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July 22, 2011


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HI What size of cushion did you use? I love your work and your blog. Thank you so much!!!


Thank you for sharing such a great pattern. I made the cushion & entered it into our village's Summer Show. I won the Crochet section! I love your use of colour - the combinations you use are fantastic - I've learned loads. Thank you again.

Cathern Harrison

Hi Lucy,
Found your blog this morning while looking for instructions for the flower cushion. I have been crocheting on and off for over 50 years and as looking for ideas to share with the Art Hive in our area. The cushion stood out for me because it is so bright and cheerful plus possibly some of the donated yarn the Art Hive has been given may be a way to make something useful. I'll be back to enjoy your blog as you have a very colourful interesting site

Yvonne Davidson

Hi, your blooming flower cushion looks amazing and I can picture this on my garden chair on a sunny day. I notice you often have yarn packs for particular projects (making it easy for a beginner like me). Could you please post some information on the wool and hook size. Thank you !

Sarah Williams

Hi Lucy, I can't see a mention of the yarn you used for this lovely cushion. The colours are so bright and pretty, I want to have a go making one for my new house! :)

Jane Clayton

Hi, I love this cushion, is there a kit for it please? If not, how much wool/ yarn is needed to do it?
Many thanks, Jane


Just a quick comment/question as I refer people to your site (we have over 5000 members now in just a few months) I feel terribly guilty that you aren't getting paid. Is there a way of contributing monthly so that it helps you? We are not for profit but I would happily subscribe a monthly amount. Also would you mind if I published your blog in its entirety for our members to read/subscribe to? Thank you and thank you for the colour and joy you bring. Lo xx


Thank you, I find you so inspirational and I refer to your page at least once a week for our crochet crowd in Australia. Kindest regards Lorraine


Hi Lucy i am confused about the back. The front looks great but i made the back incorrectly.Is it 2 rounds of treble in the same colour and increasing on the alternate rounds?


Hi Mam, making this cushion. I love the pattern. Is there anyway if we can just use it as it is,without making it as a cushion. How do I make it sit like that then.


Hello, I've just finish it, not exactly the same colors but in acrylic. Need to put a cushion inside. Your pictures and data very well explained and it was very easy to follow. I found a website were your pictures are used but don't see your reference http://make-handmade.com/2013/10/14/crochet-colorful-flower-accessories/
Thanks very much for your work on the net !

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uzun zamandır bakamamıştım. siz dahada güzelleşmişsiniz.
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Marilyn Hunter

Please can you tell me which wool you used for the blooming flower cushion
Many thanks


I may be reading it wrong and I haven't started this yet but at the beginning you say about leaving the ends to weave in later but a bit later you say to leave it to weave or work it in. does it make a difference if you work over it to secure it or is it neater to weave them all in later. Thanks Also I notice that you appear to be using cotton, is it better in cotton than acrylic, does it make a significant difference to the appearance?


I really love the blooming flower cushion you've provided detailed photo's and instructions and I plan on working this up today in my own color palette. I also love the hexagon throw/afghan pictured below the patchwork elephant! Really lovely! I haven't found the pattern for this hexagon afghan/throw, but I' still looking! and I may have to devise my own!


Hi I love this. can u advice what yarn you used???

Gail Morris

I have now finished three of these cushions, first one with every row a different colour in cotton, second one with verigated wool, and the third, lime green, which turned out great, thank you for the pattern, I love it

Sally trotman

PLEASE share details of the yarns!! Nearly finished coast ripple blanket and want that as my next project!!


This is so beautiful and so much fun doing! I was wondering if it's okay to translate your pattern into swedish? I have a friend who really wants to make This but can't read english patterns. I will ofcourse link to your blog and show her your work! :) please email me with your answer! :) thousand times thank you!

Penny Rongo

Thanks Lucy for the wonderful flower pillow pattern. Would love to give it a go but I need to know what yarn is used for it and what size hook. Just finished the Crochet Bag Pattern and love, love, love it.


Lucy you must be such a beautiful soul and are as colourful as the craft you create. Just love this cushion. In fact I haven't seen anything you've made I haven't loved. If I had my craft room (wish list) it would be filled with so much colourful things you'd need sunglasses to go in. Keep up the good work.

Susan Thomas

Hi Lucy. I am very new to crochet and am so happy with The Jolly Chunky Bag, which I am now finishing. It is beautiful and makes me smile each time I look at it.
I would now like to stretch myself a little more and would like to attempt this gorgeous pillow. I love its colours!!
Being new, I cannot work out which yarn (dk or chunky) or hook to use and would really appreciate your help.

Thank you Lucy for bringing colour into my life.

ps I loved reading about your Scarborough adventures with your lovely family x

Angie Moule

Hi Lucy, are you able to let me know what yarn / colours you used to make this cusion, and what size hook? I'd love to have a go!
Many thanks
Angie x


Love this! What yarn did you use and what hook size please? The rounds are so neat and smooth! X






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