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April 12, 2011


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I'm very excited to see your bunting. I've done the plain bunting but would love to do some granny bunting too!

Have a lovely time away!


Lucy, after following you blogs a couple of week now, I decided it was Time To Take Up A Hook. Plonked myselg down with a How To book, random hook and wool found lying around, and started the cussing and hissing fits. After a couple of days working fromt The Book,, looking at You Tube, long distance calls to my sis in Ireland, I am now ± 5 cm into aVintage Stripe Blanket. Watch this space!


You are such a bad influence. First off, I'm making the Japanese flower shawl and now I want to make bunting!

Have a nice couple of weeks off with the little peeps.


Bliss, that's what a picnic like that is, utter bliss! Lovely to have the freedom of no routine.
Have a lovely time in Dorset.



Thought I saw/recognised you on Saturday, we had been walking on the hills behind that reservoir and as we came back down, we sat watching that little yacht tacking up and down for a moment or two then made our way to the car park. It was a lovely evening.


What a lovely weekend! Can't wait to see the bunting, the flower and the little something :) Have tons of fun in Dorset!


Bonne vacances avec la petite famille !!
Avec plein de photos à votre retour ...
Encore un bon moment à vous lire , merci !!
Amitiés de France

Jane - Craftyconundrum

Happy holidays in Dorset, we'll be down there for Easter too. Your Saturday out sounds wonderful and your crochet is beautiful. I'm knitting at the moment. Jane x


Your posts always make me stop and think about the simple pleasures of life. They tend to get buried in the hub-bub of daily life. Thanks


Have a wonderful Easter break in Dorset, I look forward to catching up with you latest hooky ventures


I know (from memories, as my kids are now 12 and 15) how lovely but stressful and physically tiring it can be to "entertain" them all for days on end.

You say in your post that you need to get them into shape and block them. I've just hooked up a circle and it seems impossible that it will ever lay flat. Maybe you could do a post about blocking?


Thanks to you for your infectious joy :-) and your sweet way of sharing your creativity with us. Kiss!

kika kreativa



I feel like you live in a fairy tale and I want to jump in! You are such a great writer and photographer. Thanks for sharing your snippets of a charmed life with us . . .


I am very excited about Easter too, especially as this year my little one will be old enough to have his first taste of an Easter egg. I can't wait to see your crochet bunting finished. The colour choices are just beautiful :)


Thank you for making my long days feel a bit more bearable as well!! Especially as we've had a sick house the past 2 weeks. It's funny how knowing that you're not the only one helps you to manage just one more game of .... (insert favourite game here) before bed, deal with one more whinge, resist yet another request for chocolate easter eggs, attend to the midnight earaches, read Princess, Princess again ... you know what I mean!

And then, when they're in bed, calm descends and it's yarn time!!

Mmmm ... I think a dinner-time picnic sounds great for tonight, just before the cold sets in here on the other side of the world ...


I like you photos very much! Its so nice and beautiful!..

Jean K

I never thought that much about buntings before I happened upon your blog. Now I know that my life will not be complete until I make my very own crochet bunting. Thank you for your inspiration!


Hi Lucy,

lovely photo's again.
I love to see where you live, it's so different from my place. You can look very far away, hills with not so many trees. It's beautiful!!


How nice! a lovely weekend, family, good food and fun and some crafty crocheting!! what could be better!!:)

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, such a nice picnic for you all! We are having a bit of sun and warmth here in Oregon and I just tidied the picnic table on the deck so it's ready for alfresco dining. Hubby is cleaning the filter in our waterfall and pond and filling it with a bit more water. Fun to see the Hosta coming up, the Bleeding Heart just showing some baby blooms.. ahhh Spring.

Waving from across the earth... Teresa


Hi Lucy, love the sounds of your lovely weekend. Your picnic foods are all some of my favorites. I can't wait for a spring picnic in the future. Once the weather turns here in New England and the ground dries up. The stack of brilliant bunting colors are so exciting and candy to my eyes. Can't wait for your ta-da! Your little man is really getting into the baking. That's so cute and good for you too! Have a nice week and holiday. xoRobin❤


This is the second post I have seen today about Lemon Cake.
It looks like it's unavoidable, time to bake one here!

lydia @ Twelve

Aww bless you Lucy - sending you a bucketful of energy for you!

Have a lovley week next week. We are off to Cornwall - Yay!!


Linnie Joy

though it feels more like summer (yesterday it was in the 90's day before 85!)we have been doing lots more out of doors, and i cant wait for our first picnic, my baby hasn't ever been on one... i think that's a bit sad, don't think southerners do picnics, growing up we did them lots but I'm from the north, since we moved to Georgia I've not seen one person picnicking!!

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