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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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July 24, 2011


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Kerri K. Koenigsberg

I was reading an obscure book which likened the attic of a home to living in the highest level of love. Then I happened upon your lovely blog and have spent the morning just enjoying it's loveliness. I really zoomed in on your mouse pad and liked it tremendously. Love to know where it came from. Thanks for letting us peek into your little joys.

Lyn Z...

I feel so Blessed to have stumbled upon your blog today..... Funny I encountered this particular one as we are now nearing summer's end here in the States...and of course with it my favorite season.... I adore your color sense and way with words..... looking forward to much more happy viewing and the inspiration I find in the work of fellow creators.....


Hello Lucy, I just love your blog! Love reading your blog and crocheting those little flowers :)
Aine xx


Unas imagenes preciosas con un colorido realmente maravilloso,te mando un saludo.

gina @ oaxacaborn

I'm positively jealous of the view out your kitchen door! GORGEOUS!

Eva Lopez

I like your blog. Greetings from Southern California, Eva a.k.a. Eva the Disco D'Eva


Hi Lucy, your fabulous work is such a pleasure and inspiration for me, I always look forward the new posts on your blog, this one is also marvellous! I've learnt so much from you...
Nora from Hungary


Wow, who's the foxy lady with the new 'do'?
Looking good Lucy.


i cant believe you ,first you moan about how you wish you could stop worrying about your mother. then you post about all the lovely things you are enjoying and never even send condolences to norway.


WOW! Lucy! I love your blog. Thank you for making me feel grateful for the simple little things in life..you can't beat snugs of little ones and some lovely new wool!
Thank you for inspiring me to crochet again after a long break! I look forward to buying you a coffee ;-)

I'm trying to work out where in the North you are as I'm a Northern lass too!

Wishing you a happy summer.

Best wishes, Gez..xx


Hello Lucy, The Flowers are so pretty!! Love the new haircut makes you look so youthful and beautiful!! Have a wonderful day!! Hugs!

Anne Marie

I love your crochet blog. I've also been looking back - adore your attitude to housework and dusting etc! My neighbours' houses are all so tidy with nothing out - however they don't DOOOOOOO anything, just housework.

I want to make a crochet cover/cozy for my Easi Yo yoghourt maker. Any ideas for number of stitches and also the top cover?


Absolutely wonderful!



Late in commenting - but, the hair looks amazing! Can't wait to give mine a bit of a trim tomorrow! It's too hot for long hair!


hi Lucy, just popped in to say I've linked a post in my blog to yours and I hope you don't mind. I was inspired by your view from the kitchen door to post my own kitchen door view as it is also my little bit of outdoor heaven xx Janette x

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

Thanks for the colorful peek into your life! Your photos and words are always so inspiring.
x Katherine


Sorry Lucy, I forgot to mention, have you come across the new "making" magazine MollieMakes? It's superb, and I think it would be right up your street. Find it at good newsagents, supermarkets, etc, molliemakes.com, and they also have a facebook page. In Issue 3, page 23 they have listed your blog as one that they love - the open page spread is showing how to make little layered flowers similar to your wonderful cushion you have just made, along with the most delightful teeny tiny butterflies.

Sandi Lee

Everything that I love and enjoy too. Oh my gosh, look at little B's hands, they are soooo cute, I love little hands and feet, all soft and plump and squishy yummy.
Have been zipping around my granny stripe blanket, am on the edge now and have forgotten how to do corners, so am making it up as I go! I think it looks ok.
x Sandi


Hi Lucy, I've just caught up on your last two posts - simply wonderful as usual - your photography skills are inspiring - I sometimes try to take similar photos around my home, but alas, there's always something in the background ruining the composition, or I can't quite get the light right - I shall keep trying tho, cause yours are delightful.

As I've mentioned before, I have only recently found your blog, and have been taking time to backtrack through your older posts. Somewhere in there, I read where you talked about where you get your yarn from, and now that I need to buy some lovely (but not expensive) yarn, I can't find your post, and I can't find anyway to search quickly and easily. Would you mind please perhaps emailing me, or post, a good online place to buy yarn? Many, many thanks. And I absolutely love the beautiful, decorated hooks - me thinks I'm just going to have to invest in 1 or 2 of these ;-).

Also, just wondering how your Mum is now - hoping she's feeling better and totally on the mend.

Maria João

Hi Lucy. I loved all your "enjoyings". :)

Jennifer stevens

Enjoying attic 24!!!! Enjoying not walking to school everyday(it's only day two that could change) enjoying my attic24 ripple blanket. We love den's too, we use an picnic table umbrella with the bottom pole taken out and lots of throws, and yes lots of pegs to keep it all together!!!;-)


hello lucy!
isn´t it such a virtue to have the ability to appreciate life´s simple things and feel such overwhelming content with them?!? *sigh* like lil B with his apple... so many peeps lose this in time and go thru life not looking left nor right.
i bought some new pegs myself recently, looked for some colorful ones but am so happy with my apple green, whitish, and sky blue ones... all rowed up on my clothes stand like swallows on a wire!
are you enjoying you summer holiday with the lil peeps? planning on traveling some, maybe visiting dorset? wishing you tons o´ FUN! the time is so, so precious! :D Xs and Os heidi


Enjoying the Attic24 colour-fest! <3


I have so enjoyed your 'enjoying' - thanks for sharing...and for that gorgeous cushion tutorial! I can't wait to use up my scraps making one of those!



Always a good reminder to enjoy what is right in front of us! Thank you ~ and I just want to say I especially enjoyed seeing your door flung open to your precious little outdoors space beyond. It looks so cozy and snug!

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