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May 19, 2011


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This is a good place to sit back, relax and have the time of your life. A stress free place. It looks like you are in a paradise.

Double Glazing

This is such a great place to visit. I miss our province. You can really see the difference between busy cities and fresh provinces.

Jackie Grimson

Makes me feel homesick for UK, left when I was 14. Forever ago. Have my own family now so can't go back. Australia is now home. Lovely photos. Thanks Jackie

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Your holiday pics are all so gorgeous. Thank you so very much for sharing it all with us. I love to read your holliday stories and before we go I will make a to do list and a to visit list on the basis of your stories.

herbal tea

I have so enjoyed all your wonderful posts on your recent Dorset visit. It's lovely to see how little 'uns can still enjoy simple pleasures. You got yourself some really lovely things.

London escorts

Photography was awesome. Such a beautiful mosaic of pictures and such a lovely idea as a reminder of photographs you have taken.

Enid Stephens

just moved to Tasmania although we are now into winter , looking forward to spring very much like yours beautiful photos makes my day Enid

Gloria J W

Thank you so much Lucy for the time and effort you put into your blog...a hard thing to keep up, and you are so generous with the time and the wonderful pics. I feel that I have visited the area too. It's wonderful to see the countryside from the other side of the world. How special is it sharing your childhood memories with your own children.
Cheer, Gloria


So green, so serene, so beautiful.

Jenny McH

What stunning countryside! St Catherines Chapel looks amazing sitting ontop of the hill. Its wonderful how you are sharing your love of Dorset with you children...lovely holiday memories. from Jenny (Australia)


Lovely pictures. I live in East Dorset and feel very lucky to live in this part of the world. My children love the countryside too - paddling in the river just outside our house and walking in the woods at the end of our road. I didn't realise that you hail from this area too!


Two picnics in one day - now that's impressive. Must be something about wonderful chapels and Dorset. Our special chapel is at St Aldhelm's Head near Swanage and we go there every time we visit Dorset. It's a truely magical place but I can just imagine that in a year or two Frederick will find it a great place to run around!


St Caatherines looks a lovely place to visit, you really should be on commission for the tourist board promoting all these lovely places!


Lucy such beauty in your photos and the way you explain each and every one I can feel your love for this place. I can certainty see why! Traditions are so wonderful and such fun to be able to relive over and over with new hearts. I love all that you show us, it brings a smile and peacefulness to me too. Thanks for the lovely visit to Dorset! xoRobin❤


Thank you and greetings from a long way away in Australia. Your pictures brought to life the countryside near where my mother grew up in Wyke Regis in Weymouth. Many of the old 1930s family photos were taken by my grandfather on Chesil Beach - usually they were standing on or in his boat, or holding up the best fish of the day. It was lovely to see what an enjoyable holiday you and your family had near your own home town. I look forward to travelling to Dorset again, and will certainly add St Catherine's Chapel and Abbotsbury to the list of places to visit.

Andrea at Apples and Pears

Lovely post! Interesting that Dorset is a softer landscape. I am from Northumberland and I think Yorkshire is a much softer landscape! xxx

Christine R

Hi Lucy! I'm Christine from New Zealand, I'm a fulltime mum to 7 kids. I've just learned to crochet and am absolutely loving it! I found your blog last week and have been busy reading every post you've ever written lol!
What an amazing blog, my absolute favourite! Your photos of your travels are stunning. Cant wait to get over there! (in about 3 years).
Your crochet is gorgeous, a real inspiration!
Looking forward to reading more!!


So pretty! I love that cowslip photo, it is amazing! Thank you for sharing your beautiful country with us!

Becky J

We stayed in Dorset last year and visited a tropical garden at Abbotsbury - such a beautiful place.
Funny, but I was only thinking recently how different your countryside is to ours (Cornwall), particularly the hedges. Ours are brimming over with wildflowers at the moment (making the narrow backroads more dangerous than ever!) The dry stone walling has its own beauty too, so carefully constructed.
Hope you get out and about to enjoy your countryside this weekend.
Becky x


Lost your kite? You must make a new one! I'm sure that it won't be hard for you, being the creative and crafty person that you are.

A quick Google turns up this database of designs:


Lovely words and beautiful pictures. Both Dorset and Yorkshire are amazing places - you are very lucky to enjoy the best of both! x


What a lovely walk, its made me take deep breaths here sitting in front of my computer imagining I'm breathing in all that lovely country air! Thanks Lucy!


Beautiful photos ♥ Thank you for sharing them along with your lovely adventures.


Ahh, more Dorset loveliness! I wonder, when you went up to St Catherine's Chapel, whether you passed by the door of the Lazyhill Gallery which is owned by my dear friends and where I work on a Monday?! The friends who own the gallery actually got married in the chapel last September, on a day not unlike the one when you were there - blue skies and green undulating fields all around.


Your travel posts are stunning, always! I very much want to visit the UK countryside, and have a question.
It seems as if there is a lot of open public-access areas, is this truly the case? Is the land privately owned, but landowners just a little more lenient about hikers/day visitors?
In California, where I grew up, there were vast areas of public land to explore, but even much of the private land was accessible if treated with respect. I find in Oklahoma, where I live now, everywhere is fenced off, and landowners are likely to shoot at you if you don't ask for permission to explore first.

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