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July 27, 2011


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Lovely post...so much exciting news. Thankyou. I know you are short of time, but any chance of a quick tutorial for the key rings? Thankyou, Elizabeth


What a treat to be allowed to share your July adventures!
Could I ask how you made your key fobs, please?

Kimberly V

Had to check out your weather there after hearing about picnics and barbeques and such... so fun! We've been around 100F here, so it's too hot to do anything but swim. So glad to hear you have 7o's in July. Sounds perfect! I looooove your patio. Looks like something from a magazine. Loved the whole post, and mostly your happy, contented heart.

debbie@happy little cottage

How lovely to have a backyard that looks like the courtyard of a posh hotel! It must be like being on vacation every time you go outside :)

I adore everything that you and your friends made for the craft sale. Oh how I would love to have a group of creative friends!!


Hi Lucy.. everyone else seems to have read this blog this morning and here I am about to go to bed! I loved reading about your few hours to yourself... I think most Mums harbour secret longings for an hour, day, weekend away....one of these days I'll treat myself to a hotel by the sea...just for a weekend... hmmmm...
Now look... you made me feel bad about my little 'patio bit'! It is shaby, unloved, ugly... so next week I am going to give it an overhaul... I promise... rain or shine I will do it! ps: sending you strength for you and your Mum:)x


What a lovely sight to see a craft stall at a fete, our school is having a fete later this year and I am hoping to have a stall, if it looks half as lovely as your photo's I will be sooo happy. Your courtyard looks just lovely. Enjoy your simmer break! xx


You see, speechless with it all and all so nice....


lovely photos x


How lovely to see the hanging basket. Made my day! :) Glad it's surviving! What beautiful things you made for the craft fair! Thanks as always for a divine post! xoxo


What a fab month you have had, I feel like I blinked and missed July it went so fast, I LOVE your makes for the stall...I notice two of your little bunnies are blushing..what have they been up to I wonder?
much love
Jane x x x x x x


Very envious of your nice tidy little garden with colour sprouting up all over the place! I just have a large patch of weeds, very ugly and difficult to maintain. Glad you are enjoying July, I am too, even though the weather is a bit iffy. Looking forward to seeing what you are crocheting whilst the kids play outside... xx



I'm delighted by all the crafty goodness! So, so beautiful. Those rabbits you hooked are so precious! They remind me of cute little bowling pins. Wouldn't a set of 'bowling pin' rabbits with a little ball be great? Certainly nothing I could do- never hooked anything in my life. Unless you count a husband ;)
What a gift you have for bringing color to the world!


Your post is like going on a little happy vacation! Although I know it must have been hard visiting your poor Mum in hospital.... Keep up the courage. You live in a beautiful place and I love all the handcrafts-they are inspiring me to start some of my own. xx Karen

angela-southern USA

hello from across the pond.first time posting,stumbled across your site recently.LOVE your work. crocheted for years myself.you have inspired me to use brighter colors.love the blooming flower cushion. working on a sunflower one now. i ve increased the center a bit in brown and using several shades of yellow. thank you for sharing!wishing your Mom well.


Hope your mum is getting better. I have been back and forward to Yorkshire, taking turns with family, staying with my mam as she is not well. Strange being away from your own home home, but a novelty.
Your pictures are lovely, glad you enjoyed your break.


What a delightful post! All your pictures from your getaway reminded me of my time in the UK. What a nice display table. Those bunnies are quite cute. And the wonderful pillows that your friend made!! Thanks again for a great post!


oh lucy you are so wonderful you make my heart skippity skip skip,you made such a lovely hideous cusion. you and all your sycophantic followers dont have an interesting thing to say between you.


Ooh what a lovely post! So happy you had the chance to spend some precious 'me'-time in those beautiful surroundings. Your back garden looks so very pretty and cosy, I especially love the flower basket! Ooh and congrats on the cute bunny sales (I was relieved to read that Mr.Ssssnake came back home with you) :D Have a lovely day/weekend!
p.s. reading the comments of fellow-followers for a while now, I can't help but notice there is a big interest in a book/calender of yours, Luce! Maybe it's worth thinking about it? Imagine the amount of people you would make ridiculously Happy, and the extra pennies!! :-) xxxx


You have done such a good job of selling Bridport that we will be bringing our caravan there next June! Gentle, calming and joyful post as always Lucy.

Meg McG

I have a serious lack of bunting in my life. I need to fix that right away!

Lisa S.

You're pictures are excellent. So beautiful.
Wish I'd known about the sale, I would've come from the USA, just to buy a key fob. Really, I couldn't have, but someday when you're famous, some lucky person will have a famous bunny. I wish you would sell the round pillows.
Still love the walls and all the stone.


I love, love those chicky pillows! I have not made one of Kate's rabbits yet, but maybe sometime this summer...

Elizabeth Bowles

Hi, I am new to your blog and I love it. The pictures of where you live and all the crafts that you do are just wonderful. I would love to have you as an online pal if you have the time. I'm a school cook in West Virginia, USA. I knit and crochet and cook and do vegetable canning and have several groups and I have a knitting group that I started. Talk again I hope Libby


Love love love your cheery blog, your stories are great they give me so much inspiration. I think Im gonna hook some cushions now so cute... Certainly a faithful follower now.

August Paddock

I love your posts, the way you describe things is beautiful. I totally get how you enjoyed being by yourself, its so precious when you've got little ones. Lovely post, thanks for sharing x

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