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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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June 28, 2011


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Because I'm playing catch up, and I don't know blog land etiquette, I thought I'd save my comments till I've caught up! Only , I'm beginning to realize this is not a good idea. For one I'm dipping in & out in no real order....so I have forgotten some of what had intended to post - I currently have five of your blog pages up! But mostly, want to tell you to grow Blue berries. You will love them to pieces...They are happy in pots. Have fruit that is yummy, blueberry muffins...I rest my case. BUT what you may not know is the colour, the leafs are going a glorious shade of red at the moment and they look most AwEsomE.
Thank you for sharing your world with us.
I remember what else it was I was going to suggest, a book...Have you seen any www.katwise.etsy.com ? Kat has done & sold her book as a pdf ... You have the technology... Just an idea.
Thank you again. Kind thoughts I send


Exquisite pictures, so much colour and joy I say yes to no cleaning! highly overrated


Hi Lucy
I've been following your blog for a while now. I've used a few of your recommendations for books that you buy the children for my Granddaughter who lives in the UK (i live in Australia). I have a recommendation for you now. I just saw a website which apparently will close in September that has amazing crochet patterns for blankets that look like patchwork quilts and I thought you and your readers might be interested. Unfortunately I can't crochet myself I just tie my fingers together. The patterns are free and quite lovely. The site is called Happy Yellow House and the link is:
I hope you find it interesting.
PS I have no affiliations with this site at all.


Little people soon grow into bigger people and then they don't get up so early, though I know it's no comfort at this time. My 5 am little person grew up, went to uni, came back and still wakes me up at 5.30 to go to work, 20 years on. You probably don't want to know that. The other little person went to live in Hackney and keeps getting his bicycles nicked. I love your crochet, I try, but it's not as neat as yours.

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So pleased your Mum and you are doing ok. Happy to see you again. You are always in our thoughts.


Maybe, you should put some light-blocking curtains in the baby's bedroom to avoid early wake-ups. I remember having this problem when I was living in Sweden and in UK.

I look forward o treading your bunny pattern as I want to make one for my cousin's new baby girl. I hesitated between the following four free patterns
but I know that yours will be crystal-clear, colorful, and fun to make so I will wait :).

I am also happy that your mother is doing ok now.

Paula N. Keen

Just want to a share a note with you. Can not tell you how much I enjoy the photos you share and the comments about them!! My son-n-law is from Notthingham, England. And when I see your pics, it helps me learn more of his home! I hope I spelled that right? :) Oh! I have made quite afew of your crocheted totes. The one with the flowers on the handles. I even made some small enough for purses for the family ! They all love them. I love your colors of yarn too, just wish I could get them here! I have been crafting for over 60 years! But love learning new things, so please keep things coming!! I live in the United States of America. But love seeing new places!!
God bless you and your family, Paula N. Keen


by the way - made the fishcakes last week - very popular and delish! Thanks! x


Oh, really pleased to hear that your Mum is doing ok.
I am relatively new to the blog thing and only recently discovered yours, but it has quickly become a must-read! You are always so lovely and cheery, even when things are tough - it's a complete delight! The best thing about coming late to it is that I still haven't read everything, so there's always something new and bright to discover and be inspired by! Thank you! xx


Awww Lucy, it is good to hear that everyone is ok - and yourself of course! I really love the rabbits and the snake is amazing!
I'm still trying to learn crochet - have booked on a days course! My little chick loves a story about a lumpy green donkey called Ned and I have a dream that just maybe one day I can crochet her one of her own... fingers crossed! Lots of love to your family xxx Claire x


I'm so glad to hear your mum is improving and that your latest post sounds much happier.
I am happy to discover another person whose heart is made happy by the simple delights of laundery drying on a sunny washing line and someone who like me loves "sniffing sun-dried laundry" - well any fresh laundry in fact. Though I am not a "hooker" like you I love your creations and wonder whether you have seen this wonderful object found here: http://colorfulsenses.typepad.com/blog/2011/03/operation-chair.html


Hi Lucy. I love reading about your days and everything you get up to. When I read about your early starts I thought I might be able to add some cheer to watching clock.... I make wall clocks, with crochet faces and grannies, flowers or circles to indicate the 3, 6, 9 and 12. I do custom orders as well where you can choose the colours. If you have a look on my Etsy shop you'll see what I get up to. And with a crochet clock, it really is always crochet time :-)))


Glad your mom is feeling better...my littlest guys wakes at 5am too...am going to try your attitude of appreciating that quiet time with just him...rather than wishing i was stillunder the blankets of bed!
p.s. such pretty pics of your garden!


Ah, lovely post! What a gorgeous view from your window :)

I'm really glad your mum is slowly improving :)))


I am so happy that your Mum continues to improve Lucy. Love to you and your family. x


I was so relieved to see one of your usual type of posts today :) I thought it must mean things aren't quite so bad as before. I love the view from your attic window, especially how golden it was when you took that photo. Take care x


Thats good news about your Mum Lucy x x x As always beautiful pictures!

Jilly x x x

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I am really very happy after see you here again. I am glad you are able to take a little time to sit and ponder the good things about you.


Oh I feel like I just went on vacation! I just happened on your blog looking for pics of pink roses and stayed to read a little and look at the bright, bright pictures. Totally understand about the tidying! So hot here in Texas (104) and I'm wishing I was somewhere in England right now...with my family in tow of course.


i am holding my breath to see more of the lil´ bunnies (and get the details)! ...looking out of the corner of your basket, gosh how SWEET!


I love that you have happy news about your Mum. Your little family is sweet as can be and your daily life brings back such fond memories (empty nest). You are a good Mum, allowing the toys to pile up and cake in the morning. These are the best things in life. Love your crochet and little walled garden. Best wishes that all works out with your Mum. xx


MOrning Lucy, so glad to hear from you - have missed you so much! Glad to hear mum is going ok, one day at a time is all we can ask for isn't it. Summer is looking lovely in your part of the world. Enjoy xx

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy what a lovely post. I am glad to hear that you mum is making progress. Like the early morning cake making! Your little rabbit looks cute.
Good luck with completing your crochet toys. I bet they will be snapped up
in an instant. xx


Still winging thoughts and glad they help the one day at a time. Thanks for sharing your world in attic land. Going one day at a time here too but with a MIL. Take care.

Eliz. K

lovely photos! I love the bird quilt as well! And I'm glad you're son loves to bake! (both my brothers do, and it's very endearing to another baker :-)

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