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September 15, 2011


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This is exactly the kind of post that I love. Celebrating the ordinary, the mundane, the beauty of everyday life. The ordinary tasks of all our days. Loving our homes. Thank you.

Grandma Zina

Your post was such a delight this morning! And I'm so glad to see Litle Man helping. Why do young mothers today seem to think that Mom needs to do everything, while the kids just play all day? Some of my children's happiest memories were of our all pitching in to get chores done so we could get our picnic plans underway.

And isn't it so much easier to get things done when there is only one munchkin left at home during the day????

I always found that the children were a bit better-behaved and calmer when their home was clean and serene, than when there was chaos somewhere in the house.

Congrats on your new venture, and I wish you the best of luck with it!!!


love your inspiring words! yes, ATTITUDE plays a huge part... i MUST agree. it´s like i said before, going thru your day with eyes-wide-open and with passion for even the smallest of things and thankfullness. i can see where the view of involving the lil peeps will prove to be a good thing, also in the long run. lil B certainly does seem to share your enthusiasm! and the organization part does play a big role and discipline (ugh-ohhh i said it, didnt i?) yes it does. sometimes i dont have that. my inner lazydog is huge and gets his way much too often!


Another lovely post Lucy :-)
Loving LB cleanong the bowl. I let my 2 yr old do the same ... kept thinking it was taboo these days with raw eggs, so glad I'm not the only one 'breaking the rules'. Heaven knows how I survived childhood with all the 'rules' my parents broke (he he!!)
Looking forward to your next daily update


Thank you for the FLY link!!


estamos como en sintonía, yo trato de recuperar con pequeñas cosas lo lindo de mi hogar lo explico un poco mejor en mi blog... me alegra que estes bien y disfrutando Animo!!!


I have just read your Routine post and it very closely echos my feelings too. At the moment I'm getting back into routine and I am in the process of decluttering. I'm afraid I get sentimental about toys and ornaments and a few boxes have found their way into our loft! But I am now feeling refreshed and able to tackle the chores and diy with renewed vigour. I love the picture of Little B licking out the bowl - it is such an important part of growing up - I still remember doing the same with my Mum's bowls and my son still seems to appear in the kitchen when an icing bowl needs a scrape! :) Best wishes, Pj x


Beautifully written and full of inspiration! You have helped me to remember just how lucky I am too... Thank you!


i so know what you mean i have too many toys to sort through and tidy x


lindas fotos, más tarde lo leeré porque ahora no funciona el traductor de google ;) Saludos y quiero decirte que tienes una familia hermosa!!


Loving and laughing are the most important things....whether I can stretch this to include the housework may be a bridge too far!! I'd like to and the thoughts there (and the house isn't actually THAT bad....) BUT, when FLY lady says run around the house with your 'PUT AWAY' box and put things where they logically belong.....where is that??!!!! Oh No! Another hotspot has arrived in the shape of a put away box!!!! See what I mean - keep laughing!!

Try harder K, try harder!!

Love you Lucy xxx


Oh, how I love you Lucy. You know how to make a girls life.

Everytime you post I get a warm fuzzy feeling. EVERYTIME!


Jennifer in Boise
P.S. Its fun reading about your decluttering. I actually get a "HIGH" when I can find something to declutter. It makes me feel so good to see something (a drawer, a closet, a bookcase) "refreshed".


Lucy you are a treasure! Your spark inspires me and your colors make me laugh and smile. Thanks!


What you say about reframing your attitude is so true. I am trying this September as well. Every time I am doing a 'chore' I think about standing in a queue for the photocopier instead and miraculously I feel much more cheery about what I am doing at home.

Julie @ little woollie

Hey Lucy, totally understand where you're coming from! I am having a similar shift in attitude to you, and trying to see housework not so much of a chore, and more of a means to an end, the home I want to create for my family ! I am trying not to procrastinate and just do it. I think you are right, a little bit each day is really achievable and makes me feel I can keep on top of the chaos. I'm going to enlist my boys to help on the weekends, I'm sure they will be thrilled, haha. Have a great weekend. Julie :)

Nikki Relffe-Arnold

Hi Lucy - what a fabulously positive post! I am hoping and praying that the teapot in your kitchen photo is the one I sent you?? I wasn't sure whether you drank tea but just couldn't resist it when I saw it :-). Keep your lovely posts coming I look for a new one every day (just in case...obviously I realise that that would be just tooooo much work for you, but am always delighted to find a new one) Nikki xx

Kashi Griffith

I love how happy you are. Sometimes I think you are too hard on yourself and don't realize how you inspire those of us who follow you with every post that you write. I know I have LotS of Lucy projects around my house. Especially the ones you do with the kiddos. Keep it up. We all love you out here in blogland.


I love that expression you used, home-loving. Taking care of what you have, I mean neglecting is like not caring, right? If you appreciate something, you take good care of it. Haven't commented here for a long time, but this was to good to just rush by. Thank you for sharing!


I need to take a lesson from you -- just one hour a day. Although I love the fall season, I dread the shorter days to come.


Sometimes I am just gobsmacked at how the universe blinks and shoves and smacks [my] butt... Reading your post, laughing my head off: I have just discovered the FlyLady 4 weeks ago, and have been flying slowly but surely. I am slowly finding peace. You are an incredible source of inspiration, and I am immensely grateful to have found the Attic a little while ago :-) cyberhugs from the Other Side of the World XXxxx


Really like the rainbow jug. Glad Little one loved licking out the bowl. I made banana cake yesterday with mine for the first time. He loved it too!


Wonderful post! Can't wait till my son is old enough to appreciate finishing bun batter and 'helping' with cleaning! Your post really is an encouragement, I will try to enjoy the home-loving work more from now on... maybe some extra color in the house, making it look more like the attic, would help?? :-)
Have a splendid weekend!!

Ah, I forgot, thanks to you I learned how to crochet this week, I've finished 14 grannies (summer garden) an am soooooo much enjoying the last two hours before bed-time!!


I was just procrastinating over starting my 15 mins decluttering (I haven't even looked at my Flylady emails today yet) but I'll have to get on with it now. Thanks for the post, I'm off to be good now!


It's a beautiful thing to find the love in household chores! After all isn't this why we clean and pretty up our homes- to show our families how much we love and care for them by providing a beautiful, cozy nest of a home where they can relax and feel safe?
Keep it up Lucy, I love to read your posts and hear about your lovely blessed life:)


Thank you so much for sharing! I so look forward to your posts and this one really spoke to me. We get so bogged down by life and all the seemingly endless tasks... instead of grumbling we could be blessing our homes with gratitude and joy, and wishing I had a "little b" helper again mine are all a bit older. Blessings :)

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