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August 12, 2011


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Hi, I do love York too.. It remembers me my last year holiday : York is on the way to Scotland. Wonderful holidays.


Just when I was feeling homesick I checked in with your blog and there was the beautiful city of york. What a lovely surprise. Thanks for cheering me up.

Tory B

Thanks, again, Lucy, for taking us along on such a delish holiday!! Love the pix and the time you got to spend with fam & friends... :)


Beautiful pictures! I sent you a DONATION (for a cup of coffee) LOL. I live in the USA and want to make sure you received it. Thanks.

Nadia (the everyday blessings)

Hello Lucy :) I adore your tales of Connievann-ing! Such fun! I can't wait to see what happens next in your world :)
I've also started a blog (literally)! So feel free to come over and say hello. It would be lovely to see you there x


Ah your pictures bring back memories - I used to spend a lot of time in York once upon a time!

Love the cafetiere cozy, I don't think you should be disappointed with it, a bit of wonkiness won't stop it doing its job and it's lovely and cheery! I made a knitted one just a couple of weeks ago which I love despite the fact that it's made from a cream yarn which shows up every little coffee stain where the spout dribbles. Oh well. :-)


every single time i visit i think "why do i not stop by more often?!" your photography, blogging and stitchy-goodness always makes my soul smile!! thanks for that! (and i've finally added you to my bookmark bar.)


Thanks for the tour of York, I've never been. I made a cozy for my coffee press that didn't fit, so I just put a few rows of single crochet around it.
I do get the All By Myself walk. I was lucky enough to do it nightly when my teenagers were babies and Daddy got them ready for bed.

Kansas Jenn

i love the confession of vino via tumbler. guilty pleasures, right?! looks like a lovely trip L. welcome home!

Reality Jayne

A24...I hope your planning on printing out your blog into a book someday. It would be a wonderful thing fot the kiddies someday. I have read it from the beginning, and its a nice story of them growing up.....and other memories...I just got mine put into a hard cover book to have forever for my kids to read ....someday....if they ever get interested in me...lol


Used to live in Darlington so went to York quite a bit (that and Durham), hmm like the idea of the cafetiere cozy! I think I might track that book down and have a go


Lovely photos, we used to camp in York racecourse for the CTC rally in midsummer. I've not been there for a while though - time to return soon...

Linda Solaiman

Glad you had such a lovely time Lucy, you brought your holiday to life and I felt I was right along there with you. I love York too and visit whenever I can :)

Tina, the quiet homemaker

Gosh York is so beautiful and never seems to look mobbed with people either. I quite fancy visiting it now! :)


Well I've done it! My college course start date plopped through the letterbox today and it's all down to you Lucy and your wonderful blog. I started following you abt 18mnts ago & you have since inspired me to pick up my needles and hook & rediscover my love of all things colourful & crafty again. So inspired in fact that I have done something i always wanted to do & I've enroled (as a rather 'mature' student) on a design, fashion & textile course -scary stuff but v exciting and honestly 100% inspired by you! I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks from one of your army of decicated Attic24'ers! Liz x

Anne Bush

Greetings from a fan of your blog in York! I hadn't realised you had lived here and that your little ones had been born here. As a "Friend of Rowntree Park" I am so glad you liked it so much! I don't think I've ever seen the Shambles look quite so empty all the time I've lived here though...and yes, those hailstones were incredible!

Rachel Forrest

it looks great - do keep posting - miss you when you are away too long! We used to camp in a very primitive way when we were young and parents had no money - they took us to Cornwall in a beaten up old camper and we had no tables and chairs - sat outside on rugs and the battered old suitcase was our table - now remember it so fondly - remember when i was about 13 mum told me to pack my Biba nightie - she meant the cosy one but i of course took the satin slinky one - so incongrouous! Happy memories ! Enjoy the rest of the summer hols :)


Love your photos. York looks like a beautiful city. I lived in the UK (Lincoln) for three years and your photos remind me of it. Some of the best years of my life. :-)


Lovely travelogue Lucy and you make my heart soar when you talk about the little people splasing in the huge puddle. Some parents don't seem to allow their children to explore and enjoy the freedom of nature-perhaps the mess puts them off. You were very lucky to get into the caravan site in the park named after the chocolate company as it's always so busy. Now that we are silver surfers we tend to use the other site on the park and ride route instead. Unfortunately it is dangerously near the outlet shopping village!Never mind how old your van is-we don't take a television either and don't care if other folk think we are deprived/strange/bonkers. Keep caravanning!


Hi..I´m from Brasil. I love your blog I met there one year ... I'm not one day without seeing your posts! I love your photos ... all of them! Thanks...


Gosh it all looks so beautiful!! I'm glad you had a lovely time!!

S x


Beautiful buildings. I love old buildings...so much nicer and more character filled than modern ones :)


We're not to keen on those 'en-massed white shiny box' type camping either. Lovely pictures and lovely stripes :) We also had to deal with wet entertainment but that is part and parcel of the great English summer holiday !!

Justine Anstiss

York looks absolutely gorgeous.....I want to visit!! Yes, it really is the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure and who needs all the fancy stuff when on holiday. Thats the whole point is to get out and about and discover!! Another wonderful post Lucy....I always feel refreshed after reading your words :)


Hey, looks like we lived in York at the same time! I used to love walking the streets late at night as well, so much nicer than during the day when they're packed with tourists!

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