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May 18, 2011


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קורס איפור

Great holiday on coast, I like this place. We drink chilled white wine and small talk with my friend and Fish and chips, eaten with the fingers.

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You have inspired me so much that i had to learn. hey stay so sweet and little for such a very short time. I really enjoyed your post. you sound like you had a great holiday.

dreambox hd

To be on the south coast as well how wonderful. such precious memories and as the little peeps grow up they too will have these delicious memories. You are such a positive, kind, and gentle soul.

virility ex

I love the beach at sunset. and I also love to read about the holidays you take reminding me to be positive and appreciate the small things in life. I should love to pop off down there now after reading your post.


I'm very late in reading this post but oh how I've enjoyed it. Your family holidays sound totally blissful and make me feel excited about the family holidays that are ahead of us now that we have our dear Frederick. Love reading about this bit of the Dorset coast that I'm not familiar with as we always stay just outside Swanage so I know that end best. Would really love to venture further west next time we're down there which should be in July house move allowing. Off to read your other holiday posts now. Fiona x


Lovely holiday memories Lucy, I adore those Dorset beaches so unspoilt, crystal clear water and fabulous views what could be better!


Love your Blog:) Lovely pics and those adorable bitty feet in crocs!! too cute:)


I am just too too jealous for words. It looks so divine and had such fabulous weather. That week was amazing! x

Shirley Flavell

Fabulous. Yes you are a great writer with a wonderful sense of humour.Brr it's cold here in N.Z.Shirley


What a lovely time you had! I can remember childhood holidays in Dorset being magical. We're off there ourselves with our own little one in a couple of months and I can't wait :D

Diana Troldahl

Since my disability worsened going to the beach is well nigh impossible for me (I haven't given up, but have yet to find a good way).
You're post today was such a gift, to revisit the sea again.
I miss her dreadfully some days.

Thank you, thank you thank you.


A wonderfully happy post of your recent hols, it really did make me a smiley person to read about your lovely adventures with the little people and the happy memories you created in Dorset and the surrounding area

Penny Beaumont

Lovely photo's Lucy. Bought back happy memories of childhood holidays in Charmouth.

Kate - The Garden Bell

Golly-Gee... I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself this morning. And a wee bit jealous to be honest. Oh, how I wish I had such a charming place to visit. You know what.. I'd be filling my pockets with a bunch of rocks and pulling up a log by that fire just to sit a spell. And me, I'd be wearing my teal blue Crocs.

I can dream "another" chilly rain morning here, can't I,
Kate - T.G.B.


Oh Lucy what a perfect holiday! I love Dorset we holiday a little bit up the coast near Corfe, it is building many happy memories for us and the littlies.
So love the campfire on the beach but what an awesome photos of Little B's crocs between yours!


Gosh! How I miss Dorset and all those places you talk of.....


What a magical place!


Dear Lucy,
I absolutely loved this post and thank you for sharing your special family vacation with us. I wish for a similar one with my family one day.
Your writing and photos are all wonderful but I too love the of you & little B in matching cros the best :)

sandi reed

wow, all I can say is wow. what a absolutely fabulous day!


How great this blog post is! I hope you also collected some of those lovely pebbles!Maybe some sea glass too!AriadnefromGreece!


Looks like you had an amazing time. I was in England two years ago and couldn't get used to the beach's there, so different from ours here in South Africa. Here we have white sand, no pebbles apart from the occasional one or some washed up shells. It's amazing our different our coastlines are! But both equally as beautiful in their respective rights! I can't wait to read about your countryside visit!

Anne Williams

Stunning photos and beautifully written. My mum lives in Chard in Somerset but we were in Lyme Regis at Easter it was beautiful. We are also going to Dorset for a week in near future with my DS, DIL and my own little peeps- my granddaughters - hope we have some lovely weather, dry and warm enough for the beach. Anne


Looks like you had a wonderful time, glorious photographs, especially the sunset ones.

J x


Thanks for sharing your holiday - I feel completely holidayed now too! Even thought it's freezing cold where I am here in Southern Australia. xx


A beautiful adventure. You know, the thing that made my heart melt the most was seeing little B's bare feet while he sat on his daddy's lap. I am a sucker for feet. Especially baby feet. They stay so sweet and little for such a very short time, don't they? I'm glad you are getting to make some amazing memories with your family.
S xo

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