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August 31, 2011


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Such lovely pictures. I'm really anxious to see that ripple blanket done with *gasp* brown! I adore brown; I keep knitting brown sweaters even though I try for other colors. This should prove interesting!


Hi, the calendar photo caught my eye. Have you been to porthleven (the wrestling fields)? A beautiful place- nice walks, great pasties and on a lovely sunny winters day lots of crazy surfers to watch. A bit of a trek down there but if you're in the vicinity I highly recommend it.
Enjoy the walnut wool :-) Which reminds me I was going to make a coffee and walnut cake this week, yum.

Maria João

I loved to see you back. I was missing your posts. Love. Mj

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy have the Mocha yarn in stylecraft and have been thinking of combining autumn shades(as in leaves and Sarah Raven colour choices
re chrysanthemums) in a crocheted blanket). As to weather there is a real nip in the air first thing in the mornings. Heres to some warm sunny afternoons during September! xx


Happy 9th Birthday to your Littlie. My middle Littlie was 10 last week and I can't believe she is entering her final year at primary school!!!
It has been an odd Summer hasn't it? Not a lot of anything weather wise and just feel I need the sun warming my bones more often and a few times more before the leaves change to brown. Speaking of brown I have a suspicion I know what your up to with your blanket I maybe wrong I'll have to wait and see.


Welcome back from your hols! I agree with the 'how is it already September??' train of thought! Happy Birthday to Little Man.


Woohoo! Happy 9th birthday, Little Man! 9 is such a FUN age! :-) And Lucy, I'd be making the same wish as you, we've had the worst summer in history here in Belgium (well, according to the weather bloke, the 3rd worst summer in history), and it feels a bit sad really, like we had to miss an entire season. Here we were, waiting patiently during two months, and now all of a sudden with the turning of the calender page the realisation it's really not going to come anymore. But on the happy side of it: I love autumn, especially the smell of it! :-) Looking forward to your blanket reveal! xxxx


I too am not ready for it to be September yet - so 3 weeks more of August? Yes please!
Love the colour of the pinky sky sunset over the hill, deeelish! I look forward to seeing the baby blanket reveal :) x


What a lovely post, it has uplifted me for the day :o)
It is amazing to see all the different weather and light conditions all from the same attic window view.

Happy belated 9th birthday to little man!

can't wait to see more of that gorgeous looking blanket
jooles x


Just doscovered your blog looking for crotchet blogs. Love love love your projects! Sounds like you had a lovely August. I loved reading about it!


Glad to hear that you've had such a good time ~ the summer has whizzed by and our summer holidays ended 2 weeks ago with the much earlier return to school up here in Scotland. I've not had much time for blogging recently as we have moved house ~ back to my chilhood town but I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging really soon. Happy belated birthday to your not so little boy ~ it sounded like he had the pefect boy day out ( my little boy is the same age ). Lots of love Jackie :O)x


Love all the pics as always, a sweet post with beautiful views. The ripple looks v nice, brown eh! it'll be a new trend soon, i do like the look of it:)
Karen X


ahhhhhh... there she is!
sounds like a turbulent week, lucy. can´t wait to read more but am content knowing you are all back, safe and sound.
pass on to the little man my happy belated birthday wishes please. 9 is such a wonderful age. my grandson had his 10th this year (ooops i am revealing my age with that one) his day with dad must have been a tickler - for guys anyway
; )
i can understand the reluctant feeling about seeing sommer ready to turn the job over to fall as i am going through very much the same sadness... i haven´t had much of my summer so it came and went without time to take much notice nor a vacation. as a matter of fact, it´s been YEARS with my husband´s illness that i have been going from day to day. one thing i have learned again, though with all this is to cherish and love little things. i think we tend to lose this in time. daily routine is surely at fault.
i have to admit, i AM an extreme-weather-fan and love the tingling in the air when it rumbles and flashes and rains like out of buckets...we have had that quite a few times this past month.
(you DO have a very special camera!) the view from the attic into the sundown is breathtaking! oh, before i forget... the first photo of dorset: is that house on the right really THAT PINK?
i am definitely doing sweet peas in pots next year. i think they would do well on my balcony railing next to all the other pretties...
i think the brown in you blanky is a harmonious touch to the pinks and blues... i will be patiently waiting for the ta-dah. to be honest i have stood in front of the browns in the shop before as well, creatively contemplating what it all could be hookied into...
`sugar stealer´ is new to me as well, quite cute! do you know where the term comes from?
well... gotta run. love `talking to you´... this did turn out quite looooong...
Xs and Os heidi


