellow

Angela Prince-Bex

My thought is the dark red.

Anja- Germany

This is my second post. The colours definetely look different in the second pic. Now I find the bright orange in the first row sucks. But only a liiiittle bit. At first i thought it was the deep purple.OMG, this is really killing me,hehe.Almost 500 posts so far. That's really cool.BTW, I have bought a whole big bag of that yarn a few days ago, almost 40 balls, aarrgghh. Cost a fortune, but it's gorgeous.
Love your blog.


is THAT red next to purple or orange??? id still go for a red one! btw i LOVE that watermelon pink in the mid! am still not sure about that apple green and the yellow who cant seem to part, theyre always next to each other. (secret love??? hehe) yikes this IS torture, you know....

Debbie Gallett

I like all your colors. You always need a deep dark and a pale light to make the other colors sparkle. Love your blog.

Heather Blessington

Love your blog and have found this exercise amazing. So many different opinions. I have always thought I have had a pretty good eye for color and to me the maroon stood out straight away as being wrong. Looking forward to seeing which one you remove as I always love your color sense.


Off the top of my head and after just a quick glance at your first picture and having read not a one of the comments thus far, I think the light minty green one in the bottom left corner looks a tad bit out of place. Lovin' your color choices, tho, and I'm anxious to see what you have in mind for all of these delicious colors!


I'm guessing the blue, second to the left in the second row. But I really think they all look good. I recently spent all my birthday money (plus some!) on cotton yarn at yarn.com so I had a stash for when you post projects that I must begin immediately. Love the blog!


The orange at the bottom right of the first posted picture? It doesn't really contrast or blend with anything. The green is lovely and fresh IMHO :) Happy hooking!


yeah, that dark purple is wrong. maybe a dark green. your color choses are great. is this how you chose your colors? i love your blog.


my thought would be the dark purple,


With the latest arrangement ......its the red.

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