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August 14, 2011


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PS Should have said it was a caravan club cl rather than camping & caravan one. Oh & Thunder & Lightening ice cream is something I buy from their factory shop here!!


Oh so close, I live in Kendal & when I was growing up our caravan holidays were spent at another CL, Crosslands Farm in the Rusland valley. P 325 of the handbook. Just a bit further on than the turning for Grange off the A590. The family that live there now are the son in law (I think) of the family that lived there way back when, I think they now live across the road with a holiday cottage. Oh I just found a web page, wow have they made some changes.
You have brought back so many happy memories, reading & playing board games by gaslight, no electric hook up then, stand up wash at the "kitchen" sink. We used to sit out & watch the deer come down from the woods every evening & watch the buzzards & other birds overhead. I used to walk miles around the area. Loved it. When we get our own van we will be spending time there, though my youngest is now 13 & addicted to video games I'm fortunate he will accept a few days back to basics occasionally. I plan on going over for the day soon as we scattered my dad's ashes at Rusland church some 10 years ago.
Hawkshead has indeed changed, it was always a bit twee & false but even more so it seems now. Grange I do sometimes go to, good local butcher for one thing, & a distant elderly aunt who lives up a really steep hill - why do they retire to such daft places? Thank you so much for your tales of Connievan, takes me back.


Thanks for sharing this lovely trip.


Lucy, this sounds heavenly, you pictures have captured the magic of it all as usual. I remember going over Hardknot Pass as a teenager, nad my brother (who must have been about five at the time) being really rather sick. cheese sandwich all over the car...


Oh no, this is by no means too long or boring. I loved reading every bit of it ! We are also travellers who would rather get away from it all and avoid the crowded, touristy places. It was nice to read about life and habits, routines settling in and yes, sure, they will be wonderful memories for the children.
We went to England this summer but had to stick with the urbanised areas, since we attended my sister's wedding, but I would love to come back one day and discover the heart of the countryside. Love the gardens, so well tended (not like mine at the moment...)


Those 'ducks' sure do look like geese though!
Special country-bred giant ducks, perhaps...all that healthy country air... ;-)

Emma (silverpebble)

I have been secretly yearning for a caravan for a long time and your pictures confirm that it can be a very lovely holiday indeed. On our way to visit Nana in N Yorks we saw an Airstream. It was so extremely very shiny and beautiful. Even my caravan-cynical Mr was enamoured.

My favourites of your happy images are : jamjar flowers, lobster pots, noodly little legs.


Great area isn't it? Last year we realised we had a flat tire when we got to the top of Hardknott Pass and had to change the tire up there with the wind whistling around us. The only people who stopped to ask if we were ok was a lovely car full of women!


Whata smashing, fmaily filled, delightful trip Lucy! This is just the sort of sort we're looking to stay at. The last place we stayed was a very, super organised club site (flat screen tvs the works! I can't understand caravanning like this, you're supposed to rough it a bit aren't you!)

Sounds like your Lake District experience was just like ours, phew how busy does it get? And feels very artificial too. Where do real people livign there shop I wonder? I sympathise with your J, Woody can't bear places that are too twee and busy. Thanks goodness you discovered that beach, much more our sort of place too.

Love that picture of Little B gazing at the hens, bless him.
Have a lovely week.

Anna Clements

What fantastic photo's, Lucy... Lovely to share your Connivacation! I'm about to start blogging myself and remember ages ago, you told us what your new (then) camera was, and how pleased you were with it. I'd like my photo's to be as good in all conditions as yours are; would you be kind and remind me again the name of your camera - and are you still happy with it? Many thanks for this, if you could, and for the always-cheering blog entries, too... AC


The pictures...the words...what a great vacation you are having!

Thank you for taking us along with you....I feel very blessed to be included :)



Sue McIndoe

A lovely post, and not too long at all. I was transported to a heavenly place. I've tried persuading Hubby that it would be lovely to have our own campervan but he isn't convinced. Men can be so unimaginative!! Sue x


Lovely, wish I were there right now........


What a lovely cafe with its flower-wallpaper! Thank you so much to show us your beautyful holiday pictures. Nicole


Oh how I agree with you about some of the towns in the Lakes! We are now able to caravan outwith the school holidays and everywhere is so much quieter and less frantic.(After 40 years of working with children it seemed very strange at first) Enjoy the caravan as often as you can-we just love going even a short way from home and life seems so much less hurried in the 'van.

Christine Laennec

I read and enjoyed right through to the end. What a lovely trip you had - and also I'm glad to read that although your life appears to be flawlessly cheerful your family does have the occasional Picnic Basket moment as well, just like the rest of us. Thanks for sharing all this with us!


Gorgeous photos and great descriptions, I felt like I had been on a holiday too! Nearly choked with laughter at the male reaction to the over-priced cafe, and the incident of leaving the picnic behind...are we married to the same man???Tee hee -- thanks for the sharing and the fun.


We live 30 minutes away from Grange over Sands, it really is a lovely place and we all love Ravenglass especially L'all Ratty!!

Very wise of you to avoid the touristy areas!



We took the minature steam train to Ravenglass from our campsite when we were in the Lakes in May - we loved it so much more than Windermere - which sounds just like Hawkshead.


What wonderful places you visited. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.

Donna Kuhn

Ahhh Lucy! What a wonderful entry. Your photos give us all a mini vacation. Places that I would love to travel to someday. I never yawn at things you share. Only give a contented sigh! Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy these days with your family.

Sending you Orlando Blue Skies & Sunshine,

Jan Morrison

I loved every bit of this ramble! Felt like I had gone with you. My favourite picture is of your little people playing with the tub of water AND the gorgeous bowls and cups. So satisfying.


You holiday in so many of the places we do! Last year we were in Burton-in-Kendal and spent a fair amount of time at Grange-over-sands, happy memories. Also, we have spent many lovely holidays at Christon Bank and Fleetham, near Alnwick. Trips to Robin Hoods Bay when our teenagers were littlies were what prompted our move the North Yorkshire Coast. It's always a delight to read your blog and feast my eyes on the scrummy photos. Thanks


Now that’s some nice vacation, too! Lovely countryside, looks so peaceful (a lot like I remember the region from the James Herriot series and am happy that it STILL looks like that!) I need to remember to check your blog for great sites if I’ll ever go to England again (a bit difficult with four doggies and a loved house that you don’t really want to leave as you are so happy to have time to really be there when you are off work instead of leaving at six in the morning and come back at five in the evening). Thanks for sharing, and I didn’t mind it is so long because I enjoyed it.


Loved the journey! Thanks for letting us tag along. :)

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