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August 14, 2011


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idiosyncratic eye

Aha caravan! I use UK Campsites for their reviews, it takes the guess work out of it! :)




Lovely photos! I remember a trip to the Lake District when I was about 6, and being quite spooked by Ravenglass - so quiet. I was an anxious little one, and also knew about the then nearby nuclear facilities... The world was a scary place!

I'm having a quiet weep over your blog - reminds me how much I miss my childhood home, especially with parents ailing now. Thank you for sharing your beautiful view of the world.

Iris Gallagher

Haven't been on your website for a few weeks. what a surprise to see you were in my neighbourhood. my family and i live on the very edge of the lake district, the southern end. been to many of the places you have bloogeed about. yes, Ravenglass is otherworldy in the best sense of the world. hope you went on the miniature steam train?! thanks for the really lovely photography. almost better than your crochet - no your crochet is still the best. looking forward to many more blogs. iris


Your blog is delightful!
I live in Connecticut, USA. It is a dream for my husband and I to visit the British Isles. I don't want to waste much time in London though I won't pass it by either. Where I really want to go is high into the moors and mountains, the Lake District and seaside towns; Scotland and Ireland!
Right now making an "armchair Holiday" on the old laptop is about the extent of what we can do. There are beautiful places here too but alas, it takes time and money. So I must be content and count myself blessed.


Hi there! I really really really love your blog! You always have nice pictures and beautiful crochet projects, I love it! I think you're holiday was awesome, when I see these pictures! xxx from Holland, Leonie

caravan awnings

Well I always love the way people travel in Camper Vans.. They are really exciting trips..with lovely memories..Especially the lake side places..


We holiday in Silverdale (the other side of the bay to Grange-Over-Sands) and we have the sea over there at the moment. I was amazed when I rediscovered the place as an adult because when I stayed with my Great-Aunt there in childhood there was no sea... The sea moves from one side of the bay to the other. It takes a generation, so my children can walk down to Silverdale cove and paddle in-between the rocks, but when they bring their children Grange will be a seaside town again and Silverdale will be the side with the unsafe grassland.

If you feel like another trip to that part of the world Silverdale is worth a look. It's an AONB and we never tire of it. We stay on the edge of Eaves' Wood, a perfect little place for a day of exploring (I have three boys: seven, five and two), with a beech circle and ruined cottage to discover and beautiful views across the bay from the Pepperpot (our favourite picnic spot). We go 'fishing' in rock pools at Jenny Brown's Point, then wander up to the Wolf House for homemade cakes. There's a little outdoor play area for the children and an artist's studio and local crafts shop to explore.

On familiar ground for you - we take the train across the sands from Silverdale station to Grange-over-sands to visit the Hazelmere tea rooms (is that where you went? They have the most wonderful tea menu).

Arnside (nearby) is a sweet little seaside village and Arside Knott is renowned for its butterflies... Carnforth is the nearest town and the station was the location for Brief Encounter (it also has a wonderful secondhand bookshop)... A little further south and you're in Lancaster as well as the guidebook attractions, Lancaster is home to GB Antiques - a HUGE collection of antique and junk shop stalls (including one with beautiful embroidered linens and crochet pieces). I can easily lose an afternoon (and a fair bit of money ;-) in there...

I'm starting to worry that your comments may have a character limit so I'd better leave it there!


What lovely memories.... took me back too when we holidayed in the Lake District and visited Beatrix Potters house... it was all very touristy 30 years ago then as I remember... We also drove up Hardknott Pass and I freaked out too especially when other cars had to pass us. I distinctly felt I was in the coach with the back end over the cliff in the "Italian Job"! As much as it was awe inspiring and majestic its not something I felt I could repeat quickly. I would love to go on a "Connievan" experience.. how relaxing!


Beautiful photos and an ideallic family holiday. :)


It was a delightful post! I had not noticed how long it was!!! The English countryside is beautiful. Thank you for the lovely pictures!


Ah Bliss! I adore your holiday stories,so well written. Happy memories, you will cherish forever!


Too long??? No way!!! I feel like I've just been on vacation with you. I've loved every minute!!!

Cynthia  in NC

How lovely! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful area. It was so nice to have a brief getaway as I read this. Thank you, thank you!!

Mrs C

Sitting here reading that post with a cuppa I feel like I've just been on a lovely holiday to the Lake District with you! Thank you for sharing! :-) x


What a lovely holiday! I loved your early morning photos - the light is full of the promise of the day ahead. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

Helen Stapleford

I so enjoy your holiday musings, thank you for sharing them


Hi, Lucy!
It´s always so good to see your travelling pictures and to read your lovely posts!!
I´ve crocheted a crochet snake, totally inspired by yours, but following a free pattern from the net.
It´s here:
Thanks a lot for inspiration! :)


Aww.. lovely post...thanks! Just thought I would tell you that even my laptop likes your blog...I only have to type an 'a'a in the search box and it suggests Attic24! Also, it made me laugh to hear that you have a hubby who doesn't appreciate the aesthetics of shabby chic either...mine would have walked out with a deep frown on his face too ... poor things don't have that paticular bliss gene do they? :)x


We drove over the hardknott pass in May when we stayed at the Eskdale campsite, oh my! It was very scary in my little city car but I'm glad I did it just to say I could. We also visited Ravensglass then and it is lovely, they've got a C&CC site but it's not one of the certified sites, it's supposed to be lovely though. I must say though I'm not fond of the touristy bits of the Lake District, always too busy, always too expensive and always full of grumpy people, not fun at all! I prefer to head to the North West Lakes which are a little quieter.

On the looking into the certified sites thing, if you've not been on it have a look at www.ukcampsite.co.uk which has a reviews section, it has reviews of thousands upon thousands of campsites/caravan sites so always worth a look to see if anyone has left a review of the one you're thinking about :)

Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures of your holiday.


Nope, no yawning or falling asleep over the keyboard here!! Just delight in seeing your gorgeous photos and reading the delight in your 'voice' about your little getaway! So beautiful, thankyou!


I love your postings.


Your post is too long? Are you kidding?:) I love reading about your adventures at my office desk. I completely forget where I am! Thanks for sharing with us. Your photos are amazing and your family is precious. The little ones are sure to enjoy reading your collection in the future.


lovely lovely description of your holiday, sounds so relaxing and blissed out. Reminds me why camping is such fun, love being out of doors all day in the fresh air - just a shame when it rains!


WOW! that campsite looks incredible. I have never camped, well not as an adult anyhow, and i hear rumblings that we may be planning a trip next year, i will remember this post..thank you
We are off to the lake district in a few weeks and my goodness it does get super busy, i feel the same that those places are best avoided! although i have visited Beatix potters house and it is BLOOMING FANTASTIC, just choose your time carefully.
jooles x

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