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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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August 09, 2011


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Your breakfast lazy ness reminding me my days...

wall mounted electric fires

Your lazyness for breakfast is reminding me of my days.....


Très joli blog ! Bravo !


Aah, enjoy the last of summer- it won't be long until cosy winter is here! Eeeee! I love winter!


My Fav cereal too.Hugs.XOXO

Lisa Clarke

I am sitting out on my back patio, enjoying my morning coffee, while my kids entertain themselves inside, so I can relate! I have food shopping on the docket this morning, but I am tempted to ignore it in favor of squeezing as much lovely do-nothingness out of this gorgeous Summer day as possible. If the cupboard were not so bare, I totally would!

P.S. I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, while hunting down granny square projects and I am very much enjoying myself here :-)

Annie D

I love that you are saying "yes" to your childrens requests as much as possible...that's one of the only pieces of advice my mum has given me about parenting....'try to accommodate if you can' Annie x


Hello Lucy,

I totally love your blog and always can't wait for a new post!
So, I have a question. Since I live in Germany I know that I probably won't get the same wool that you use for your projects. But could you tell me what type of wool you use? I would love to find yarns over here that I could substitute for them. I love the bright colors you use, but haven't found really good (and hopefully cheap ;)) yarn yet. Maybe you could help me out there.
Thanks a lot


I know how you feel about the magazine binge, I arrived back from holiday last week and had country living AND mollie makes to read, it makes the fact that the holiday is over a little nicer! Your children sound sweet, its so nice that they like simple pleasures :) xx


You do have such beautiful flowers!

Kathy B

Ahh! Enjoy these day with the little ones, I cherish the memories of when mine were small. I love your photos they keep me inspired!


I felt relaxed just reading this. Hope you have many more easy sunny summer days! x


Hola, disfruto mucho de tu blog y de la simpleza con que amas la vida, a veces cuesta encontrar lo bello de las cosas simples. te sigo desde ahora, Saludos desde Arentina.


Hello.....as you love crochet and I have learnt how to crochet hexagons from you, I thought you may like this tutorial on 'rings'. So cute and happy like your things. Your work really cheers me up, so bright and happy.


Cheers Rhystan (Australia)

CecilyMae Handmade

Hi Lucy, lovely photos! Thanks for adding me to your blog, lots of people have found me! The Watchhouse is lovely now, it's been taken over by the same people as The Hive, but it's nicer, not as crowded, and not as expensive. Brilliant! Joey x


Lucy, I just love reading your posts. You should write a book, I love the way you write!
Your coffee looks so yummy with the little star on it. Care to share how you make your yummy coffee and cute decorations?
yummy, creamy coffee in the morning sunshine, what could be better?

Shirley Flavell

Great post Lucy. A lovely peep into your life. Fascinated with the joined houses in a row,like Coro Street (of which I am an avid viewer here in N.Z. and being 14 mths behind U.K.!)could almost hear the chatter and happiness of your wee petals. I recognised your brekkie cereal. We have the same here called Weet Bix.I always like to have flowers in a vase in my home too.At the moment Camellia's are flowering and I have a lot of trees round our cottage. Pick a flower fresh everyday and pop into a small vase or jar covered with a crocheted jacket. Lovely. Shirley


How's your mama doing? Better I hope.
Love your flowers.
I glad you are enjoying your children. Such a special time that will pass before you realize.

Jane S.

Mmmm, Weetabix! Or as my children called it, Mushabix since it turns to mush so quickly once the milk is added.

Had quite a laugh over the "climbing-pulling-drinking-screeching". I wouldn't call you a nutjob, I would just call you a mum.

Wonderful photos, fun post to read.

Debbie Mitton

What a lovely post you inspire me to enjoy every minute of every day, to notice all the lovely things around me, to keep hooking and take lots more pics of lovely thing.


So glad you had a lovely holiday. Did you know "Weetbix" is actually Australian so I know it well, I still have it for breakfast every morning! xx

Linda Solaiman

What a lovely happy post Lucy, so glad you enjoyed your holidays, no need for me to say savour these precious times with your little ones because time goes so fast, you do that already. :)

Doreen Ganley

Glad you had a lovely holiday. I can't wait to see your pics of connievan. Weetabix is still my fave breakfast cereal. When I was a little girl !! there were cardboard vans and lorries on the side of the packet to cut out and make up. (It was just after the war and we didn't have many toys) You just reminded me. Must get crocheting I spend too much time looking at these blogs. Dojo

Sandi Lee

I love flowers and am so happy when ever I receive a bunch, but the ones I love the most are the little bunches of home grown flowers and like you I pop them into little pots or jars or bottles and have them in a few differet rooms through the house. Your days sound very much like mine used to be when the children were school age.
Finished my granny stripe blanket last night :) Will blog about it over the weekend, I am ever so happy with my very first effort.
x Hugs Sandi

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy as I sit up in bed after reading your post the wind is howling around outside bringing the rain with it. At 6.30am this morning I went to put out the rubbish for the dustbin men and it felt very chilly. Later in the day a dear friend of mine arrived for a visit (we meet up once a year during the summer hols) wearing her boots! I like the link to the crafty books on your sidebar. Look forward to your holiday pics. Have been making some bunting and am going to crochet some ric rac to join it all together. Found a little tutorial on Foxs Lane blog. She and her family are making a six month tour across Australia in their caravan!!
Enjoy the rest of the week. xx

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