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September 03, 2011


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I'm with Little B on this - I'm not keen on being in other folks houses for too long either!!
I don't break things or tear books, but I do look forward to being at home with my own stuff around me! I have enjoyed sharing your holiday from here and your mum's cottage looks so lovely. I'm sure all of us who get so much pleasure from No. 24 wish someone would come & look after the littlies for a weekend while you & J have a relaxing time together. My 9-week old granddaughter came here for a 'sleepover' (ha ha) last Friday so her ma & pa could have a little time together - I wish I could do the same for you - not a luxury I had when my two were small. Take it easy.


Lovely post Lucy, I was laughing at your bit about crabbing - we've just done it for the first time too at Whitby - why havent we done this before the kids loved it 2 hours crabbing!!! Big ones, small ones - I couldnt touch them though - although I was quite handy with the net to catch them before they dropped off - lol. Glad you mum is well. Sometimes you feel you need a holiday to recover from your holiday lol xx


Lucy, Im so pleased you did have a fab time i feel like I went with you. Thanks for sharing...all.


Love your post on Dorset as always. Was so nice to see familiar places, now that we're not in the UK anymore.

My mum use to say, when you're a mum, you never have a holiday to rest, you just have a change of scenery and you are more tired coming back of exhaustion of watching, packing in and unpacking, but it's our faces of joy and appreciation that gave her the energy and enjoyment to still have holidays away from home.

Enjoy settling back in your routine, once the bigger ones go back to school this week and thank you for still blogging, love following it.



Carol McCraw Yarbro

Ahhh -- this is the best post ever! I'm sitting in Tennessee with a cat on my lap, but I'm really with you and your fam in Dorset! Thank you, thank you thank you Lucy!

Andrea at Apples and Pears

I totally agree about sea views...they are the best. I remember those sometimes stressful times when my boy was a toddler...they are just bursting with energy and it is hard for them to remain in an 'adult' environment for any length of time. I used to pack some wooden track and trains into a child's soft plastic lunchbox and we used to take that everywhere. Of course, you have to make sure the track pieces all fit together first!! xxx


Your mom's cottage is very beautiful. Glad to hear that she is better now.

Tina, the quiet homemaker

Another lovely post Lucy, thanks for sharing. :) Sooooo glad your Mum is doing well. Holidays with kiddos, yes I remember it well! It is lots of hard work and lots of fun too, but maybe a relaxing weekend away for you and J to have time out on your own together would be good? Hugs, xx


sounds and looks like a lovely holiday...even with the stress of traveling with three LP. How I miss those days now that my two are grown! Thanks for sharing...gives me new places to add to my list of 'Must Sees' when I make another trip 'across the pond'!


Love the photo's Lucy and the way you write about the small (and big) things in life! I treasured our holidays when my children were little. They're grown ups now and we holiday together, my man and I. But oh, how I sometimes miss those days! Very busy, but lovely days; days I'll never forget, they're stuck in my brain. By the way, I love you're photo's so much, that I'm seriously thinking of having a stop in Dorset on our way to Cornwall next week!!! Love from a warm and rainy Holland, Marja.


Don't worry! I think it gets less stressful when they gain a little bit of independence. We found that this year we were able to snatch moments of relaxation as they whizzed about on their bicycles (eldest is 11 and youngest just turned 7).
Your holiday looked like a lot of fun even though it rained. It looks like a beautiful part of the world. Your mum's cottage is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Glad she is feeling better. Cx

Dominique from France

Which pleasure to read this long post. My daughter lived during 4 years in Portsmouth and I had the opportunity to see the beautiful English coast. To see again all these views is very pleasant for me.
Have a good day.


I loved all the joyfullness of your words and your pictures of your holiday but due to my new family dynamic I honed in on the last part the most. I have the exact same sort of discussions with Mr C. I hate it when he has a downer of holidays because of the kids and yet we do take it in turns to say exactly the same things. I just feel all wobbly and upset when it's him saying the stuff. I then feel I have to Protect him from the exuberance of the kids and so I end up with zilch time to relax...then I get crabby. Oh it's not easy to be away from home with little uns.

our last holiday was the best we have had since having kids as they are aged 5, 3 and 6 months. Next year I'll be in your shoes. And you'll be out of the hellish time. They grow up so much by the time they are 2 1/2.

