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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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July 27, 2011


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Love the website - only just discovered it after teaching myself to crochet using the internet. You're site has been so helpful and inspirational.
Do you have a pattern for the key ring phobs?


Hi Lucy. I love, love, love your blog and am quite new to crochet and find your beautiful work so inspiring. I wondered whether you have a pattern or plan to release one for your gorgeous keyring fobs please? Also, is there a knack for getting the hole in the middle of your bauble decoration to stay small as every time I try to make them the hole is always quite large (as I said I am quite new to crochet and don't know whether I am doing something wrong or whether I just need to practice more!)Many Thanks.


Just recently took up knitting and crochet and discovered your blog, had to post here and say I love it! You make such pretty things, I get all excited and inspired!And your photos and posts are great, so positive! Mary


Inspiring and refreshing as always! I dove into your gorgeous Yarn Bag tonight. I've been waiting for the perfect yarn, but couldn't resist starting with something from my stash. Like you, it has grown much larger than expected, but that just means more room for yarn!

Valentina  Chubretovic

I just LOVE this Blog!

Following your art from Chile

hire a website developer

Nice places all are. I love to spend my holidays in places like this. Hope I can fullfill my dream some day.


What an absolutely delicious post. I felt like I was with you on your 'journey'. Lovely pics and beautiful makes as usual.


Your courtyard is lovely, the perfect place for relaxing with a cup of coffee. I always enjoy catching up on your blog.


What an amazing blog you have. Such colour and amazing creativity. Now following from Australia ! xx Ava


Mmmmm.....sunny bliss, not necessarily the weather but colours too!

On the subject of granny bunting...I need some help with the picot edge - could you clarify in your lovely, straightforward, hooky sort of a way?

Thanks xx :)


So happy to have found your enchanting blog... I'll be back for sure!

LOVE your July back yard. SENSATIONAL!

Warm blessings,


You are amazing. So colorful......just like all those crochet works you have done. So bright.....just like all those pictures you have taken. So beautiful.....just like the spirit I meet through your eyes and your words. Amazing. Keep writing, Keep bogging, Keep clicking, more over keep crocheting.


Hi, I'm a new blogger, and am getting TOTALLY into crocheting. I finished a granny square blanket last weekend, and have now begun a granny row blanket...thanks to your pattern through ravelry :)


YIKES!!! Pardon that typo! I hope you know that word was meant to be "As" with one "s." I really need slow down before hitting that Enter button.


Ass always, a calming inspiration! Your trip sounds like a dream! That's something you will have in your memories forever, so when in need of some solitude, just pull them out of your memory banks. Love the craft sale items. The bunting was the first thing I noticed! Very jealous of your local friends, just not fair that you're all on the other side of the pond! Strange though, as I read your posts, it doesn't feel that far.


I second Kerry's wise words while reaffirming the market for an Attic 24 crochet book. Crafting is a great way to unwind and focus the mind on things other than:housework, looking after family and work, as worthy as these activities are.
Hoping to run a craft stall in the near future-any tips,Lucy?What items sell best? How many pennies to charge? Keep hooking, Wendy Woman x


Dear Lucy! Thank you very much for your beautiful pictures! I would love to try and make some of thouse stuffed keyrings too - could you please share the pattern? I know it must be obvious for crochet-people but I'm only a beginner... Thank you so much!


Oh dear, jealousy is a terrible thing and poor J seems to be afflicted with it. I wonder why she/he visits your blog if it's uninteresting to her/him. As someone who doesn't comment very often, and is certainly not sycophantic, I find your joy of colour and life inspirational and enjoy your blog posts enormously.

Also (heck, I seem to only be noticing the negative comments here .... sorry!) as someone who is younger than you and has adult aged children (well, one anyway - 18 and 17) I would say to Samantha that parenting is a different experience for everyone .... I didn't enjoy the nurturing years much at all and it's only latterly, as we've all grown up together that I've enjoyed the experience of being "mum". Mind you, taking time out to visit your own poorly mother hardly means you're wishing your own children grown up and flying the nest, surely?!

Best wishes to your mum and your family and Happy Weekend - let's hope the sun shines!



Gorgeous post, Lucy! Lots of interesting things and lovely colours. I loved hearing about your adventure - and seeing your sunny summery pictures of the places you visited. And I loved seeing your crochet key rings and little rabbits - really sweet! Have a wonderful weekend.
Helen x

Donna Kuhn

Hi Lucy,
This is the lady who wrote you awhile back the story about having a baby at 40 from Orlando. I saw your key fobs and thought that they looked like the top of frosted cupcakes. Maybe something that we all should try making?? Of course that would mean we would need a pattern. I CONTINUE TO LOVE ATTIC 24!!! MUCH LOVE FROM ORLANDO FL Donna


I LOVE your backyard!! So colorfull!! I can imagine me being there. Congratulations!
Hugs and kisses from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Katie B

Hair looks gorgeous Luce! Hope your Mum's doing well. Lovely work, piccies & writing - STILL don't know how you do it all! Sending lots of love, K x x

Emma (silverpebble)

Summery good good things. That stall looked good enough to eat.


Such beautiful blue seas, you definately make me want to visit Dorset, it looks gorgeous. As much as we love and treasure out littlies it is great to get occasional time away, to be just yourself. Little bunnies are too cute, BellaBee would adore one, and a couple of nieces, ooo, perfect little girl (and big!) pressies.


I am only 2 years older than you, yet my son is 24 and so I do not relish alone time as I have far too much of it! 3 healthy children and a loving husband are a gift not many have. I would love to have little ones at my feet; they are there for such a little time. The grass is always greener I guess. You don't have more time for yourself either as time gets taken up with work. The home years are the best years certainly. Time quickly passes and bites you on the bottom! You 'older' mums you have been given treasure to invest in when you have most to give. There are good things about being a mother young it is true but whatever comes next in life it doesn't beat nurturing your children. Empty nest syndrome is a profoundly true one.

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