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September 20, 2011


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Dear Lucy,
I'm new to your blog and crochet. I want to buy this bag of yarn and finally found a webstore in the U.K. that will ship to me in the U.S. They have the colors I'm sure but the pictures don't show the true color making it hard to match. As you know the purchase of 15 balls of this yarn is an investment. Would you be so kind as to let me know the names of the colors so I would be sure to get it right? I LOVE your blog and have already made a few of your works of art. I am feeling proud that I was able to do it. You do a great job with the instructions and those beautiful pictures! I am considering a "Lucy" corner in my apartment. Thanks for it all!


Just thought I would drop you a line to tell you that I spotted your work (blooming flower circular cushion) on Meet me at Mikes blog dated 11.09.2011 - ten cute cushions to knit or crochet.As soon as I spotted it I knew it was yours - lovely!!....my guess is the deep purple.


I do not like the second colour down from left. Too pale. Another green would be nicer...

karen jane

Keep the green, defo keep the green, but it must be the orangy-red. Not a shadow of a doubt...orangy red got to go!


The bright blue one, middlerow, second from the left ( picture from the yarn shop) thats the same as the second from the top row in the other picture. That colour seems a bit harsh. LOve the colours and they are sooooooo you................


I think they all look great but wonder what size blanket you can make with 15 x 50g balls - is it for a dolly or do you have loads of each colour?


I'd say the limey green color is not quite right for the selection.:)


My guess is the orange in the bottom right corner. But that might just be because orange is my least favourite colour, so it's the one I'd edit out!


Love your colors.I don't really think the yellowish color goes but I do love them all.I wish we had all those colors here.


In the top picture I think you have decided against the second blue from the left in top row. I will look forward to seeing your finished blanket!


I think my guess would have to be the mustardy yellow !!!


I think it's the orangey red in the right corner on the bottom row. - The number of comments to your little riddle is amazing.


Honestly, I love them all and have tried and tried to decide what you might not like, but just can't. I personally think the red glares just a bit, but then I've seen crocheters use it and it really pops in their work. Hmmmm, puzzlement!


Hi Lucy
I think its the yellow in the middle of the bottom row, I still think that in the second photo. You are such a sunny person so I am amused to think yellow is the odd one, but then maybe its not. It will look beautiful whatever colours you use.
Annie x

Mandy M

I think the colours look amazing, but I'm not so sure about the aqua blue on the top left in the first yarny pic.......on another note though, I wish I could feel all 'happy' and 'excited' about housework....aaargghhh!!!

annika gustad

Hello there!
I think the very light pink is one out of order.
It make the rest of the colours pale.
Annika G

Elizabeth Wright - broderie

i was going to be comment number 30, some days ago and then the doorbell went and i have just come back to read your lovely blog - i was going to say that i would take out the maroony red also !!!


I love the colors, but I'm going to guess that the berry red one (middle row, last on the right) may be the one to be replaced. It doesn't quite pop like the rest of them... then again it could be my monitor too! Can't wait to see which one gets replaced & by what!

Videa Hubbard

Well I am still going with the shocking pink my comment dissapeared so this is a tester!!!


Well now that you have posted this picture I might have to say the dark orange? The first row second colour. That looks odd with them placed this way. Still like them all!! Cant wait to see which one it is!! Hugs!!


Is it the light lime green (bottom row from the left). But I also thought that it might be the golden yellow....whoops two guesses. Beautiful colors anyway!!! You have great taste!


rearranged, the bright red looks out of sorts! how strange... !!

Rosy Nancarrow

After your second "in the shop" photo, I still reckon its the bright orange which is second one in from the left on the top row now! Please tell us and put us out of our misery! I am off to Mull and Islay in a few weeks time for a fortnight and trying to decide what knitting/crochet to take with me... any ideas for something exciting I can get stuck into?!


hm.... perhaps the red in the top row; the second from left. it is a kind of "yellow-red" to me and not a "blue-red". :o)


will you be given us the color codes as i would like to get some of the yarn. good color choice think it could be the pale green

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