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August 31, 2011


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I loved seeing your attic views, so many changes of scene in a month.


I can't help but boast about about the warming, lengthening days on this side of the world! Loving wearing less layers and hiding the heaters away!


I can't wait to see the baby blanket! That is such a rich brown... It will offset the bright colors, nicely!

Thank you for sharing your August memories... We're still hot in my part of The States and I can't wait for autumn to arrive. I prefer the cooler weather. Could do without the darkness, but I enjoy wearing a sweater and snuggling under comfy blankets.

Katie B

Hi Luce, that brown comment (ehh?) made me chuckle - I can just see you saying that in a Manchester accent! Keep on stitchin' LOL x x


Your post made my day! Thank you for the beautiful pictures! Brown really isn't that bad is it? I think it will be great in your baby blankie. Can't wait to see it!


I love your blog! I also found you through crocheting. I love your color themes. We started school here yesterday and that always signals that summer is over, so bittersweet. I do have a question? Why do you call them sugar stealers? We have always called them wishes, to catch, wish upon and release. When I found out they were the wings to mildweed seeds I was a little disappointed. Who would grant my wish? Thanks for the lovely thoughts and pictures. It helps me to remember to cherise the moments.


I always enjoy the view from your attic window so much. Every season is breathtakingly beautiful from your sweet perch at the top of the house.


So glad to hear from you again! Sounds like the month has been so lovely and filled with all things special. It's so funny to compare your feelings towards summer's end with what I am experiencing. I live in Texas and this summer has been a scorcher (many many days over 100 degrees) and we are in a drought. I am so looking forward to September and October...cooler days and nights, low humidity, spending lots of time outside...can't wait! Anxious to hear more about your adventures. Thank you so much for sharing so generously with us.


Very happy birthday to your little boy! Many many happy returns!


Aaah, what a nice post! I am a bit bumped too that August already came to an end. Well, I wish you the best for September! It too, has its treasures. The colors of autumn leaves, hot coco after a walk through the rain, happy umbrellas...but I agree....August is a bliss haha.


Hello Lucy, So glad you had a wonderful vacation with your family. What wonderful memories you created! Personally, I like the dark brown. It just makes the bright colors pop out. Thank you for all the bright goodness you bring to the world and to us on Ravelry! Blessings to Attic24!!!


Thank you for another lovely post! You are right that it was a very big surprise to see brown wool in your basket! I haven't grown up enough yet to be brave enough to buy it, but maybe that time will come ... for me it's still just the colours of the rainbow I love and feel drawn to buying. Enjoy the change of the seasons. Here we had a "first day of spring" yesterday which was the most miserable day imaginable! Kari


Brown is my all time favorite color. Can't wait to see the finished baby blanket.


hello Lucy
it's lovely catching up with you and your travels

brown combined with neutrals and brights is very in again (i'm told). i've always loved it with creamy mushroomy tones, blues (esp. turquoise shades) and a varitey of pinks. it also goes well as part of an autumnal colour scheme. but i agree it's not very you.. unless you are keeping up with the times ;o) i'll be back for a peek at the baby blankie.. it is looking very gorgeous so far :o)

warmest hugs xxx

p.s. have i told you that i no longer blog? however i aim to continue reading the blogs i love and will comment now and then to let you know i'm still here and appreciating you.


Hi Lucy , loved this post. I'm using brown at the moment too . Trying to get a vintage look with my latest projects....not sure how it's working out but I'm enjoying making a blooming flower cushion sooooo much. Thankyou for the excellent tutorial .
Jacquie x

Rainy Day Crafter

Well, the first day of September has been glorious today down here in Somerset, so maybe you've got your wish?! :) Looking forward to seeing your new blanket!


I love your calender photo of the Wrestling Fields in Porthleven, Cornwall. I walk the dogs up there every day of our holidays there - it feels like home! I was sorry to turn it over today too!


Hi Lucy~

Glad August has been so good to you~ I don't want to say good-bye to summer yet either. This is all very odd to me for I am an autumn girl, but this summer just went too quickly!
So amazed to see brown yarn on your blog! You are one brave girl! ;) I have no doubt it will all be fabulous- happy hooking!


I love that first pic of the boats on the water. The random colors of the boats is just about inspiring for a project.
How do you usually pick colors for a blanket? Random of light to dark? How do you figure out the order? By mood or planning?


The brown you chose is a very warm delicious color, I daresay. I'm not much on the darker colors myself because they are harder to hook with but sometimes a little bit of dark makes the brights pop even more. :o)


Lol actually used those colours from style craft to knit a baby blanket. Was nicely surprised but the out come. I'm sure yours will be beautiful (I've only just started reading your blog but love your many crochet blankets!)

Mary Jo

Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for the TA DA!

Brown is a terrific color...think of chocolate or lattes,or puppy dog eyes!

Totally agree with you about summer speeding by this year. Cannot believe that September has arrived.

CecilyMae Handmade

Hi Lucy, glad you had a fun time down in Dorset! Looks like you took the photo of the harbour on the only sunny day of the week! Good luck on the brown wool blanket - you're very brave. Joey x


Hi Lucy, lovely pics, looking forward to you being back..i hope you have a good Autumn...we have just gone into our Spring here..so looking forward to it!

The Barefoot Crofter

Hello - mourning the end of Summer here in the Western Isles, but hopefully some golden September days will keep us going until it is time to light the fire again.
Jacqui xx

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