Lovely dhalias. I do get a bit freaky about the earwigs they house though. Bluergh!


ADORE the cottage and the GARDEN, beautiful.


Ack! I remember taking my little 'uns around other peoples houses was a nightmare! All you want is a cuppa and a natter but you end up with teeth clenching edginess at the sight of pretty nick knacks below head level. Although, as you already know - it does get better.

Dorset looks gorgeous, as always, we are waiting on confirmation of a move-in date for a flat down there. I can not wait! x


Oh Lucy your time away with small children sounds so very like our own! R-e-l-a-x. Gosh I remember when we did that! At 8 & 5 our two can still be a handful, especially our eldest who finds it a bit discomfiting to be away from his nest and everythign he knows. On several days I watched as even tiny children got engrossed in some adventure on the beach but our big boy was under our chins the whole time, bored, furstrated, overwhelmed sometimes. But not all the time. Its ups and downs with littlies isn't it. Talking with my parents about the holidays they took us on (exactly like the ones we have)I'm filled with guilt. That's parenting I guess. You could just do with some peace and quiet couldn't you some times.

I've loved seeing your beautiful picutes. Dorset is such a special place. We'll be going back soon. What a wonderful cafe, and I am overwhelmed with admiration for your mum's lovely cottage and fabulous garden. With its own river! Its the place of my dreams. What a treat to go there. Glad you had a lovely family time together.
Gosh, better go, rabbitting on as usual!
Take care


Ah Dorset! My favourite place (well, after my mum's beach which I just blogged about!). Love this post. So, turquoise eh? Do you know the blog House of Turquoise? It's fab!

Lynne Gill

Lucy, my lovely son is a marvellous FATHER but on occasions a lousy DAD (see one of your previous commentators, how neatly she puts it!) They have our youngest grandson, now 3 who is a bit hyperactive and very bright - what a combination. I know our daughter-in-law bears the brunt when 'occasions' arise - often! But talk about it when there is no heat in the moment. Your holiday will be remembered -eventually - for the good things that happened.

Having children can be exhausting - you think you've got it sussed a s a parent when along comes the child that doesn't fit the mould.All you can do is stick to your tried and tested parenting - maybe adjusted to his own particular little needs - and try and take time out for just the two of you. You will do it. You are made of the right stuff!


Your picture of the whitebait looks delicious... and whitebait is my fave... I wonder would it be wrong to have it for breakfast? The blog today is excellent, it gives a great flavour of your holiday.


Such a lovely post and pictures! My favourite one, next to the colourful little harbour, is... your mum's cottage! It made me think of Roald Dahl, really :-) xxxx


I am going to this area next year so I've been noting places to go!

My son is nearly 20 months old, born 6th Jan last year & I was nodding my head in agreement. The meltdowns, oh yes! The quick cafe visits and cajoling with books and toy cars in order to get cake and a coffee down me, ripping books, chewing books, picking up pottery..... The rage is the best though when you stop him doing what he really wants to do, red face absolutely furious and fists clenching. I wonder what he'll be like by the time we go to Dorset next June? :)


Lovely post, thank you very much for your photos, your information. I love your blog. I'm writing from Spain and here the weather is different, but more or less is changing. The autumm is arriving. Kisses from Barcelna. silviabmcrafts@blogspot.com


Such lovely holiday photos - thanks for sharing. Glad to hear your Mum is doing better. And I totally get what you mean about the excitement/calmness of the seaside - it brings back so many exciting memories of childhood and at the same time the sound and smell of the sea is calming :-)

Barbara Moore

Hi Lucy! You need to continue those vacations for as long as possible. The little people will only be little once. Perhaps you and J could take a mini vacation just to yourselves sometime. That should make "him" feel special! lol So happy that you had a good time.

Hugs XX


I loved sharing your holiday. Thank you.

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