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September 03, 2011


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Lucy - thanks muchly for sharing your wonderful photographs and tales of your travels! So very glad to hear that your Mum is doing well. I remember those vacations with kids. Ours were in a tent trailer and the stress of just parking the thing was enough to get things off to a bad start. But just being able to get away and enjoy someplace different with the boys was worth it all. However, for relaxation we had a friend stay with the boys while we had a weekend together.


I remember how much work those days can be! Maybe the answer, at least partly, is to think of these times as, working vacations. Important to take as a family, for all the good connections they give you and the children. But not expect them to be relaxing visits! I think this can be a male/female thing, although not always. You are willing to be the one to stay home, right now, so maybe it suits you better. I remember being terribly insulted for my children, that their dad did not always find them easy to be around. I wanted us to fit the picture of a happy family and put so much pressure on us to fulfill it! Maybe you could plan to take a vacation for the two of you, that is adults only and very relaxing! Good luck! I know you will figure it out! Thanks for the beautiful pictures and your very honest picture of life! Love your blog and persist in the belief that I would like you as a real person! Cheers!

Just Gai

I love your account of your holiday. It's so wonderfully human. Life's not perfect. Things don't always work out the way you wish. Yet you've managed to find pleasure wherever you can. It's a rare gift.

Ivana Degmecic

Dear Lucy,
you lines are always so soft, nice and truthful. Enjoy reading them.
thank you

The Garden Bell - Kate

Another Charming post this rainy afternoon here in the Windy City for me too read. All that we have that is the same as you are the cloudy skies. Let's see we have NO

Cute Boats on the Water
Buildings that look like Castles.
Fields of Green that go on forever.
Oceans with the sounds of Waves Crashing.
Cutie-Pa-Tutie little ones to make you smile.
Trees that are a 1000 years old covered in Moss.

But, we do have some fun stuff on the hook too.
Flowers from the garden freshly snipped this am.
Dreams of a Vacation without visiting Family.
A change of season felt in the air.
Lots and lots of color to share.

Thanks again for brightening my day.

Susanne Tyree

Enjoyed your post with it's lovely pics. I especially loved the ones of your mum's cottage. There will be plenty of days for fussing with her flower gardens when she is feeling up to par. For right now it would be best that she recovers from her illness. That bending and kneeling among the flowers is back breaking work and one can pay dearly for it for weeks afterward. Young children are not always the best when on holiday, but that is what it is all about being a family and togetherness. When my children were young they hounded us for 2 days, "Are we there yet?" The trip was from North West Ohio to Fort Myers Florida which is just about as far as one can go in that state. It was 3 days of traveling to get there and 3 days to get back home. It was a good 2 week vacation, but there is no place like home and I was so glad to step foot in our front door.

Elizabeth de Sousa Pinto

Of course it is stressful with children - holidays or not! I often hear men complaining about this, maybe as a mum, we are used to this kind of stress and try to see the positives...I don't know...
I'm sorry to hear that not everything went smoothly for you, but otherwise your holidays sounded marvellous (at least for me) and those flowers - LOVE THEM

Kashi Griffith

Thank you Lucy for being you. I started a blog yesterday, you have so inspired me. I know what it is like with the little ones on vacation. You are right though, so worth the trouble. My blog is so new and I am still learning about it, I am going to post pictures today after I finish making supper. I have made so many of the things on your blog and love all your posts. I spent a weekend recently going back to the beginning of your post and reading all of them. I only discovered you this past winter. Take care, the little people grow up so fast. Kashi


What an absolutely wonderful post of your holiday, the photos are so lovely, particularly love your Mom's cottage, its quite fairytale very beautiful.
Thanks for sharing


I remember holidays like this with my babes. Now they're all leaving home!
Best wishes to your mum for her continued recovery.


Thank you so much for letting us share your holiday memories. Your photos are fab and you managed to pack so much in to your time away! Glad that your mum is so much better :-)


I have really enjoyed sharinh your holiday! Beautiful photos as always.


We were sitting on that very beach in West Bay just last night, eating fish & chips from one of the kiosks on the harbour. We'd driven down to say farewell to some freinds who'd spent the week at Freshwater - at the same time as your relatives it would seem; there's a coincidence!
I didn't know The Hive team had taken over that other cafe - will defo give it a try next time - thanks for passing on the news!
Glad you had a good holiday; having 2 LPs and Little B to contend with makes things 'different', but still lots of fun!


Wonderful photos and memories for you to keep forever.I m so glad your mum is on the mend.xxjulie


I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!
Love your pictures, love your comments to the everyday life story, love your attitude to life itself!


Lovely photo's of your holiday away, thank you for sharing.


Linda Gilbert

Lucy -- I remember holidays just like when my 3 were little. Now they are all grown and we have a Grandson arriving just before Christmas. I just hop we shall be able to share such special times again and see the journey of life through his little eyes!
I am so, so glad your Mum is better.
Just a little reminder for me! I went to Weymouth College and did my Special Study on the Rope and Gundry Ropeworks in Bridport so your pictures brought back some very happy memories for me!

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