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May 29, 2011


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Have a great trip, its all the best pictures forever for me. I have copied all the pictures into my PC. All the pictures are nice and enjoyable.


I love those short local trips - they feel like a stolen pleasure. Our youngest was about 18 months when we got our 'van (we changed from a folding camper) and he has loved it ever since (he is still only 4 1/2) - we went away at Easter and he just wanted to do all the unpacking and "settling" (which is a mixed blessing)when we arrived. Babies and caravans are fabulous (though exhausting....) None of us get as excited about other holidays the way we do about going away in the caravan.
So glad you had a good night away.


Hi, I've just decided to put a comment, it has been a while I read you (in google reader) and I would like to say that I love your blog, your holidays and your colourful crochet and I never post a comment.... I wish you to be strong in that difficult moment, I knew that in March and I really really understand how it is difficult, I hope you will come back as soon as possible, I think (in my personnal opinion) having a blog is a kind of escape from the real life and it will be there is you need to escape to think to something else. Sorry my english is not as good as yours.... Take care xxx


Holding your family in thoughts and prayers during this time. May God truly be near you and especially your mother at this time.


Hi Lucy, new visitor here! Have become so addicted to your crocheting that I started my own stripey granny rug a couple of weeks ago, there is progress but it's slow going.
I noticed in the last post that your daughter has a new Blythe doll. Don't have them myself but there are some beautiful clothes available via: thejanellewindcollection.typepad.com. Janelle sells them through her etsy shop, and they are so cute. It was through Janelle's blog that I found Attic 24.

Loved the pebble stack photo too, I did the same with some perfect pebbles before we left Christmas Island a few years ago and I glued them together permanently, I love their natural beauty.

Cheers, Tania.

Kate - The Garden Bell

Phew... I was beginning to worry my sweet little heart. But, then I popped over the pond and I had totally forgotten you all were out for a spin in the Connie. Sure hope you are a lot cooler over there than we are here. I'm guess there is not AC to go along with Connie. You can fry an egg on the ground here it's to friggn' hot. Can't wait to see how your first journey was this year. Hope Little B, didn't get away.

Thinking of You, of course,

Katester, the g.b.



I just saw this fabric on Etsy.com and immediately thought of you and Connievan.

Happy camping!



You have the most beautiful photos of any blog I visit, and I look at many,many.

You have such gorgeous surroundings!

Hope you're trip is going well.

: )


Good luck!!!!!:D


We just spent 4 days at the Belgian seaside in a small flat of only 35m2 with 5 of us, and what an experience! I do admire your connievan escapades, and I truly love your stories. Our smallest toddler is in a very active stage although he still needs his daily naps very hard, but it was too cute to see him enjoying the beach!
btw, crocheting on the beach is the very best!!
Regards from Belgium

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You Doesn't Need to apologise here, Because You were Busy in your Life and that's why you can't came here for Long time. But, Now you were Came Back is good things for us.


Hope you had a great time, hope there's not too much washing.

Claire Boynton

Have fun! We can't really afford a Connievan at the moment, so we have a tent. However, my In Laws are considering one Is it bad that the first thing I thought of was making some more blankets like yours?!


Can't wait to hear about your latest escapades! I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE this blog and I check it near daily. I am currently working on the "Granny Stripes Blanket" for a baby shower and i'm LOVING the pattern. I'm over on ravelry ("getsirius") so if you want to take a look, I've uploaded some photos :)

Keep up the GREATNESS! You are so lovely wonderful. And I just die at how colourful your life is. Makes me smile!


Hi Lucy I know you'll have had a great week in Connievan.
Don't know if you have Aldi near you but I just have to tell you about the striped bath mat they have in just your colours. It goes so beautifully with your Granny stripe blanket and is only £8. I could email a photo or you could google 'Aldi striped bath mat'.Would be great in Connievan.

 Joyce Stewart

Hopefully you have had a great half term....although tomorrow we may have rain in N.Ireland. I'm wondering if you have come across a site called Pinterest - I have recently come across it and I feel there is a lot you would admire on it.....I am going to try and post a link to some crochet....there is one particular blanket pattern which is stunning....thought you might like to see it and get your creative juices going! As if you needed any encouragement.


Think you will have to copy and paste this one!

Pom Pom

Oh, you're adorable! The Connievan is beautiful, especially festooned with all that gorgeous hooky color! You are a good mama and papa to take those blessed children out into the world.


Hi, I'm new to reading your blog (sorry i'm late!) but I just wanted to say how inspirational I find it! Hope you have a lovely holiday! :) Berol x


Loved your little holiday re-cap in our post, such special memories - ohhhh those cute little feet in croc shoes just melted my heat! I just did a holiday re-cap on my blog and know what you mean about it being special, it seems to make you look at things as a child would when you are photographing things, things you wouldn't normally notice look magical and capture your heart.


Hi Lucy,

don't be shocked, but I've been sneaking in and out of your little attic for a while now without saying a word. I love your blog and that's why I want to pass on the "Kreativ Blogger" Award to you. If you would like to pick up this award, please visit my blog on http://made-in-k-town.blogspot.com/

If you're not collecting awards, just take this as a compliment for your great work!



Hello Lucy, and thank-you for your marvellous blog.

After a 20 year break, I've returned to crochet. Today, I blocked out a hex blanket for my best friend's baby girl - and it's all thanks to you!

I'm also half way through a vintage stripe blanket. Did you add a border to yours? I'm not sure how best to improvise one. Any ideas folks?

And please - only blog for pleasure. I'd hate to think you were doing it out of duty or under duress. xxx


A joy to see your gorgeous colours!xx

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy weather seems to have improved over the week so I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves!!! Am sure you will have lots to share on your return.xx


Hi Lucy

Did you know that the authors who did the my cool caravan book have now published a 'my cool campervan' book. Might be just your cup of tea! Keep up the good blogging.


when I read this post I was struck by how wonderful it must be to be your child and be taken on lovely adventures...

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