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August 09, 2011


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Pom Pom

Thank you for clarifying Weetabix for us Americans! It DOES look delicious!
I love reading your rollicking song of summer!

Kim W

Oh Lucy!
so glad you are back! Happy you and your family are safe and sound. I can't wait to see the pics. Yours is one of my favorite blogs.


Oh lucy, what a delicious post. it made my heart happy. and as always, made me long to spend some afternoons in England. Thanks for posting.


Not a nutjob - well, not unless I am too, as the climbing-pulling-drinking-screeching-rearranging sweetpeas has happened a few times here as well! Love your blog - thank you for sharing!


You sound so happy in this blog. I too love the easy-come-easy-go-edness of the Summer holidays although I can't believe they will all be back at school in 3 weeks time (too soon). My girls are suddenly into reading and we have had countless trips to the bookshop to buy the next book in whichever series they are reading and I love books and don't mind buying them. Bizarrely have been doing exactly the same thing with my magazines as you - have stored them for months like a squirrel not having a chance to devour them properly and now am taking my time with a cuppa and tearing out the pages that inspire me - LOVE Country Homes - wish it was twice the size and youngest son has discovered the delights of Lego finally at 4 years old and is absorbed building all sorts of unrecognisable objects and edifices chatting away to himself all the time. Fabulous!


Sounds like you had a "fantabulous" day!

Mine are all grown and gone now, some with littlies of their own, but yes, I do recall those beautiful summer days of mothering bliss.
May you have many many more.

Regards, Anna


Make the most of childhood summers- they grow up so fast....scooters,possibly the best Summer Holiday toy ever invented.

sarah hine

Watching the news and feeling depressed at what is going on in our country I find you are back. Immediately my mood is improved and a blustery day made summery. Soo looking forward to the next hooky post loved the cushion. PS if you email your address I am keen to replenish your nail varnish stock!!!A little thank you for the lovely blogs.


So lovely to see the flowers in the hanging basket again! Here in Texas things are so dry! Even our bushes are dying from too much sun. Enjoy the rest of your summer! You just keep making my day!

krista - Poppyprint

What I love most is that you take the time to sprinkle a chocolate star on your morning coffee. Enjoy your remaining summer days!

Liz  Cumbo

You eat three weetabix!!! No wonder you're so creative :)


As an avid reader from "the States" I appreciated your explaining the
breakfast cereal! :)
Love your pictures, especially of the flowers....


You manage to perfectly capture the essence of these beautiful summer days! Love your blog:)


Aaah...this reminds me of my childhood summers growing up in Norway...lovely read :-)


Simple pleasures are indeed the best, something a lot of people seem to have forgotten in these busy times is how to just sit and watch the world go by. Glad you are finding time to stop and smell the roses, well the sweet peas anyway :)


Ah holidays! How I envy you :)

I'm so glad your'e getting some me-time. Richly deserved, I reckon!

Aren't kids just precious? It takes so little to make them so happy. I often wish more adults were like that :)

PS Over here in Australia, we call them Weetbix...and I used to COVER mine with sugar too!


Pretty lady, thank you for sharing your joy in the little everyday things of life. Thanks also for telling us what was for breakfast; this American thought you were having meatloaf for breakfast! Continue to savor and enjoy!


I love following your blog. I find your entries peaceful and inspiring. You have such a sweet family. I had to comment on the Weetabix. I am from the US, but I have been eating them for years (15 at least, maybe more). There are a few stores here that carry them. They are delicious! My girls loved them growing up. A favorite. Have a good day!


I love reading your life in photos. I check here every couple days craving a new post from you. So entertaining and colorful. Thanks for sharing.


Isn't it lovely, to have the little ones at home and just potter with no time limits or anything? I'm loving having me wee girl home with me, pootling here and there, making stuff, sofa snuggling, late nights (ooh yes!) and baking bits and bobs, it's very relaxing!
Look forward to pics of your holiday, sending you love
Julia x x x

Donna Marie

Lucy life sounds lovely, lovely. Happiness is certainly to be found in such simple things by the bucketload, or attic load! And now with 2 teenagers . . . one made his own breakfast - a free-range egg and his own home made bread and one hasn't emerged from the quilt!


Ah perfect Summery and sunshiney holibobs! can't beat it. It's some of my strongest memories of being a child and I hope it will be the same for mine. Glad you are getting some me time too or you end up burnt out and hoping September comes quickly and term begins!
Love that image of Little B opening his mouth extra wide for the spoon :) I bet his eyes go really wide too when he does it.
Enjoy the rest of the hols!


Love your blue skies pictures and I can almost smell those sweet peas - a gorgeous smell - one of my favourite flowers.


Lovely skies in your photos.
We're on our last week of the school holidays, boohoo!
I've forgotten to plant sweet peas these last couple of years, will definitely do better next year, it is lovely to be able to bring in flowers from the garden.
Nice that you're back!


Welcome back. I used to love our caravanning days when the girls were small. Glad you're making the most of it. Before you know it they will be teenagers who would rather be with their mates :( xx

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