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September 03, 2011


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delighted to think your mother is making such a good recovery, in such a pretty house, with such a bunch of sweet peas. the dahlias and sweet peas together are overwhelming.
the whitebait looks spectacular too.
hubs sounds like he needs a bit more time alone with all three children. more vacay for you!


You are making such wonderful memories for the LP! (And for you and your DH, too ) My own adult children thank me often for the family vacations that we took every summer whent ey were small. They were among the few of their friends that ever went anywhere "away" with their family. It is SO worth it! Stress and all! =-) Beautiful photos, beautiful stories, so wonderful that you share it with us. Thank you!


Fab photos, looks like you had a great hol. So glad your mum is doing well, love her home - you should do a post on it! The garden, stream etc. xxBrenda

Sandi Lee

I am sooo glad your mum is well now and wanting to get into the garden, but slowly does it, her house is just beautiful with the garden that I would love one day and the little river out the back.
Lucy no matter how non relaxing your holiday was, it is setting the foundations for your children for later in life, they will look back in fondness and appreciation for all that you do for them and with them. It is what keeps their hearts close to you for ever more. Little B will be a whole year older next year and much easier to go on holiday with.
I was an older mum and of course my hubby was older again and didn't have the patience like I did and that was hard sometimes, however we got through it, sometimes I wasn't sure we would tho :)
Thank you for sharing all sides of your holidays and the photo's I never tire of experiencing the UK through the lense.
x Sandi

April H

With 5 little ones of my own I can understand when you need a vacation from the vacation. It is especially hard on my husband as well. He is at work all day and doesn't have to deal with the melt downs etc. But it is oh so worth it. The memories for them as well as you. And they will only be little for such a short time. My oldest is 10 and my youngest is 3. So trips can get crazy. But I miss having tiny hands to hold.


Hi Lucy,
thanks for sharing such a beautiful holiday! I love your photos and stories. I am so glad that your Mum is better.Her garden is an absolute delight- I wish I could take that picture and put it on my wall!
It is very busy with the littlies especially when they hit the inbetween stage of wanting to DO things but not yet being able to do much quiet things;) I hope you dont mind but I'd like to share a tip. Pack a "visit" box/bag for each child. It just has to be a small bag with 2-3 toys that ONLY come out when you are at a place they need to be in one spot and relatively quiet. That way the toys feel new to them and are more likely to amuse. When you get back home (or at the van,)the "visit bag" gets put away with the pram/coats etc. to only come out again when you go out. I used to swap out one of the toys once in a while so that when the bag came out there was a familiar toy as well as something they haven't seen for a while. (A box on top of the wardrobe held the swapped toys until they took another turn!) It is such fun to try and pick goodies to suit their particular interest ofthe time.
You may or may not have something like this in place allready. The good part is that having 3 kids they have 3 times the amount of fun!
I hope you still have many happy holidays in beautiful Engand.


as always, your post transported me and made me feel like I was there with you all. It took a few seconds to come "back to earth" after reading this, and seeing all the beautiful photos!!!
Your Mum's house is just beautiful, I do believe it might qualify as my dream home. I am so glad she is better now, and you were able to visit


As always, your holiday was a feast for the eyes! Thank you for sharing it with us all. So glad your Mum is doing well- and her cottage is FANTASTIC. What a lovely spot indeed!

Lynda M O

Lucy, thanks for sharing your holiday with us. Beautiful photos and the description of Little B’s upset at being taken from the ride-ons was well-written with just a touch of hummor-perfect.

May September bring lots of good memories too as the fall season winds right up.


Lovely pics of your little trip. Thank you so much for sharing. It can be more of a challenge to travel with wee ones...home is childproofed and new places well an endless challenge for little fingers. Bless you.
Love the pic of your Mum's cottage what a dream spot for a cuppa, some crochet or knitty bits and chats in the garden. So glad your Mum is better. Thanks for sharing your posts, they are so natural and bits of just life.
p.s. and the turquoise boat... love it:)

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy I just love your mum's cottage. It reminded me of staying at my
granny's in Highcliffe. I have very fond memories of her garden.
Also imagine parents taking seven little people down to the seaside , the bigger little people helped to look after the smaller little people. I don't
know how my parents did it! Thanks for sharing your photos with us all.xx


I wondered if you would get to the knitted garden at the Arts Centre- it looked fabbo.
Last year we managed an absurd 110 crabs in a morning - a record we have yet to break- can't believe you've not done the crabbing thing before,it is excellent fun despite the squidgy bait.
Little ones can be very trying on holiday- we still recall with horror the short'holiday' we took when my daughter was around 2 and DIDN"T SLEEP as she was so excited by the sheep in the field next to the one-bedroom cottage.We have never been so tired.She was fresh as a daisy.

