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May 19, 2011


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A lovely calm (apart forn the running and shouting!) day out. :o) One day they'll be quiet visiting a place like that but it'll be because they're bored and sulking. (If they're anuthing like my teenagers anyway!)xx

Eleni Drinks Tea

Ah, this green and pleasant isle! What a tonic :)


Beautiful photographs!
We went to Fleet last year for our first ever family camping trip. The scenery is breathtaking, as you have shown. Our campsite over looked Chesil Beach and every night we sat on the hill just outside of the main campsite and watched the sun go down. We didn't stop in Abbotsbury but did drive through a few times - a beautiful village. A large lorry got a bit stuck on the sharp right corner (opposite the turning for the swannery) and nearly took out the corner of the house there! Eep! We saw the church, but didn't stop, which after seeing your photo I wish we had, on our way to a very windy Chesil Beach. I so want to go back again, but two of my not so little ones aren't too keen. Tsk teenagers!
Also, just want to say that I love reading your blog. I have had so much inspiration from your projects. Currently half way through my ripple blanket which I hope to finish THIS year (started beginning of last year I think) I first discovered you when someone posted a link on a chicken forum I go on and my very first ting I made was the snowflakes, which I made my Christmas cards with that year.

mardi s

Hi Lucy,
I just wanted to say what an inspiring post your blanket fest is!! My niece and I were at the wool shop together today (in Melbourne, Australia), both buying beautiful coloured wool for our new crochet blanket endeavours after stumbling across your blog via Ravelry. Your blankets are so lovely and thank you for sharing all that valuable information.


Lucy I always follow your blog and I love your Dorset visits. I was born and grew up in Dorset, in a little village between Dorchester and Weymouth and i just feel like I've come home everytime I go back though I no longer have family there which is sad. I always gravitate to my favourite places, which include Eggerdon Hill, St Catherines Chapel and the coast though my 'home' bit of coast is Ringstead and Holworth and a visit to Portland Bill on stormy windy days because its awesome. I love sharing your blog, thank you. x


What a charming share! Thank you! Lovely photos and clever words to allow us to share your day! x&o, Annette


Your sweet family traditions, picnics and holiday activities inspires me to make life more interesting for my family. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

crochet party

encore de belles photos quel magnifique pays

Gorgeous Things

Dorset IS a gentle place - I used to live there too, and I think your Dad is right. It has been lovely to revisit it through your last 2 posts - you've captured it so well with your photos.
I have linked to you from my last post where I was writing about granny stripes, amongst other things I hope that is ok :)?
Gorgeous x


Last autumn when I visited Abbotsbury with a dear friend (they have lovely tearooms in the old school house with delicious shortbread!) I saw St. Catherines from a distance, both from the road and through some treas in the garden at Abbotsbury - now I only regret that we didn't actually climb up there. I will simply have to go back!

I enjoyed your photos so much!


You live in the most beautiful country and i love your style..


Love the countryside, and your love for it. Especially like your comment about "layering memories"--what an appropriate term.

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, oh my I loved St. C's. Here in America we have very few really old places.. when was that built? I *love* ancient stone buildings!! Thanks for sharing! I invite you to pop over to my blog and see some new photos I put up of the Columbia River Gorge.. I think you'll like it. Hugs, Teresa :-)


Lucy, this post is a joy, truly showing how much love can connect a family. Where that family might travel together to discover old familiar, and also new joys together.

I have visited your site so many times to look, admire and learn crochet tips, but I must also thank you for sharing your fabulous appreciation of the various UK landscapes and the atmospheres of those regions.



Lucy--thank you so much for all your wonderful posts. I really enjoy hearing about your holidays and seeing the lovely pictures you take. It is really making me want to take a trip to England to see this glorious countryside!

ellen kelley

I read your blog every time you post. I don't think that I have ever left a comment. (For shame!) I am a bit shy and intimidated by your lovely creations and the many, many comments you receive. I resolve to get OVER IT. For some reason, this post has left me a bit teary-eyed. I believe, in part, that I am privileged to see yet another facet of your life, another part of who you are, and it is wonderful.
I wish to be there to see the beauty that moves you and the beauty, I know, that would move me.
p.s. I am going to Google Saint Catherine. Do you think I'll get an answer?
Thank you for the joy here.


More beautiful memories. Thank you, Lucy. Jude.x

Shirley Flavell

Wonderful photos, thank you for your great commentaries. Showed them to my hubby who is from the UK. he commented that many years ago he did a cycle tour and visited a nearby town called Ottery St. Mary.and it was snowing at the time.I hope one day I can visit the UK.It is now becoming quite cold here in N.Z.Heating on today and some knitting time coming up.Shirley


Beautiful photos. Almost can imagine being there myself. StC's is just stunning! I can see why you love it so much.


I think the area between Dorchester and Lyme Regis is just the best anywhere- and the views from the road between Dorchester and Bridport are magical, my absolute favourite journey, apart from the coast road,which,astoundingly,is even more beautiful.
The distance is Dorset is always so very blue....

Kate - The Garden Bell

As close to heaven on earth as it gets. Stunningly charming as always. I for some reason think that second simple picture it postcard perfect. So simple, so sweet, so soulfully peaceful.

Glad to see you are out and about. Keep the post coming. As you know I do love a good hike and picnic with you, but next time remind me to take those rocks from the beach out of my pockets. I don't need all that extra weight up the hillside.

Kate, you know who.

Susanne Tyree

Your pics are lovely. Here in the states we don't find many places where we can do what you do, it would be considered trespassing to hike up on a hill and picnic, that is unless you know the land owner and have permission. Our life here is so hurried, your life in England seems more laid back. You are very lucky indeed :)

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy the comment about taking your little people to the places you
knew in your childhood reminded me that we did this with our sons, I just wish we had taken more photos. Yours are so good and a delight to look at.
Thank you for sharing them.xxx


It's lovely, Scenery you only see in Great Britain. It makes me want to go to England again.


Hmmmm, why do I feel that I want to be in the UK and go straight to Dorset. Truly beautiful photos and your posts are great. Thank you for sharing your memories and family with us.

Sarah (in hot dry Texas)

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