Hi Lucy, a lovely end of the summer post. Happy Birthday to your Little Man, 9 is such a fun age! We have had a similar summer here in the Pacific North West, and it seemed to go by too fast. Love your crochet and 'sugar stealer'. I don't think I have ever heard that term before, you will have to explain! xx


Hi Lucy,
I recently discovered your blog while searching for a Granny squares pattern and now I visit everyday for some much needed colour (it is the first day of spring here). I love hearing about all your projects and have started to make myself a crochet bag. Keep up the good work!


Sounds like a lovely summer. I hope the good weather continues over there into September :-)
But at the same time I am so excited it's spring here today!


Well I am certainly looking forward to turning my calendar...as a matter of fact I turned it all ready:)I wish we had rain and drizzle and the temperature would drop it's been over 100 degrees where I'm from :( I personally don't like hot weather, but again your blog has made cheery and I wish you luck on that baby blanket:)

Taking Heart

Top of the morning to ya A24... how are you? It has been a beautiful last part of August here in the states... we spent a family fun night with beautiful weather to watch an outdoor movie... Mary Poppins...

Happy Birthday to your little man... drink it up... My Middling recently turned ten, and he is struggling with still wanting to play with his guns and swords... and sometimes wanting to be cool like his bigger brother... time flies... 10 will sneak up on you!

Hope you are well, it's been a while... I'll try to pop in more often to your neck of the world!


Shirley Flavell

Lovely pictures Lucy, I do so enjoy seeing out of your attic window. Today is the 1st day of Spring for us and it sure has lived up to it's name. Lovely bursts of bright sun then cloud comes over and rains. Windy.Some coolness to the air but definitely changing, don't have to have the heating going as much as previous weeks.Lovely colour outside with the camellias, spring bulbs bursting out everywhere and the rhododendrons in full bright dressage.I have been crochet rippling away for the last few weeks and on a mission to finish before it gets too hot to have wool on the legs!!(Your pattern is great).Good luck with your brown wool . Shirley

Angy Braine

Here in Oz we are feeling the warmer days creeping up on us and I must say it is nice to spend a day soaking in the sunshine. However my hubby and I are crazy rain and cold weather fans (i know, I know..weird!) and so we too shall mourn the passing of our favourite season. Good luck with the baby blanket - can't wait to see it finished!

Erin Adkins

Wonderful pictures as always, Lucy. I can feel summer slipping away here in Ohio USA as well. Days shorter, evenings cooler, high school football season, kiddos back in school. I love those lazy summer days/evenings when there are no schedules to keep, no homework, just doing whatever comes to mind. *sigh*

Love the thought of brown next to your lovely color palate. Can't wait to see the finished project.


Teresa Kasner

Welcome back.. I'm with you on thinking that summer was just too fleeting. It's been grey for 3 days here in Oregon.. it's supposed to be 90 degrees next week though, and we're off on vacation in our trailer to an Indian hot springs resort in the high desert of Oregon that has a HUGE blue pool! I look forward to seeing your next project. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Lucy, this year does seem to be speeding along. I so agree.

Brown yarn? Isn't it interesting to add a new twist to your familiar colorways and see what happens?

Let me also tell you again how much I do enjoy seeing these occasional photos of the view from your Attic. Every season is lovely!


krista - Poppyprint

What nice photos to gaze at Lucy. How wonderful that you enjoyed summer with your children so much. I did, too. I'm also allergic to brown and was absolutely surprised to see it there on your table, for sure!


Lovely photos, especially that 1st one. Stunning and colorful.

Your little part of the world is just so interesting. A place to vacation. And the great part is... you get to live there.

I always look forward to your posts. So full of life. Thank you. And never stop blogging.

We love you!!

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