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September 03, 2011


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comme c' est beau !!!
belles photos vraiment bises dane


lovely blog about an action-packed holiday, despite the rain and cold :-) sounds like you had a lot of fun. glad your mum was so well. lovely pictures too....thanks for sharing x


There has to be some other word to use other than "holiday" when it involves multiple littles. Maybe something like "whataday" or how 'bout just plain ol' "UGH!" You're right, those trips are precious. You see the world thru their eyes and it all looks so fresh and new and exciting. I think it's harder for the men. They're off from their job and just looking to unwind. Find a remote control somewhere and zone out. I miss those trips when the kids were thrilled with the simplest things. Keep your chin up and keep stopping to smell those roses! xo


I am posting very late on this, saved it to come back and enjoy. Your photos are simply breathtaking... I love everything, the time at the sea, the meals you describe, the rolling grey clouds.
As for vacationing with the kiddos - my husband and I decided that family trips are just that - TRIPS. They are wonderful, bond- and memory-building, precious outings. But VACATIONS are those few days each year that we spend alone, just the two of us, re-cooperating from our three blessings! :)


In my experience, the best holidays always have at least one argument, and lots of little upsets; when one spends so much time being excited and engrossed, the pendulum of emotions are bound to swing the other way, when everyone is bored and tired. It's part and parcel of a trip that your children will remember fondly when they're adults.

And anyways, Little B will be a whole year older next time, and you'll have a completely different experience with him.


We're there with the little kids and vacation, too. Our kids are ages 6, 4, 3, 2 and eight weeks. I fantasize about the day when we can go camping or anywhere, really, and I don't have to worry about diapers, tantrums, spills and messes and general breakage, whether it be of arms and legs or Great-Aunt Tilly's crystal candy dish. We'll get there!!! Right? (Please say yes...!)

Planet Penny

So pleased to hear the good news about your mum.


On our recent holiday to Dorset, hubby and I walked along that same pier (wondering what those rusty metal columns were for) and sat on a bench, in almost the same spot as your photo is taken eating chips. We watched the children crabbing too! It certainly is a lovely area! Teresa x


So glad your mom is doing well! Love reading about your holidays as always! As for your last thing about holidays and kids...I think it's a man thing...my husband is the same way, I think we at home mamas see the beauty as you point out. We'll just have to keep trying to convince these men that it's all worth it, and by the time they come around, there might be grandchildren to holiday with :-)


Next summer, The Little Man will be another year older and more maturer and I am sure that the memory of this hectic summer will be surpassed by memories of much more relaxed summers to come. Hang in there, J!


you made my day... how much would i love to see all of dorset myself! very sweet, honestly inspiring and so blessed you are! moms cottage is a dream... theres the pink house at the harbor again... the rosey pjs and colors galore on your hook... the artwork in the café reminds me a bit of your works (snipets of fabrics, tiny embroidery stitches set together in harmony like lovely little paintings) that i do have to admit, i miss seeing more of... i miss the ocean! we would travel to the coast often when i was a young. i have such vivid memories of the rushing waves and the crisp salty sea-air... thank you so much for sharing you time there!

Lorraine Webb

Dearest Lucy, I LOVED reading all about your wonderful holiday - your photos and descriptions made it all jump out of the page. It almost made it feel like it was MY holiday :oD

By far the best bit though, is to hear that you spent such wonderful time with your Mum and that she is so much better than she was just a couple of months ago. May she continue to thrive and be around for many, many years to come.

Bright Blessings

Lorraine x x x x


Thanks for the heads up on the cafe, Luce, as you say, it's always looked less than enticing before. Your mum's cottage looks to be in a lovely spot, dare I say very original "River Cottage". I know what you mean about family holidays, there's not always a lot of relaxing involved!
Hen x


Hi Lucy!
What a wonderful time you look to have had. Your photos are lovely as always. I do love reading what you and the fam are up to. I hear you when you are talking about the challenges of taking small peeps on holidays. My eldest is about to turn 4, and my small man is almost 22 months old... and yes, there are the ripped books, the broken items, etc. It's all a bit stressful, but then there are those moments that you wouldn't change for the world, the funny things they do, seeing things through their eyes (and the reminders that you probably were of the same mind as them once upon a time...) - I wouldn't change a thing, and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't either. :)
Have a great day!
S xo

Kathy Heaton-Brown

Hi Lucy

I check your blog regularly and it always helps make my day more cheery.
I agree with you that children come with such gifts and yet they can be so tiring and demanding. it is hard to get the balance right. However, I am about to be a Nanna for the first time soon and now when I think how quickly those early years fly I look at your posts and think "she is doing all the right things". Enjoy each moment, as you do and yes write about the stresses and strains, it is the balance we need to experience the joys.