Paty Z in Mexico

Hi Lucy! I also have three children but they are 18, 16 and 13. Last year we went to to the beach in Mexico and maybe those were the only vacations where my husband and me could really RELAX. We sunbathed, swam, read in the beach etc. Before that vacation we were always watching a child, taking care or someone, dealing with tantrums etc, you get the picture. I suppose it´s part of being a parent and the third child moves everything in your life, it happened to me. When Pablo (the youngest) was born everything changed 360°. The other two were out of their comfort zone, my husband had to deal with a lot of work and had to get used to see a third kid who wasn´t a big boy like the other two and was a baby who needed baby time. (hope that makes sense). Like you said we are used to deal with that stress time all the time.
Anyway, while they grow enjoy them because they grow really fast. But you can tell J to go to a vacation just the two of you. It is really important that you do that. Maybe a two day vacation is just enough. I only did it once while my children were little and it was absolutely wonderful. We talked about each other and not about a particular kid; we relaxed, slept, made a lot of plans for the future, talked about ourselves etc.
Think about it !


thanks so much for sharing your holiday on your blog. The pictures are gorgeous! Tell your mum that her yard looks beautiful. Everything looks so beautiful!

And while I understand what you dh has to say abt family trips when they are this age, I also know that while it's HARD now, when you look back at the pictures (and yours are gorgeous), the hard part tends to fade into the background and the fun part stands out. Plus the kids will remember the fun times as well, even if they are 20 months old and on a destructive streak! LOL I have a video of me and my 14 month old son at disney. We look SO happy, but I was going out of my mind from the stress and since he was a bit nervous with all the large mickey and minnies walking around, I had to hold him while we ate. That was 10 years ago and while I still remember that stress, I also remember how much fun he did have at his first trip to Disney. Ah family memories!!


Don't you just love how you can blog all your memories as you make them, and they will be there for you to look back on whenever you want.


Loved all the pics, Lucy, and I love your moms cottage.... English picturesque.
About the little people. One day you and your husband will look back on all these "stressful" moments and have a laugh. My parents always took me and my sister on summer vacations and many picnics. They are now among my happiest memories, and your vacation times will be for your little people too.
As Jean suggested, maybe a small outing now and then for just you and J might be a good thing to try. Love your blog.

CecilyMae Handmade

Hi Lucy, lovely to see the pics of your time down here at last. At least it was sunny for some of it, although it's been a fairly grim August! Not half as much swimming as we'd like. Thanks for linking me, I've had lots and lots of lovely visitors! We were in the Watchhouse the same day - maybe next time we'll bump into you! Joey x x x


Lucy thanks for inspiring me to blog as well!



Hello Lucy!, my summer is like this, http://www.pickles.no/easy-egg-warmers/


So pleased that your Mum is better. Love her little cottage. And the telling of your wonderful sounding holiday. I've always said that my DH is a wonderful father, but a useless Dad; now that sounds like a contradiction but he'd do ANYTHING for them, but has never had any patience with them. We took a "two of us" holiday once. Supposed to be 4 nights in our caravan, just the two of us. Our youngest must have been less than two at the time. We had travelled 100 miles, towing the caravan, set up, had dinner, set up the beds. I was in tears because I missed my "babies". He packed everything up, took me home, and we collected our babies at 1 am, from their Grandma's on the way home.... LOL (MIL thought I was mad, and wasn't amused) But DH just did it. No questions. No sulks because we didn't get our time alone. I hope you never have to test it out, but I'm sure your DH would be the same. ((hugs)) Jude.x PS He has also driven 150 miles stating out at 10.30 pm when our DD's house was broken into and she was scared to be alone. I so *heart* him when he does things like that. :-) xx


Lovely post even with all the bad weather. I know where you're coming from re the last couple of paragraphs. Hope you got my email re Skye shoes. x

debbie (happy little cottage)

I love going on holiday with the Attic 24 family! I adored your mum's cottage, the cafe with the gingham tablecloths and the turquoise boat. Oh, and the ocean too!


Wow! Your mum´s cottage is sooo beautiful! The spot next to the little river is so lovely, I can imagine me sitting there and crocheting a bit *dream*
Best wishes!

Emma (silverpebble)

That little turquoise boat made my eyes happy too. A knitted pineapple. How ace is that?

It looks as though you had a good, good holiday.

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