Rainy Day Crafter

What a lovely post - I love reading about your holidays and seeing all your photos. I'm sorry that it didn't all go smoothly, but glad that you enjoyed it nonetheless. Just think that it will soon get better and it won't be long before you'll be reminiscing about when the little people really were little ;) Really happy to hear that your mom is doing much better too! x


It's lovely to share the memories of your holiday - I am in Hampshire but rarely venture Dorset way, it's ridiculous!! We must explore. I had to smile at your descriptions of little B and the challenges of holidays with kids. I have to say I'm with your husband - we simply didn't do holidays until our son was about four, partly through lack of funds but also I couldn't see how it would be much of a holiday; our DS sounds similar to your Little B in that he was a VERY active character; no sitting in cafes for longer than it takes to slurp a third of a cappuccino, for sure! Rising at 5.30am.....and as you so well describe, emotional rollercoasters, oh ok, tantrums at the worst moments!!! phew I'm tired just thinking back. and we only had the one!! Sorry to hear it wasn't all plain sailing for you on hols but at least the blog helps you to remember all sides of it. And I'm so pleased to hear about your mum's recovery. x


We used to return from family holidays (3 little people - the 1st was still 3 when the 3rd arrived)! My husband used to ask where our award was - "You mean we did all that and didn't even get a DoE Gold Medal?" Holidays with children are a trial of stamina, no doubt, especially children with 'character'! The upside is that now they're 20 odd, they're absolutely amazing people.


Hi Lucy, I think men tend to have a slightly blinkered view of family "holidays". As someone else has said, think of it as a working holiday - because it jolly well is! Problem is, things don't get much better when the tinies become teenagers....still, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Love looking at the photos and glad to hear that your Ma is well on the mend. :-)


What beautiful photos of your holiday. It looks like you had a lovely week! I love the flower photos and your mums lovely cottage is BEAUTIFUL and idyllic!! I am so pleased she is on the road to recovery too!


My sweetie and I are trying to plan a coastal vacation. The Oregon coast is beautiful! But, I'm not sure when we're going to go.

Your trip looks and sounds like it was a lot of fun.

As a mom of three myself, I well remember the meltdowns and difficulties of having three small boys all under the age of 8. There was a period of a few years where we didn't go anywhere with the kids, because it was just too stressful. Eventually, it got easier. It will get easier for you too. Hang in there!


Oh such gorgeous photos! Looks like you all had a grand time. And I love your mum's cottage - so lovely and inviting.

krista - Poppyprint

I am totally swooning over your Day 5 weather report road photo. Stunner! I always love your holiday pix and reports. I definitely remember those tough little people holidays visiting my parents. I almost packed up and vacated under cover of darkness one night. I couldn't bear the judgement (from the people who raised 4 kids!). Anyway, my two are young teens now and we just had the most RELAXING two week holiday together. Your time will come!!

So wonderful that your Mum is well. Great news.

Fran in Somerset

Lucy I just love the way you enjoy time with your children. So many parents dread summer hols, but you absolutely relish time as a family together. I find this inspiring and encouraging as I await the arrival of our first child, due in 4 weeks! Fran.


Dorset is just fabulous. I love going there on our holibobs. Your Mum's cottage is BEA-U-TI-FUL and the garden looks just how cottage gardens are supposed to look! So glad she is well enough to be at home and to see her lovely garden flowers and trickly river.
Holidays do get easier by the way! I remeber all to well what it was like holidaying with 3 under 4 and it was not a blooming restful experience, but it does get better PROMISE!

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